Sep 28, 2013

City Color Lip Balms

City Color is an affordable cosmetics brand that I have only explored somewhat. I first discovered their products at IMATS LA, back in January. I bought a two dollar eyeshadow trio which is amazingly pigmented! When I found these lip balms available at Rite Aid I was quite excited, because I always feel that lip products are safe bets when trying new brands. 

The packaging is what really caught me eye, I'm a sucker for scribbly cursive writing. These of course came with plastic caps, which I removed for this photo. I'm not crazy about the tips of the balms sticking out of the tube! (One of my biggest annoyances). 

At first glance, these look like they would be a cream finish, but they are actually very shimmery! They are still pretty, but not exactly what I was expecting. 

On the top is the shade 'Bright Pink' and the bottom is 'Light Pink'. Such creative names.
Bright pink is a cool toned medium pink. Light pink is a warm toned coral-pink. Both shades have a considerable amount of shimmer and are very sheer. 

Claims:"Our Lip Balm is packed with Vitamin E leaving your lips ultra smooth with a splash of color. Comes in 16 stunning shades that will glide on your lips with ease and add moisture for a deep hydration."
Finish/Texture: The finish of these is sheer, but shimmery. The texture is very smooth, but I find that the shimmer settles into the lips in an unflattering way.
Lasting Power: Since these are quite sheer, they only last an hour or even less.
Scent: There is a very strong cherry/fruity scent that reminds me of Pez candies.
Packaging: The packaging isn't the greatest, the lip balms stick out of the tubes at the tip. 
Price/Availability: I paid $2 each at Rite Aid, you can also buy them online.

  • Inexpensive
  • Smooth texture
  • Strong scent
  • Cheap packaging
  • No lasting power
  • Too much shimmer for my liking
  • Don't feel moisturizing
These are the type of lip balms that remind me of something I would have enjoyed when I was a little girl. You know the overly scented shimmery things that were just sheer enough so your parents would let you wear them? Haha, well these are exactly it. I would never get any use of them, because they don't last throughout the day and are just too shimmery for my taste. They certainly don't feel moisturizing as they claim to be, and the packaging is very cheap. The shimmer will settle into the lip lines if you try to build up the color. Hopefully next time I try something from the brand it will be enjoyable.

Sep 21, 2013

L'Oreal La Laque and Le Matte Lipsticks

L'Oreal recently expanded their Colour Riche line with eight new lip crayons, half are matte and half are shiny! I really loved the varitey in this line, plus all of the colors looked gorgeous in the packaging.  I'm a sucker for a good lip crayon, but the formulas aren't anything special. I was a bit disappointed in these, especially after hearing countless rave reviews. 

I could only find seven of the eight pencils available. It took me forever to find these, I had to go to about five different Targets! I'm unsure if these are limited edition or not, the display at Target didn't say they were, but I've seen others online which stated they were. Who knows? 

Here are the applicators. The lipsticks is slightly pointed at the tips, but it wears off immediately after the first use, and there's no sharpener included- boo!

Swatches from left to right: She's So Matte, Matte-r of Fact, No Matte-r What, I Laque You a Lot, Never-Laque-ing, Laque-onic, and Laquer-ized.

She's So Matte is a bright coral.  Matte-r of Fact is a vampy browinish red. No Matte-r What is a beigy brown.  I Laque You a Lot is a bright orange red.  Never-Laque-ing is a dusty pink. Laque-onic is a bright blue toned red, it's my favorite of the entire line! Laquer-ized is a bright purple that has a bit of pink in it. These swatches are all one swipe. I hate the cheesy names.. haha! 

Claims: "Shiny/Matte full coverage lip color." Those are the only claims I could find. 
Pigmentation: The pigmentation on both formulas is excellent. The pigmentation is the best thing about this product. The colors are all very intense with little effort. 
Finish/Texture: The finishes are matte and shiny, as you can tell from the names. The mattes feel extremely dry, my lips felt terrible after wearing one. The laques felt creamy going on, but they aren't hydrating. They sit on top of the lips, and it's one of those lipsticks you can feel when you are wearing it. The formulas weren't comfortable for me. 
Lasting Power: Both of these formulas weren't very long lasting, which was surpsing to me. I only got about three hours of wear before they started to get patchy. They did stain my lips, but in a very uneven way. This is a lipstick that needs a lot of attention-babysitting really. 
Scent: The scent is that strong powdery/floral smell that L'Oreal has in it's original lipsticks. It's unpleasant to me, and it may really bother some people. 
Packaging: These come in a slender, plastic twist-up tube. The tips are slanted, but they quickly turn into nubs, and there's no sharpener included. 
Price/Availability: I paid $8 each for these at Target

  • Very pigmented
  • Variety of finishes/colors 
  • Pretty packaging (I think it looks nice for L'Oreal) 
  • Lasting power is mediocre- 3 hours at most
  • The formulas weren't comfortable on my lips
  • Wears off into a patchy stain
  • Strong powdery/floral scent
  • Limited edition- I think (also very difficult to find) 
  • A bit pricey- these aren't worth $8 
I had high expectations for these, since L'Oreal lip products are usually good quality. Plus, it almost seems like everybody in the beauty community has raved about them! I loved the idea of a lipstick in pencil form, especially in matte and shiny finishes, but the formulas are just disappointing. 

The mattes are very drying, my lips felt chapped after I had worn one for only a few hours. The laques were creamy going on, but the formula just sat on top of my lips. I could feel it, in a slightly sticky way. I had slight feathering, and I did get a weird patchy stain on my lips after the color wore off, which only took three hours. The scent is of very strong baby powder and flowers. The packaging looks pretty, but there's no sharpener, and the laques get a little gooey in the tube, since they are so creamy. 

Overall, these lipsticks need a lot of babysitting. When I wore these, I had to constantly check in the mirror. I felt like my lips needed a good lip balm the whole day, which is an awful feeling! They just aren't worth the hype in my opinion. They are very pigmented, but that's the only good thing about them! I only kept Laque-onic, because I just loved the color. 

If you would like to see lip swatches, please watch my video review! 

So many people have raved about these, what do you think? 

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Sep 19, 2013

Elf Matte Lip Color in Nearly Nude and Tea Rose

I first discovered the Elf Matte Lip Colors earlier this year. I fully reviewed the shade Rich Red, here, which is still a favorite of mine. I loved the formula so much, that I decided to get the other two shades! I'm so obsessed with these.. 

 The two shades I chose are Nearly Nude and Tea Rose

The packaging is a sleek black tube, with a color swatch on the bottom, which is also a sharpener! 

On the left is Nearly Nude and the right is Tea Rose. Nearly Nude is a warm beige and Tea Rose is a dusty mauve. Both have a slightly creamy matte finish, it's not completely matte.

If you would like to see what these look like on my lips, please watch my Elf haul video, here.

Claims: "This convenient jumbo sized lip pencil creates exact color application with twist up ease so you never have to sharpen. The pigment rich color glides on effortlessly and easily to provide long lasting matte color. The enriched Vitamin A, C & E formula moisturizes and hydrates lips for beautiful healthy looking lips."
Pigmentation: These are both very pigmented! You only need one swipe to get full color. 
Finish/Texture: Like I said before, the finish on these is like a creamy matte. It isn't completely matte, but I still think it's pretty and comfortable on the lips. The texture is super smooth, and it applies like a dream. 
Lasting Power: I had about 5 hours of wear with these. 
Scent:  These are unscented. 
Packaging: The packaging is really convenient. I love that there's a built in sharpener and a color swatch on the bottom. 
Price: I paid $3 each at Wal-Mart

  • Very pigmented
  • Hydrating
  • Inexpensive, only $3
  • Convenient packaging
  • Long-Lasting
  • Smooth texture
  • The finish isn't really a traditional matte/more creamy 
I'm so happy that I finally bought more of these. They are one of my favorite Elf products of all time. I love that the formula feels light, hydrating, and creamy. It lasts throughout most of my day, and the pigmentation is amazing. I love that they are unscented and only three dollars! The packaging is really convenient too, since it has a built in sharpener.
I seriously wish Elf would make more colors, I'd love to see some brights! Have you tried these yet? 

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Sep 17, 2013

Wet N Wild Eyeshadow Trios: Cool As a Cucumber and Sweet As Candy

Wet N' Wild eyeshadows have such a great reputation in the beauty community. That's the reason why I decided to give them a try a few years ago, and I've been obsessed since! Recently I got two trios that I overlooked, Sweet As Candy and Cool as a Cucumber.

These trios are completely new to me!

Here are the trios up close, they both contain satin finish shadows.

Here are the swatches for the Sweet As Candy trio. Each of the shadows are satin finish and very pigmented. This trio reminds me a lot of Walking On Eggshells by Wet N Wild, which is my favorite! All of these shadows are gorgeous. 

Here are the swatches for the Cool As a Cucumber trio. This trio wasn't very pigmented at all, the only decent shadow was the one labelled 'eyelid'. I wasn't impressed at all with these shadows. So disappointing! 

Claims: "Coordinating trio shades takes the guesswork out of creating the perfect eye look." I couldn't find any other claims on these shadows. 
Pigmentation: The pigmentation on Sweet As Candy was excellent, but Cool As A Cucumber was very patchy. 
Finish/Texture: The finish of the shadows are all satiny, they are like shimmers that don't have any glitter in them. The texture on Cool As A Cucumber was chalky, but Sweet As Candy was very smooth.
Lasting Power: The lasting power on most Wet N Wild shadows is all day. Cool As A Cucumber isn't a trio that I would recommend wearing though.
Packaging: The packaging of Wet N Wild shadows is very basic. 
Price/Availability: Each trio was $3 at Target.

  • Sweet As Candy is pigmented, smooth, and rich
  • These trios are inexpensive
  • Cool As A Cucumber is patchy/not pigmented
I really love the quality and pigmentation of Sweet As Candy. All of the shadows in that trio are pigmented and beautiful! Cool As a Cucumber is patchy and chalky. It was just awful, and I totally wasn't expecting it to be bad, but oh well! 

Most of Wet N Wild's trios are great quality, especially for the price. I have so many of their eight pan palettes, trios, singles... I could rave on and on about how much I love their shadows. They are soft, buttery, and pigmented..but sometimes there are flops! 

I have reviewed other Wet N Wild shadows in the past. Check out the Nude Awaking palette here, and the Pop Art Collection here.

Have you tried any Wet N Wild eyeshadows? 

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Sep 12, 2013

Maybelline Dr.Rescue Baby Lips Collection

When I first heard about this collection, I couldn't contain myself. I love Baby Lips, I have every collection they've released in the States! In general, I'm a bit obsessed with Baby Lips, but I have to say that these were a huge disappointment.

 The packaging is pastel themed, adorable! There are six shades in this collection.  

The packaging on these balms are slightly different than past Baby Lips. The logo is actually a sticker, it peels to reveal the drug facts underneath. I don't like it, and in person it looks cheap. Not a big deal, but the stickers feel like they are going to fall off at any moment. 

 All of these shades look pigmented in the tube, but when swatched they're very sheer.

From left to right: Berry Soft, Just Peachy, Soothing Sorbet, Pink Me Up, Coral Crave, and Too Cool. Berry Soft is a light mauve- purple. Just Peachy is a beige-nude. Soothing Sorbet is a soft raspberry. Pink Me Up is a light pink. Coral Crave is a light coral. Too Cool is just a clear balm. These are two swipes each, if you would like to see lip swatches please watch my video review below.

Claims: " Provides care that soothes sore lips with a hint of eucalyptus and combats dryness. It's available in natural tints to even out lip tone for healthier-looking lips. In one minute, lips feel soothed".
Finish/Texture: The finish is very shiny and the texture is a bit greasy. These have a lot of slip to them, which I don't like. It feels different than the original formula.
Lasting Power: These didn't leave a stain on my lips, and I felt like the formula never soaked in. These just slipped right off, they have no lasting power at all. 
Scent: Here's my main problem: they smell and taste like Vicks Vapo Rub, which has a very strong eucalyptus scent. It also has a bitter taste, that's very off-putting.
Packaging: The packaging is cheap looking this time around, since the logo is actually a sticker. The sticker was on very loose, so it might fall off..and then you wouldn't know the shade name. I liked the color scheme, but I don't get why they used stickers this time. 
Price/Availability: I paid $3.50 each at Wal-Mart.

  • Cute pastel theme
  • Very strong Eucalyptus scent
  • Very strong bitter taste
  • No lasting power/staining power
  • Lacks in pigmentation
  • Texture is very greasy
  • Packaging is cheap looking
  • Don't live up to claims
  • Don't leave lips feeling hydrated

I felt like Maybelline could have formulated these so much better. They seriously lacked in pigmentation, most of the colors barely show up on my lips and they didn't leave behind a stain. The texture felt very greasy, which I've never experienced in the past. I absolutely hate the smell of these, like I said it is my main problem with the formula.  It smells exactly like Vicks Vapo Rub, which is awful to me. They also have a very bitter taste. I don't see how these could possibly live up to the 12 hour moisture claim, because I never felt like the formula soaked into my lips. 

The formula on these feels completely different than the past Baby Lips, which I don't like. I don't feel like it soothed my lips, or even hydrated them. These actually felt drying, and since alcohol is one of the main ingredients.. I'm not so surprised.  

I was so disappointed in this collection. Everything about these lip balms let me down. There's honestly nothing that impressed me here. I also wanted to mention that I know these balms are medicated with menthol, but they just smell horrible. I have tried other medicated balms in the past, and they didn't smell this bad! 

Here's my video review if you would like to watch it! 

This collection was a miss for me, have you tried them yet? 

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Sep 11, 2013

Jordana 12 HR Made to Last Eyeshadow Pencils

I'm usually not a fan of eyeshadow pencils. I have tried so many different ones over the years, and none of them actually impressed me..until I discovered these! I first mentioned the Jordana 12 Hour Made to Last shadow pencils in my recent Jordana haul, which you can see here. These are definitely a new favorite of mine!

There are eight pencils in this line. Half have a matte finish, half have a shimmery finish. I want to quickly mention that I purchased all of the shades I could find at the store, and Jordana Cosmetics generously provided me with each pencil later on. 

As you can see, all of the colors are beautiful! These pencils need to be manually sharpened, or else the tips will dull over time. 

Here are swatches from left to right: Prolong Purple, Endless Emerald, Aqua Last, Pink Evermore, Eternal White, Continuous Almond, Stay-On Black, and Tenacious Brown. These swatches are without primer, and are only one swipe! 

Prolong Purple is a deep purple with subtle silver shimmer.  Endless Emerald is a forest green with subtle silver shimmer. Aqua Last is a bright blue, it has shimmer in it, but it's hardly noticeable. Pink Evermore is a soft pink that has tons of silver shimmer. Eternal White is a matte white, it is a bit patchy compared to the rest. Continuous Almond is a matte peachy shade. Stay-On Black is a super dark, matte black. Tenacious Brown is a matte chocolate brown. 

Claims: Long-lasting (Up to 12 Hour wear), Easy to use, Water-Resistant, Crease-Proof, Paraben-Free, Made in Germany
Pigmentation: These are amazingly pigmented, you only need one swipe to get full color. There's no building up needed with these, which is a HUGE plus! 
Finish/Texture: Half of these are matte, the other half are shimmery. The texture of these are super creamy, soft, and silky. They are the softest eye pencil I have ever tried. Ever! 
Lasting Power: These lasted me all day, I believe that the 12 hour claim is true. 
Packaging: These are a pencil, they will need to be manually sharpened. The caps on these are a bit loose-fitting, that's my only complaint about these.
Price/Availability: I paid $4 each at Walgreens, for the shades I bought. Jordana Cosmetics also sent me the entire line.

  • Lives up to ALL claims
  • Super pigmented
  • Very creamy, smooth, and soft
  • Doesn't tug on the eye
  • Last all day long/waterproof/sweat proof
  • Variety of shades and finishes to chose from (matte and shimmer)
  • Inexpensive, $4 at Walgreens
  • The caps on the pencils are loose-fitting
  • These pencils need to be manually sharpened

I was surprised at how well these performed. Like I said earlier, I  honestly never had a good experience with shadow pencils before. I'm so glad that I decided to give these a try anyway, because they are amazing.

 I wore these alone, as an eyeshadow base, and as an eyeliner (on my bottom lashline even) and I had no smudging. They apply so smoothly, and are super pigmented with one swipe. They are inexpensive, and  the quality is simply wonderful. I still can't believe these are just four dollars. I feel like I cant say enough good things about these shadow pencils! 

Thank you to Jordana Cosmetics, who provided me with these pencils! I'm so happy, because I could only find a few shades at the store. 

Here's my video review on them, if you would like to watch! 

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Sep 5, 2013

Maybelline Fall Fashion Week Collection 2013

I am anxiously awaiting the fall season. I seriously can't wait for this 100 degree weather to be over! Plus, I'm starting to miss all of my deep toned lipsticks. Of course I know that I can wear them anytime I want to, but it just feels more fun in the fall. The new limited edition Maybelline Fall Fashion Week Collection has plenty of purples, but it didn't exactly scream 'fall' and it left me feeling unsatisfied. 

The four lipsticks in the collection are (from left to right) Midnight Plum, Lavender Voltage, Fuchsia Fierce, and Violet Intrigue. ($7.99 each) 

Swatches from top to bottom: Violet Intrigue, Fuchsia Fierce, Midnight Plum, and Lavender Voltage. 

Violet Intrigue is a warm berry purple. It had a creamier texture than the others and it was a bit tricky to apply. Fuchsia Flash is a bright blue toned hot pink. It reminds me of so many other lipsticks Maybelline has released in the past, plus I didn't seem like a 'fall color'. Midnight Plum is a deep, almost black plum shade. I absolutely love it, and the formula is very smooth. It's so much better than Revlon Va Va Violet! Lavender Voltage is a beautiful, bright blue toned purple. This is my favorite lipstick of the collection. I have never seen anything like this at the drugstore, it's amazing and I want 10 backups. These swatches are two swipes each, each lipstick has a creamy finish. 

There are six glosses in this collection ($8.. As you can see, the color selection is a bit all over the place. I really wasn't too surprised, or pleased with any of these colors. From left to right: Berry Brilliance, Chocolate Lust, Lavender Lavish, Purple Royale, Raspberry Ablaze, and Flash of Pink.  ($7.99 each)

Swatches from left to right: Flash of Pink, Chocolate Lust, Berry Brilliance, Purple Royale, Raspberry Ablaze, and Lavender Lavish. 

Flash of Pink is a very pale baby pink. Chocolate Lust is a deep reddish brown. Berry Brilliance is a bright hot pink with some coral tones. Purple Royale is a sheer deep blue-ish purple. It was very patchy and difficult to apply. Raspberry Ablaze is a deep purple berry. Lavender Lavish is a cool toned pink with a dash of purple. These were one swipe each. 

Here are the two eyeshadow palettes that I chose out of the four available. The top one is Violet Femme and the bottom is Fall Temptation. ($10.99 each) 

On the left are swatches for Violet Femme, and on the right are Fall Temptation. I wasn't impressed with these shadows at all. They all were very powdery, and crumbly. The first two shades of each palette weren't very pigmented, and sort of disappeared. The last two shades were pigmented, but like I said, powdery. 


  • I love the deep purple shades in this collection
  • I like that the lipsticks were all creamy in texture and finish

  • The deep colored glosses weren't very pigmented
  • The shadows were powdery
  • Color selection of glosses/lipsticks weren't exactly 'fall' to me 
  • Everything was a bit pricey for drugstore
I definitely feel like the Midnight Plum and Lavender Voltage lipsticks were the stars of this collection. They were to two pieces that really made me excited for fall. Everything else in this collection was very uninteresting to me, especially all of the pinks. The shadows were very powdery, and some weren't pigmented. 

I do like the fact that Maybelline tried to have variety in shade selection, but it still came across to me as uncoordinated. The collection didn't tie in together as a whole, even when I saw these shades in the display I was a bit confused. I really would have liked to see some reds in this collection, especially a maroon or burgundy.  It just didn't really feel fall to me. Oh, and another thing..... where are the limited edition fall color tattoos?! 

I hope that some separate fall color tattoo collection will be released, because I really wanted to see some new shades for fall. Overall, the only two colors I really liked in this collection were Midnight Plum and Lavender Voltage. Like I said, everything else in this collection unimpressed me. Better luck next season Maybelline! 

If you would like to see what each lip product looks like on my lips, please watch my video haul/swatch video below.

What do you think of this collection? 

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Sep 2, 2013

My Favorite Sigma Brushes!

It seems like just yesterday I ordered the Sigma Essential Kit.. I desperately wanted to expand my makeup brush collection into something more 'professional'. Today, I still have every single brush that I have ever bought from them, and in great condition. Sigma brushes are extremely durable, and have definitely helped me refine my makeup skills over time. 

I recently ordered doubles of my favorite Sigma brushes, and today I'm going to review them for you! I have never reviewed brushes before, so it's about time that I do! 

On the left is the packaging that the brushes came in. Each brush was individually wrapped. The small box was placed in tons of bubble wrap, inside a large cardboard box. I have never had a problem with Sigma's shipping, I feel that they do a great job of making sure the brushes arrive safely! 

Tapered Blending E35- $12: This is my favorite eye brush of all time. It's wonderful for blending shadow to achieve a seamless look. I prefer the tapered blending because of it's shape. I find that the length of the hairs makes blending in the crease easy. I also use these to create my brow highlight. The tapered blending is a must, must, must! 

Eye Shading E55- $10: This is the perfect brush to 'pack' or place shadow down on the lid with. The bristles are dense and soft. The brush is firm enough so that the shadow can be placed exactly where you want it, while the bristles don't feel hard or crunchy at all. I wish that I had 100 of these so that I wouldn't have to wash mine so often!

Large Angled Contour F40- $16.00: I love to use this to apply my blush. The bristles are very soft, and the angled shape helps me sculpt my face effortlessly. I don't contour much, but when I do I also reach for this brush. You could even use it to highlight, but I use a different brush for that. Anyway, I just love the angled shape for blush application, it's a life changer. No, really. 

What I do notice about new Sigma brushes, is that they get better after a few washes. I'm not saying they aren't soft as is, but I prefer the way they feel after a couple of uses. It's almost like a new pair of shoes, the more you use them the more comfortable they feel.

I really value the quality of the Sigma company as a whole. They ship worldwide, give coupon codes every month, provide great customer service, and good quality brushes at fair prices. Their site is easy to navigate, and they even give a free gift with every purchase! Another thing I really like about Sigma is that they support  many beauty bloggers/beauty gurus out there who use their products. They also hold giveaways, and host meet and greets with some of their top guru affiliates, which is actually an awesome idea! 

I had the pleasure of meeting the founder of Sigma at IMATS back in January, and she was so kind to me. All of the brushes that I wanted to buy where sold out, but she didn't want me to walk away empty-handed, so she gave me their free gift with purchase anyway. It's the little things, and great quality products that really impress me about a company. 

Sigma has been, and will continue to be my makeup brushes of choice! Have you tried Sigma brushes? 

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Sep 1, 2013

Elf Baked Blushes

I finally gave in and bought some elf baked blushes, after seeing so many rave reviews I had to try them. I couldn't believe how beautiful they looked in the packaging, so bright and colorful. Unfortunately, these disappointed me more than any other elf product that I have ever tried. These didn't live up to any of their claims at all, and the finish is too shimmery to be worn as a blush for me. 

The packaging is very basic, I bought the shades Pinktastic and Passion Pink. 

In the pan, both blushes look very pretty, and not too shimmery at all. Pinktastic (left) and Passion Pink (right)

Here are swatches of the blushes: Passion Pink (left) and Pinktastic (right). 

The first swatches were done dry, and the seconds swatches were done wet. As you can see, Passion Pink isn't very pigmented. Passion Pink is a pearly light pink shade. Pinktastic, is a very pretty rose gold shade. I like both of these colors, but the finish is just too frosty for me to use as a blush. 

Claims: "The soft and shimmering color of our Baked Blush creates a natural healthy glow. Baked in an oven, these blushes offer rich pigmentation for a beautiful effect. The long-lasting formula provides a gorgeous, smooth and even application. Infused with active key ingredients Jojoba, Rose, Sunflower, Apricot and Grape to nourish and hydrate the skin. "
Finish/Texture: The finish is very frosty, more like a highlighter. The texture is unbelievably hard, I had to scrape and scrape to get off product. My makeup brushes couldn't pick up the blush easily, I had to use my fingers with these.
Lasting Power: I wore one of these to work as a highlight, and by the end of my shift it was gone. This didn't even last three hours on my skin, the color faded terribly. 
Scent: These have a very odd plastic scent that is overwhelming! I've never had a cheek product smell so bad before. 
Packaging: The blushes are housed in small plastic pots, with lids that barely want to snap shut. I can see the lids falling off in the near future. 
Price/Availability: I paid $3 each for these at Wal Mart. 

  • The colors are pretty
  • Inexpensive
  • These don't live up to any claims
  • Odd plastic smell
  • Texture is very hard
  • Packaging is cheap
  • Poor staying power
  • Too shimmery to be used as blush

These baked blushes were absolutely mediocre. I don't blame the fact that they were only three dollars, because elf does make some great products. These weren't one of them. 

The texture of these blushes was so hard, that none of my makeup brushes wanted to pick up product. I had to rub and scrape beyond belief to just get a swatch! The staying power was very poor, all of the color faded after about three to four hours. These have an overwhelming plastic smell that's is just awful, I can't even explain how bad it smelled. To top it all off, the finish of these blushes are way too shimmery. I would never like to wear these as a blush, it just looks overdone to me. They can be used as a highlighter, but the quality just isn't worth keeping.

Have you tried elf baked blushes? If so, do you think they are bad quality? 

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