Jul 26, 2013

L'Oreal Made For Me Pinks Collection

I feel that L'Oreal doesn't do collections as often as other brands. I heard about this line from a few popular beauty gurus who all raved about it, but unfortunately I didn't feel the same way. The collection is entirely made up of different shades of pink,  organized by skin tone from light to dark. 

There are eight Color Riche Lipsticks, four le Gloss lipglosses, and six Color Riche nail polishes to chose from in the Made For Me Pinks collection. I've also heard this collection referred to as the 'Colour Me Pink' collection, either way, all of the shade names are the same. I posted a picture of the display on my Instagram if you would like to see the rest of the shades! 

I chose four items. Two Color Riche Lipsticks (left) I Pink You're Cute and (right) Raspberry Rush. I also bought two le Gloss Lipglosses (left) Berry Chic and  (right) Rosy Demeanor. 

Swatched from left to right: I Pink You're Cute, Raspberry Rush, Berry Chic, and Rosy Demeanor. I Pink You're Cute is a sheer, light baby pink, but it looks a bit coral on the lips. Raspberry Rush is a sheer red with pink undertones. Berry Chic is a very pigmented fuchsia gloss with cool undertones. Rosy Demeanor is a light coral-pink gloss with warm undertones.

The formula on these lipsticks in certainly not the same as the regular Color Riche lipsticks. These ones are sheer, and the consistency is too slick. It almost instantly melts when you place in onto the lips. I have no idea why this is, but it makes application difficult and it really annoys me. The le Glosses are the same formula as the regular line, which is great! 

If you would like to see lip swatches for all of these products, please watch my video review here.

Claims: For the lipstick: "Luxuriously Rich Color.Creamy.Intense Hydration." For the glosses: Extreme Shine.Supreme Creaminess.Ultra-hydrating Argan Oil & Omega 3."
Finish/Texture: The finish of the lipsticks is sheer and glossy, while the texture is slick and a bit greasy. The glosses have a creamy finish and a smooth texture. 
Lasting Power: The lasting power on the lipsticks is only about 2-3 hours, and the glosses last about 3-4 hours on me. 
Scent:The lipsticks have that signature powdery/floral scent that all of the original L'Oreal lipsticks have. I'm not a fan of it, but I put up with it if I really like the color. The Le Glosses have a slight vanilla scent that I really enjoy.
Packaging: The lipstick packaging is the usual gold tube, but I notcied that the tubes dig into the sides of the lipsticks. I'm sure this is because of the formula, because I've never had that problem with this lipstick line in the past. The glosses are just in a plain squeeze tube.
Price/Availability: I paid $9/ lipstick and $8.50/ gloss at Walgreens.

  • Variety of shades is great
  • The idea of the collection is creative
  • Creaminess of the glosses is great/comfortable on the lips
  • The glosses are very pigmented
  • The lipsticks are too slick/feel greasy on the lips
  • The lipsticks melt almost immediately during application
  • The lipstick tubes dig into the side of the lipstick
  • The lipsticks have a strong, overwhelming baby powder/floral smell
  • Expensive for drugstore

I think the idea L'Oreal had for this collection is wonderful, a pink lipstick and gloss for any skin tone. With that in mind, I still was disappointed in the mediocre quality of the lipsticks! They were honestly horrible to work with, they were greasy and 'melty'. Anytime I tried to work with them, they just slipped all over my lips. The glosses are what really stood out to me here. The le Glosses have a creamy, pigmented formula that's just so comfortable on the lips. 

I really dislike how expensive these items were, $8.50 for a lipgloss at the drugstore is a little much, and $9 for a lipstick that's greasy is just ridiculous. Overall I was disappointed in this collection, even though the idea was creative. I was left feeling like L'Oreal could have done better here!

Have you seen this collection in your drugstores? Would you try it? 


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  1. OMG! these shades are so adorable ..thanks for the share

  2. Haha $9 is soooo cheap! These I would think would be about $18 here! I love this new range from Loreal, Raspberry Rush is a gorgeous colour


    1. Well wherever here is, must be an expensive place!

  3. Every single time I go to Walgreens I eye this LE stand because the colors look so cute. And I didn't want to pick anything up but the swatch of I Pink You're Cute is just soooo beautiful! Do you happen to own anything similar in color but with a better formula?

    1. The colors are really cute, that's why I caved. The only thing that I think looks similar (from my collection) is the Revlon Lip Butter in Strawberry Shortcake, and the formula is great :)

  4. I honestly do not like loreal because they test on animals and I've had a ton of bad experiences with that brand... I'm a little scared that they bought urban decay... I wish they hadnt..
    I work at ulta, and it seems like some of the newer shadow formulas shatter so easily! I replaced a whole naked 2 palette the other day. One of our customers dropped it and it flew in to a million powdery pieces.

    1. Well L'Oreal owns quite a few brands now. Many companies test on animals, it's just one of those things that's hard to avoid for me. L'Oreal has some great products, but these lipsticks didn't impress me.

  5. Sorry to hear that the lipsticks really let you down! The light pink colour is so pretty in your hand swatch. It's funny that L'Oreal did this whole line of pinks for every skin tone since I was just thinking about how difficult pinks can be to pull off and how crucial it is through trial and error to find the pinks that work for your skin tone.

    1. Yeah, the light pink color was actually meant for light skin too, but it made my teeth look yellow and the formula was just awful. I think the idea they had was good, but it could have been better. Like, they could've taken it a step further and done 'cool tone' and 'warm tone' as they usually do with their products.

  6. The glosses look really pigmented and the wear time is pretty decent too. I kinda prefer glosses with applicators rather than tubes though.


  7. Looks like a great collection :)


  8. I'm not into drugstore lipsticks but when I saw the raspberry rush at the store the color looked like a lovely shade of red to me so I purchased it because it was only $5.
    The lipstick is a very pretty shade of reddish pink and is very moist, so I definitely would never wear this with a lipgloss.


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