Jul 31, 2013

Drugstore Haul: Impulse Buys!

I don't know why I never post hauls on here! I'm constantly trying new products, especially at the drugstore. As you all know I basically live for drugstore gems. Anyway, these are all things that I bought because I simply wanted to give them a try. 

L'Oreal Voluminous Full Definition Mascara- I've actually tried this once, but it was such a long time ago that I completely forgot how it performed. MakeupByTiffanyD says this is one of her favorites, and that it reminds her of Gergio Armani Eyes to Kill. It sounds great, and I love traditional bristle wands.

Maybelline Fit Me Concealer- Lately I've heard almost everyone rave about this concealer. The lightest shade that they had is a little bit too dark on me. I've been using it for a while now under my eyes, and I love the formula of it. I just don't know how I feel about the color yet.

Maybelline Super Stay 14 Hour Lipstick "Ravishing Rouge"- Lisa Eldrige mentioned this lipstick in her 'Ultimate Guide to Red Lips' video, not this shade, but she raved about the formula. I've worn it once and I hate how sticky it feels on the lips. I can't stand it, it literally feels like I put on 'Krazy Glue'.

Limited Edition Maybelline Great Lash "I See Blue"-My mom bought this for me on a whim and I love it! The color is a bright, gorgeous blue that I can't get enough of. 

Once I have tested these products out thoroughly, I will review them each individually. 

I love the drugstore, there's always something to try. I'll be posting more hauls on here soon!


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Jul 26, 2013

L'Oreal Made For Me Pinks Collection

I feel that L'Oreal doesn't do collections as often as other brands. I heard about this line from a few popular beauty gurus who all raved about it, but unfortunately I didn't feel the same way. The collection is entirely made up of different shades of pink,  organized by skin tone from light to dark. 

There are eight Color Riche Lipsticks, four le Gloss lipglosses, and six Color Riche nail polishes to chose from in the Made For Me Pinks collection. I've also heard this collection referred to as the 'Colour Me Pink' collection, either way, all of the shade names are the same. I posted a picture of the display on my Instagram if you would like to see the rest of the shades! 

I chose four items. Two Color Riche Lipsticks (left) I Pink You're Cute and (right) Raspberry Rush. I also bought two le Gloss Lipglosses (left) Berry Chic and  (right) Rosy Demeanor. 

Swatched from left to right: I Pink You're Cute, Raspberry Rush, Berry Chic, and Rosy Demeanor. I Pink You're Cute is a sheer, light baby pink, but it looks a bit coral on the lips. Raspberry Rush is a sheer red with pink undertones. Berry Chic is a very pigmented fuchsia gloss with cool undertones. Rosy Demeanor is a light coral-pink gloss with warm undertones.

The formula on these lipsticks in certainly not the same as the regular Color Riche lipsticks. These ones are sheer, and the consistency is too slick. It almost instantly melts when you place in onto the lips. I have no idea why this is, but it makes application difficult and it really annoys me. The le Glosses are the same formula as the regular line, which is great! 

If you would like to see lip swatches for all of these products, please watch my video review here.

Claims: For the lipstick: "Luxuriously Rich Color.Creamy.Intense Hydration." For the glosses: Extreme Shine.Supreme Creaminess.Ultra-hydrating Argan Oil & Omega 3."
Finish/Texture: The finish of the lipsticks is sheer and glossy, while the texture is slick and a bit greasy. The glosses have a creamy finish and a smooth texture. 
Lasting Power: The lasting power on the lipsticks is only about 2-3 hours, and the glosses last about 3-4 hours on me. 
Scent:The lipsticks have that signature powdery/floral scent that all of the original L'Oreal lipsticks have. I'm not a fan of it, but I put up with it if I really like the color. The Le Glosses have a slight vanilla scent that I really enjoy.
Packaging: The lipstick packaging is the usual gold tube, but I notcied that the tubes dig into the sides of the lipsticks. I'm sure this is because of the formula, because I've never had that problem with this lipstick line in the past. The glosses are just in a plain squeeze tube.
Price/Availability: I paid $9/ lipstick and $8.50/ gloss at Walgreens.

  • Variety of shades is great
  • The idea of the collection is creative
  • Creaminess of the glosses is great/comfortable on the lips
  • The glosses are very pigmented
  • The lipsticks are too slick/feel greasy on the lips
  • The lipsticks melt almost immediately during application
  • The lipstick tubes dig into the side of the lipstick
  • The lipsticks have a strong, overwhelming baby powder/floral smell
  • Expensive for drugstore

I think the idea L'Oreal had for this collection is wonderful, a pink lipstick and gloss for any skin tone. With that in mind, I still was disappointed in the mediocre quality of the lipsticks! They were honestly horrible to work with, they were greasy and 'melty'. Anytime I tried to work with them, they just slipped all over my lips. The glosses are what really stood out to me here. The le Glosses have a creamy, pigmented formula that's just so comfortable on the lips. 

I really dislike how expensive these items were, $8.50 for a lipgloss at the drugstore is a little much, and $9 for a lipstick that's greasy is just ridiculous. Overall I was disappointed in this collection, even though the idea was creative. I was left feeling like L'Oreal could have done better here!

Have you seen this collection in your drugstores? Would you try it? 


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Jul 24, 2013

Maybelline Summer 2013 Color Sensational High Shine Lipgloss

Maybelline released countless products this summer! It's almost too hard to keep up with everything, not just budget-wise, but color wise. Many of the colors that have been released are sadly limited edition. I really don't like it when drugstores do this, because then I always feel rushed into buying a product. Limited editions from Maybelline seem to disappear rather quickly, so I gave in! I bought three of the six, limited edition glosses. 

Maybelline Color Sensational High Shine Lip Glosses from left to right: Mirrored Plum, Coral Heat, and Fuchsia Sparks.

From top to bottom: Fuchsia Sparks, Coral Heat, and Mirrored Plum. Fuchsia Sparks is a light baby pink. Coral Heat is a warm, medium coral shade. Mirrored Plum is a cool, medium purple. These swatches are all one swipe. 

If you would like to see what these glosses swatched on my lips, please watch my YouTube video, here.

Claims: "More vibrant color from our pure liquid pigments cleaner shine from our 100% wax-free gloss."
Finish/Texture: The finish of these glosses is very shiny. The texture is very smooth and creamy. It definitely glides on, and gives decent moisture.
Lasting Power:  I would say these last about four hours depending on how much I eat/drink.
Scent: These have a very faint fruity/bubblegum scent that I dislike, but it fades quickly. I also want to mention that these have a very bitter taste! I really have to be careful not to lick my lips when I wear these.
Packaging: These glosses have a typical doe foot applicator with built in wiper.. The tubes are made of clear, rectangular plastic. I'm such a fan of the square shape! 
Price/Availability: I paid $7.50 each at Rite Aid


  • Smooth formula
  • Pretty colors/variety to chose from
  • Creamy finish/ high shine
  • Sleek/functional packaging
  • Inexpensive for such great quality

  • Fruity/bubblegum scent (it does fade) 
  • Bitter taste
This formula is still one of my favorites at the drugstore. The overall quality of these glosses definitely reminds me of something high end. The formula is glides on easily and feels silky smooth. They do give some hydration, and the lasting power is decent. The creamy finish and the high shine is what I really love most about these.The scent and taste is a bit off-putting, but it isn't too strong. I don't remember my original shades having that problem, so I think that maybe overtime the scent fades out of the tube completely. Either way, I'm happy that I caught these colors in time before they're gone! 

Have you tried any of the Color Sensational High Shine Lipglosses? 

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Jul 22, 2013

MAC Riri Woo

Ruby Woo is my favorite MAC lipstick of all time. I just love the way that it brightens up my entire makeup look unlike anything else in my lipstick wardrobe, until Riri Woo came along. Of course they are similar, but I feel that both are fun and useful to own for any matte red lipstick lover! 

Riri Woo is engraved with Rihanna's signature. It's packaged in MAC's regular lipstick tube.

Here are a few comparison swatches: Ruby Woo (left) Riri Woo (middle) Revlon Really Red (right). These lipsticks all look similar in the actual tube, but when applied you can tell that they all have different tones. Rubywoo is a bright blue-toned red with a 'matte' finish, but the overall undertone looks slightly warmer than Riri Woo. Riri Woo is slightly deeper, blue toned red with a 'retro matte' finish. Really Red is also a blue-toned red that isn't as matte as the others. 

Here's a quick picture I took of myself wearing Riri Woo. I think it's the perfect red to really make the rest of your face makeup look pulled-together. 

Claims: "Colour plus texture for the lips that made M·A·C famous. A trio of limited-edition shades created by Rihanna."
Finish/Texture: The finish of Riri Woo is matte and the texture is dry. I like to prep my lips before I wear this lipstick, otherwise the dryness is too strong.
Lasting Power: This lipstick lasts about eight hours before it needs a touch up. 
Scent: This smells like all MAC lipsticks, sweet vanilla.
Packaging: The packaging is just like any other MAC lipstick. Sturdy and sleek.
Price/Availability: My mom surprised me with this, MAC's website, $15

  • Beautiful blue-toned red color
  • Looks great on any skin tone
  • Intense color/matte finish
  • 'Retro Matte' finish feels slightly less dry than MAC's usual 'matte' finish
  • Makes teeth appear whiter
  • May be difficult to apply for some, using a lip brush is best
  • Feels drying on the lips
  • Lips need to be prepped beforehand/ emphasizes dry skin

Riri Woo is one of my favorite reds in my red lipstick collection. I honestly like this shade more than Ruby Woo, the deep richness will truly flatter any skin tone. It's more blue-toned and cooler than Ruby Woo, which is another reason that I absolutely love it. The Retro Matte finish is only slightly less drying than the usual 'matte' finish that Ruby Woo has.The lasting power is incredible. I don't mind the dryness as long as it doesn't look dry, if that makes sense! 

Yes, Ruby Woo and Riri Woo are similar, but it's not surprising since Riri Woo was inspired by Ruby Woo in the first place! I'm definitely not a Rihanna fan, but I love this lipstick. I've been pulling this one out of my collection every time I feel like wearing something matte! 

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Jul 17, 2013

PHAMExpo Experience and Haul!

A few weeks ago I attended PHAMExpo, the Professional Hair and Makeup Expo, and it was amazing! I never even heard about this makeup trade show until I saw a giveaway on one of my favorite beauty blogs, Portrait of Mai. I won two VIP tickets for both days that the event was held, and I had so much fun!

First I headed over to MAC Pro, where they had this stunning mural that was created with makeup products! 

Here are some of the products from MAC Pro, unfortunately they weren't selling anything but it was nice to see some different products. The shade sticks (above) are so cool!

Then I went over to OCC Cosmetics, and found this lovely display of Lip Tars! I bought the shade Anime. It was hard not to get them all! 

Here is the Limecrime booth! It was my favorite booth there, I loved the Wall of Daydreams, where everyone could write down their dream. It was such a cute idea, and it corresponded perfectly with Doe Deere's "Don't Quit You Daydream" speech. So cute! 

Here I am with founder of LimeCrime, Doe Deere and model Jeffree Star! It was so nice getting to see Doe again, we did lots of chatting! Jeffree looks fierce, but I swear he's really nice! 

Of course I had to stop by Sugarpill! I love their pressed shadows and loose pigments. Once again, I had to restrain myself from over-shopping! Look at all the sparkle! 

 I had the pleasure of meeting Queenofblending and the founder of Sugarpill, Amy again! Both of them were so sweet. Amy said that I looked like Snow White! 

Here's my haul! All of the NYX items came in a free goodie bag! Everything else are things that I've really wanted to try for a long time, so I'm glad that I finally got them at a discounted price too. I will be reviewing all of these items individually, as soon as I've tested them out and gathered my final thoughts on them! 

I just wanted to say a special thank you to Mai for having such an awesome giveaway! It was so great getting to meet one of my favorite beauty bloggers, Mai is so sweet. I highly suggest checking out her blog Portrait of Mai, she has tons of super helpful reviews with swatches and great photos. Thanks again Mai! 

I really enjoyed myself at PHAMExpo! I'm so thankful that I had the chance to attend this event, the vendors were great and I had the chance to meet some really cool people and catch up with friends. The atmosphere was similar to IMATS, but it was relaxing and there weren't nearly as many people there! I hope that PHAMExpo will become an annual event, I'd love to go again next year! 

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Jul 14, 2013

Maybelline Color Tattoo Pure Pigments

When I first heard of these, I immediately wanted to give them a try. Any extension of the Color Tattoo line is something that I'm definitely interested in! Pigments at the drugstore are hard to come by, and I do give Maybelline credit for releasing something different, but unfortunately these pigments didn't live up to all of my expectations. 

 I feel that Maybelline could have done better on the packaging. The labels are inconsistent, and the plastic jars feel really flimsy. The lids don't screw on tightly either.

I chose the six neutral shades out of the twelve available. 

Here are the dry swatches. From left to right: Barely Brazen, Breaking Bronze, Buff  and Tuff, Improper Copper, Downtown Brown, and Black Mystery. 

Here are the wet swatches. All I used for this was some of my Elf Mist and Set spray (I explain more in my video review). From left to right: Downtown Brown, Breaking Bronze,  Improper Copper, Barely Brazen, Buff and Tuff, and Black Mystery.

Claims: "Our no-mess sifter guarantees easy application. Stays put up to 24 hours. Dare to wear explosive color."
Pigmentation: The pigmentation on these is best when worn wet, but the color fades quickly. A base is definitely needed with these pigments. 
Finish/Texture: The finish of each shade that I bought is shimmery/glittery. They all have a powdery texture. 
Lasting Power: These need a base to have any kind of lasting power. Without one, the color barely lasted about two hours on my lids before fading badly.
Packaging: These are packaged in little plastic jars that have twist on lids. There is a sifter inside, which is nice. I feel that the lid could be tighter, so be careful with these! One thing that really bothered me, was that the stickers on the front of the packaging are all different. Some have numbers and different fonts, which really really irritates me.
Price/Availability: I paid $7 each at Walgreens.

  • Variety of shades available
  • I like the idea of a pigment that's available at the drugstore
  • Can be worn wet or dry
  • Beautiful colors
  • These must be used with a base for staying power
  • Only last about 1-2 hours on their own
  • Packaging is a bit cheap, inconsistent, and flimsy
  • Don't live up to the 24 hour claim
  • Glitter falls off easily/travels onto the rest of the face

I like the pretty colors that these have, but the formula needs some work. The idea of a drugstore pigment is cool, I really give Maybelline credit for making a product that not many other drugstore brands are doing right now. With that aside, I think that these are a bit of a flop. 

These just don't have enough lasting power. Some type of base is needed to make them last longer, and I honestly wouldn't reach for these as often as my other pigments that perform well on their own. The packaging is cheap and flimsy. The lids could be tighter, and I really hate the weird incosistencies with the labels. They certainly don't live up to their claims either.

I was expecting something brilliant, since these are a extension of the Color Tattoo line, which I love. If I had to describe these in one word it would be 'mediocre'. 

If you would like to see how these look on my eyes, please watch my video review! 

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Jul 9, 2013

New Revlon Super Lustrous Lipglosses

Revlon Superlustrous lipglosses are amazing. Their formula is one of my absolute favorites at the drugstore. When I first heard that the line was being revamped I panicked a little, but no need to worry, the formula still feels like the original non-sticky goodness! 

Out of the twelve shades available, I chose from left to right: Fatal Apple, Pink Pop, and Fuchsia Finery.

The new packaging is quite different from the original. The tubes are now cylindrical and the doefoot applicators are longer and skinnier. I'm not a fan of the new, bulkier look.

There is only one shade that is named the same in the new line, and that is Pink Pop. Although the name is the same, the new color is slightly different than the original. In the photo above on the right, I compared the two. The new pink pop (top) is a cool toned hot pink. Old Pink Pop (bottom) is a warm, lighter pink. I also feel that the old Pink Pop has a creamier, more opaque finish. It's not a huge difference, but I just wanted to show you that they aren't exactly the same. 

The differences between the new Superlustrous glosses and the original ones is mainly in the packaging. As you can see they are now a different shape, the tube is also larger. I find it funny that Revlon decided to bulk up packaging, because now we are actually getting less product. Yes, the new version only has .13 ounces, while the old version had .20 ounces! Of course the price is the same, so now we are actually paying more for less. 

Swatches from left to right: Fuchsia Finery, Pink Pop, and Fatal Apple
Fuchsia Finery is a sheer medium purple. Pink Pop is a cool toned hot pink. Fatal Apple is  a bright blue based red, and is the most pigmented of the three. These all have a creamy, jelly-like finish. They can be worn sheer or built up to about medium opacity. 

Claims: " A silky gloss that boosts hydration and plumps lips with moisture for a colorful glamorous shine". 
Finish/Texture: The finish is creamy and jelly-like. The texture is smooth and moisturizing.
Lasting Power: These last on me about 5 to six hours depending on how much I eat/drink.
Scent: These are unscented.
Packaging: The packaging is now in bulky cylinders. The doefoot applicators are now skinnier and longer. I'm unhappy about getting less product in these new tubes. 
Price/Availability: I paid $8 each at Rite Aid

  • Variety of new shades and finishes available
  • Formula is still great
  • Hydrating/feels comfortable on the lips
  • Long lasting about 5 hours
  • Unscented
  • There's a wiper and a doefoot applicator
  • We are now getting less product for the same price
  • The new tubes are a bit bulky
  • There's no SPF in this formula, while the old ones had SPF 15
  • The old shades are all discontinued now
  • This new formula is more translucent, not as creamy of a finish
I really am going to miss some of the old shades, Lilac Pastel, Coral Reef, and even the old Pink Pop! The original versions are more opaque, and that's what I loved about Superlustrous. The new shades are pretty, but they have this jelly-like transparency that I wasn't expecting. This makes it harder to get the actual color you see in the tube, causing me to use more product. My biggest complaint about these it that Revlon made the tubes look larger in size, and actually gave us less product. I absolutely hate it when this happens, because it's not like the price is being lowered here. So essentially, we are now paying more for less gloss. I know .07 ounces doesn't sound like a lot, but I go through these glosses like water, shame on you Revlon! There's also no SPF in the new formula.

All in all, the formula feels like the same non-sticky luxuriousness that I'm used to. This formula is what keeps me coming back, it just feels like silk on my lips. I love that it's long lasting and hydrating all in one. That's hard to find in a gloss, especially at the drugstore. It's still one of my favorites, even though I am a little ticked off about getting less product.  

If you would like to see what these look like on my lips, please watch my video review! 

Be sure to check out the old shades now while they're on sale at most drugstores! 

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Jul 6, 2013

L'Oreal Voluminous Million Lashes Excess Mascara

I remember back when the original L'Oreal Voluminous Million Lashes mascara was released, it seems so long ago now! I haven't bought it since, because I remember it not doing much for my lashes. With that said, I had a feeling that this mascara wasn't going to impress me either. It's actually the worst mascara from L'Oreal that I've ever tried..

The packaging on the Excess version is very similar to the original. The only difference is that part of the tube is metallic red. 

The wand is quite large. It's very long and consists of tiny rubber bristles. The bristles aren't too hard, but they aren't soft either. In the photo you can't really tell how much mascara is on the wand, but it's way too much. It's all caked in between the bristles! 

Here are the results! As you can see my lashes are all spiked together in scraggly mess. Even when I tried wiping off the wand, I still had the same results. I absolutely hate the way that this mascara made my lashes look and feel. Just dreadful.
Claims: I can't find any claims on this mascara other than the ones stated on the packaging. 'Intense maximized volume. No clumps clean sweep wiping system."
Formula: The formula was very wet and heavy on my lashes.  Once it dried it felt crunchy and flaked tons throughout the day. 
Wand Type: The wand is made of tiny rubber bristles that are evenly spread apart. The wiping system looks like it does a good job, but the wand actually still packed with too much mascara, I demonstrate this in my video review.  
Price/Availability: I paid $8 at Harmons in Bed Bath and Beyond

  • Formula is very black
  • Clumps and spikes my lashes together
  • Wiping system doesn't work 
  • Lashes feel and look crispy 
  • Weighs lashes down
  • Formula is too wet
  • The wand is too long/difficult to work with
  • Wand is loaded with too much mascara
  • Doesn't live up to claims

I didn't have very high hopes for this mascara, but at the same time I wasn't expecting to hate it. This is the worst L'Oreal mascara I've ever tried. It didn't live up to any of the claims that were stated on the packaging. (I still can't find any other official claims, but when I do I will update this review). 

The 'clean sweep' wiping system didn't do anything at all, the amount of mascara on the brush was still too much to work with. The  heavy and wet formula weighed my lashes down. Once it dried, my lashes looked and felt extremely crunchy. It flaked off like crazy throughout the day, and also smudged on my lower lash line. 

Overall this mascara didn't do anything for my lashes other than make them look terrible! I'm not saying that everybody should hate this mascara, but I'm just letting you know that I absolutely hate it. I tried to make it work so many different ways, but nothing helped. I am a fan of many L'Oreal mascaras, but this one is last on my list.

You can check out my review and demo of this mascara here on YouTube! 

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Jul 1, 2013

Covergirl Lipslicks Smoochies Lip Balm

Covergirl Lipslicks have been around for a while now. I remember taking them from my mom's makeup collection, feeling like a 'big girl' when I used them. As I grew older, I stayed away from Lipslicks because the sheerness was just boring for me. I'm happy to see that Covergirl finally revamped the line, it was about time! 

The new, colorful tubes are a bit smaller in size than the original. The top of the tube corresponds with the lip balm color, but of course the actual shade you get on your lips is a much sheerer version. The bottom colors of the tubes are just for decoration I suppose. The new look is more eye-catching than the original, I really like the bright colors. 

The balm itself is actually very creamy and comfortable on the lips. Their moisture factor is more than Maybelline Baby Lips but less than a Revlon Lip Butter. The pigmentation can be sheer to medium. I have three of the twelve available shades.

Swatches from top to bottom: #Text Me, #Luv U, and #Tweet Me

#Text Me, is a bright pink-red and is the most pigmented of the three here. #Luv U is a neutral light pink, perfect for any skin tone. #Tweet Me is a sheer orange-toned red.

Claims: "Glide on sheer color and keep lips moisturized with our fabulously flirty Smoochies lip balm."
Finish/Texture: The finish is shiny and the texture is creamy/smooth.
Lasting Power: These last only about three hours on my lips.
Scent: The scent is strong, it reminds me of kiddie makeup-powdery, sweet.. it's not the best, but it fades and is only noticeable when applying on the lips.
Packaging: The lip balm itself isn't level with the tube, be careful when putting the cap back on! 
Price/Availability: I paid $5 at Walmart and got a BOGO 50% deal at CVS

  • Good pigmentation
  • Variety of colors
  • Smooth texture
  • Moisturizes lips
  • Inexpensive
  • Cute, colorful re-packging
  • Strong scent that some may find off-putting
  • Lip Balm itself isn't level with the tube
  • Re-application is needed throughout the day for moisture and color
  • Names are a bit gimmicky-not a big issue, but just saying!

I was pleasantly surprised with these! I really enjoy creamy formula that's so effortless and lightweight on my lips. They have good pigmentation, moisture, and a wide variety of colors to choose from. However, reapplication is needed throughout the day. At five dollars each, I can look past their minor flaws. Even though I think the names are a bit gimmicky, I still think Covergirl did a great job with the re-launch of the classic Lipslicks line. 

If you would like to see lip swatches of these please watch my video review on YouTube.