Sep 30, 2012

Revlon Black Cherry Super Lustrous Lipstick

Fall is officially here! For me, that means trying every deep red shade of lipstick that I come across. I don't have many dark reds, and lately I've been wanting to expand my collection. I decided to try Revlon's "Black Cherry" - A deep purple tinged red.

In the tube, black cherry looks like a completely black lipstick! 
As you can see, it looks very dark in the tube. Once it's applied however, it lightens up quite a bit. I know sometimes deep shades can be intimidating, however Black Cherry is actually a flattering red that would look nice on just about any skin tone. 
Here it is swatched on my wrist. It's hard to tell in this shot, but it applies very patchy and almost thin/runny. I adore the shade, but the texture isn't smooth. 
On my lips you can notice the patchy-ness quality that Black Cherry has. This is the first time I've come across this problem with a Revlon Super Lustrous lipstick. That's the one reason why I didn't enjoy Black Cherry as much as previous shades I've tried in this collection. 

Pigmentation: The pigmentation isn't as high quality as I expect from a Revlon Super Lustrous lipstick. It's somewhat lacking, and isn't as opaque as I would like. It'svery difficult to layer too. 
Finish/Texture: I feel that Black Cherry is quite thin for a cream finish lipstick. It feels runny, thin, and slippery, which is definitely unusual for a Revlon lipstick. 
Scent: I don't notice any scent at all within the Revlon Super Lustrous line. It's one of the many reasons I keep coming back to these. (I prefer unscented lipsticks in general).
Lasting Power: Since this lipstick is very runny, it bleeds all over the place. There basically isn't any lasting power, it just disappears! 
Price: $8.00 at CVS 

  • pretty color
  • suits many skin tones
  • unscented
  • bleeds, everywhere
  • applies messy:  thin, patchy, and unevenly
  • lacks pigmentation
I'm a huge fan of Revlon Super Lustrous lipsticks, but this one was a miss. It didn't have any of the qualities that I expected. The color was patchy and uneven, andt was a nightmare to apply! Within five minutes of having it on, it started to bleed out of my lines. I never have a problem with lipsticks bleeding, this was a first for me. Thin, runny textures aren't my first choice when it comes to lipstick. The deep purple-toned red is beautiful, but the texture is what ruined it for me. 

Sep 23, 2012

How to Save Money at Forever21

Forever21 is a relatively affordable clothing line that offers a variety of fashionable clothing and accessories. When I feel the urge to buy new clothes, I want to go to places that are affordable. 

Usually when I'm "in the mood" for shopping, or just want to browse around a store, I end up at Forever21.  Whenever I walk into one of their shops, I feel overwhelmed because they have so much stuff to look through! It's hard to leave empty-handed, and that's when prices start to add up..

Tip Number 1: Invade the sale section
To prevent getting carried away and over-spending, I like to do a thorough search throughout the entire sale section! I know you're probably thinking that it sounds boring and that you won't find anything worth the time and effort, but trust me, you will likely find something. Most Forever21 locations have a whole wall, or sometimes even a room, dedicated to sale items! 

Tip Number 2: Double checking 
Most of the items in the sale section are already marked down in red ink on the tag itself, so you know that the item is definitely on sale. However, sometimes things aren't always properly marked. Meaning that an unmarked item might actually be on sale. (This actually happened to me the other day). Just ask an employee to check the price for you before putting it back on the rack. 

Tip Number 3: Sale within a Sale 
When clothes go into the sale section at Forever21, it's usually because they're no longer "in style" or that the store is trying to make room for seasonal clothing. Since they're so desperate to get rid of stuff, they usually have extra promotions. For example, there will be a "Buy one get one free of equal or lesser value" or "Additional 50% Off". I always take advantage of sales like this, I mean it's like you're getting clothes for next to nothing, sometimes free. 

Tip Number 4: Challenge Yourself
I find myself even more motivated to find good deals when I make it a challenge for myself. I'll think Ok, let's see how many different items I can get with $20, $15, or $10. It sounds kind of lame, but it's actually surprising how much value you can actually get out of the sale section.

Tip Number 5: Baby Steps
Sometimes the sale section can be a little disheveled and unorganized. To avoid this, try to come early in the morning before most people tear it up. If you can't go early, divide the room into sections. Start with the wall racks and then move to the bins, or something along those lines. If you don't want to look at everything, just scan through whatever catches your eye. 

If you're one of those clowns that think sales are for people who are underprivileged, just remember that you're shopping at Forever21 here. Sales are a great way to satisfy the urge to get something new or to update a wardrobe without over-spending. Just think of all of the money that you'll be saving! I think sales are wonderful and there's absolutely nothing wrong about wanting to save money. Go for it and have fun! 

Here are more photos from my most recent sale spree:

I actually ended up buying the cute floral dress and the out until dawn shirt shown here.  My mom bought some sunglasses and shirts too! 

It's not to late to get in on the additional half off sale. Right now on you can still get the deal, but it ends today! I prefer looking in stores, because they have so much more to look through. I also noticed that each location tends to vary what they put on the racks. 

I really enjoy bargain hunting when I have the opportunity to. It's so much fun getting great deals! 

Sep 17, 2012

Big Lots Haul

Remember how I was just reminiscing about the Maybelline Moisture Extreme Lipsticks? Well, I FOUND THEM! I couldn't believe it when I saw them at Big Lots, a discount store, of all places. I went crazy and bought every color, especially since they are discontinued! 

As you can see I also picked up a few other items! I bought the Revlon Grow Luscious eyeliner for $3, which is a great deal because it retails for about $8 at other stores. I don't even know why this was here because they're still being sold in every major store. Lastly, I chose a Maybelline Color Sensational lipstick in the color Rubylicious. 

I also saw a Maybelline Dream Mousse Blush, but it was in the shade Cloud Wine, which is much too dark for my skintone. I'll be keeping my eyes peeled for Whipped Strawberries and Pink Frosting, my favorite colors. I'm still so angry that Maybelline discontinued them! 

When you hear "Big Lots" makeup isn't the first thing that usually comes to mind, but this is the place to go when looking for discounts. It seems to me that they usually sell discontinued products, but sometimes you'll get surprised like I did!


Sep 13, 2012

EOS Alice in Wonderland Collection

When I first saw that EOS and Disney collaborated to make an Alice in Wonderland trio, I immediately wanted it! I ran down to my local Target the next day, and they didn't have it! I went back again a couple of days later and they still didn't have it. Frustrated, I finally gave up on my Target, and  went down to a different one and finally found it! The things I do for lip balm.. 

Isn't the packaging adorable? The Alice in Wonderland theme is so cute! I hope that EOS decides to do more characters in the future.

The limited edition flavors are blueberry potion, watermelon wonderland, and sweet vanilla nonsense. As of right now, these flavors are only available in the trio and can't be bought separately. I'm most excited for the vanilla one! 
When I opened the package, this was at the bottom of the box! It just keeps getting cuter! 
To top it all off, the EOS "dimple" grew some Mickey ears! I can't handle the level of cuteness going on here. 

I'm so happy that EOS came out with this well-designed, adorable Alice in Wonderland themed trio. Not only are all of the flavors sweet and juicy, but all of the little details make these lip balm feel extra special. Currently, this set is only available at Target. In November, it will also be available at,,, Walgreens, and Ulta.

Sep 12, 2012

Zoya Haul

About a week ago, Zoya had a BOGO sale on their website for all account holders! I previously owned two nail polishes from Zoya.  I had always meant to buy more, but the colors that I wanted were always out of stock at Ulta, and I didn't want to pay shipping online. When I saw this BOGO deal, I just couldn't pass it up! 

A single Zoya nail polish retails for $8, but I got six polishes and only paid $24! Meaning, I only had to pay for three polishes, and free shipping was also included. I would've had to pay $48 plus shipping without this sale, and that's just crazy! 

The Shades I Chose (from left to right):
  • Jolene 
  • Ibiza
  • Carmen
  • Wednesday
  • Kennedy
  • Robyn
The packaging was extremely secure, I was actually surprised! I've never experienced such careful packaging before. I really appreciate it when companies care about how they ship out their products. 

Everything came in this huge box, which is funny since all that I ordered were six little polishes! 
After opening the box and sifting through the packaging foam, I found another box with the nail polish! It's really cool that the polishes were secure in their own box, because most of the time makeup companies don't consider packaging to be a big deal. 
 I like how each nail polish has its own little compartment. It allows them to stand upright and stay in perfect condition. No scratches here! 
I was also sent some color spoons! The colors are (from left to right): Katherine, Paloma, and Frida. I'm really liking Frida.. I'm putting it on my wishlisht! 

Here's another set of color spoons from the Designer and Diva collection that also came with my order for free! I think color spoons are a great idea for people who don't want to buy a whole bottle of nail polish without seeing the color first, but they did raise the price on them to 50 cents each, a little too much in my opinion. 

Top row (from left to right): Rehka, Toni, Monica, Natty, Evvie, and Noot
Bottom row (from left to right): Elisa, Suri, Song, Ray, Feifei, and Daul
This was my favorite thing that they sent me for free: a catalogue with all of their colors! Now I'm going to be tempted to buy them all..  ;) 

Overall, I'm very pleased with my order! I've been wanting to buy some new Zoya polish for a while now. They're so smooth, dry quickly, and have countless colors to choose from. Plus, is always having great sales like this one! Their packaging should seriously win an award, and they even send cute little extras. Oh yeah, and they gave me a coupon for free shipping on my next order! I'm definitely going to be ordering from them again online soon. 

Sep 5, 2012

Revlon Really Red Super Lustrous Lipstick

Fall is almost here, and I can't wait to bring out all of my red lipsticks! Even though I wear red lipstick year-round, it's fun to bring out those deeper shades that seem to get pushed to the back of my makeup drawer. I came across this matte lipstick at the store the other day and thought that I should give it a try. Lately I've been wanting to find some drugstore crimson reds, and it's actually been quite a challenge!

As you can see, this Revlon lipstick is a matte. I had never tried a matte from the Super Lustrous line before, until now. 

Inside the tube, this lipstick look like a much deeper red. Even though it is pretty, I was a little disappointed that the color wasn't what I was expecting it to be. At the store, you can't test out the lipsticks, the shade swatches on the stands are never accurate, and you can never know exactly what to expect! 

Here it is swatched on my lips in natural light, and I really like it, but it's not the crimson red that I was expecting. I have so many reds that look like this, so to me, it's not anything too special. It is a really lovely blue red that especially flatters cool skin tones, however, it would probably look good on anyone! 

Pigmentation: This lipstick was seriously opaque, which is what I expect for a matte. In the swatch above, I barely had to use pressure to apply the color. 

Finish/Texture: The finish is matte, and feels comfortable on the lips! I really love it when mattes  don't make my lips feel dehydrated. This lipstick isn't hydrating, but it isn't dry. It's perfectly balanced.  

Scent: There is absolutely no scent to this lipstick, and I'm so happy about it! No powder, floral, fruity, minty, sunblocky, or spicy scent at all! 

Lasting Power: The matte finish definitely prolongs the wear time, I get  at least 4 hours of wear, through eating too! 

Price: $8.80 at Walgreens (It's cheaper at Target)

  • comfortable on the lips, especially for a matte
  • rich opaque color in one application
  • a little goes a long way
  • long lasting, wears through a meal 
  • variety of colors and finishes available
  • unscented
The color wasn't as it appeared in the packaging, it looks much darker in the tube. The way that these are packaged in the store is horrible. The top of the lipstick tube is clear, which is supposed to let you see what the color looks like, but it doesn't really help at all. The color swatches on the shelves are usually off, and the lipsticks are sealed with plastic so you can't pop off the cover and have a look at it. I really wish that drugstores would allow testers for all of their products! Walgreens does allow returns though, which is always great. 

Revlon Super Lustrous lipsticks are some of my favorites from the drugstore, but this one just wasn't what I wanted. I have so many reds that look exactly like this. I was expecting it to be more on the crimson side. If you're looking for a matte blue-red lipstick, you should give this one a try! It is not too dry and not too slick, very opaque, and brightens up the smile. 

If anybody knows of some drugstore crimson lipsticks, please comment :) 

Sep 2, 2012

Avon Ultra Color Rich Lipsticks

If you haven't tried Avon's line of Ultra Color Rich lipsticks yet, you must! There are 40 different colors to choose from, 5 different finishes, and for seven dollars they're totally worth it. 

Claims: Full-pigment formula saturates lips with true rich color and creates fuller-looking lips that last for hours.

Ingredients: Click here for the full list of ingredients.

From left to right: Red Rules, Berry Berry Nice, Maraschino, Rich Ruby, Wink, Sparkling Blush, Red Kiss, and Red 2000. 

Pigmentation: These lipsticks give you opaqueness in one swipe! You can see how rich they are in the swatches. The richness is comparable to how Estee Lauder Pure Color lipstick appears. I love how bright and crisp each color is. 

Finish/Texture: The five finishes that are available in this line are Satin, Shimmer, Metallic, Sheer, and Matte. They're all very creamy in texture, almost buttery. Even the mattes feel smooth, which is so hard to find! Although they don't claim to be moisturizing, I feel that they do make the lips feel hydrated. 

Lasting power: Since these are all so buttery, they don't last very long on the lips. I can only get about an hour of wear from these. It's definitely not a lipstick for a special event or a long engagement. Touch-ups are definitely needed with these. 

Scent: These lipsticks have a very faint scent, similar to a package of gummy Life Savers candy. I think that it wears off over time though, the ones I've had longer don't smell at all anymore. I'm not sure if they are supposed to have a fruity scent or not, but they do. 

  • feel comfortable on the lips, smooth/creamy
  • rich, opaque color in one application
  • only $7, and are usually on sale for $4-$5 online and in catalogue
  • variety of colors available, suitable for every skin tone
  • multiple finishes: satin (my favorite), shimmer, sheer, matte, and metallic. 
  • a little goes a long way, these lipsticks will last you a long time
  • nice, sturdy packaging
  • lasts only about an hour, re-application is needed
These lipsticks are great quality; they give rich color, brightness, and smoothness all in one. I really like that Avon has over 40 colors in this line with 5 different finishes. Each lipstick is $7 which I think is a fair price for a good lipstick, and they're often on sale for $4-$5. The satin finish is my personal favorite. The only negative thing about these lipsticks is that they are so creamy that the color fades away within an hour. If you prefer long-wear lipsticks, you won't like these much. I really enjoy these for everyday wear. The colors are so bright and beautiful, Rich Ruby and Red 2000 are my favorites! 

Avon is available online and through catalogue. If want to see the other colors, click here.