Jul 31, 2012

L'Oreal Magic Skin Beautifier BB Cream

Everyone has been coming out with BB creams lately! I'm excited that the drugstore brands are finally creating affordable versions for everyone. If you're like me, you probably had no idea what BB creams even were. After all the hype, I just had to try one. 

What does "BB" Mean?
The "BB" in  stands for "Blemish Balm", but I've also heard people say "Beauty Balm". 

What does it do?
BB cream is a multi-purpose skincare product. There are countless brands to choose from, and they all claim to do different tasks. For example, some claim to act as a foundation, concealer, primer, moisturizer, and sunblock all at once! 

After seeing that the Garnier and Maybelline versions were way to dark for my skin tone, I decided to try the L'Oreal Magic Skin Beautifier BB Cream! 

I really like the packaging on this. The squeeze tube allows you to easily control how much product you use. I didn't like, however, that it's not sealed at all in the store! 

This nozzle is great because it helps you get the perfect amount that you want out of the tube. Plus, It's more sanitary for than the average bottle or jar. especially if you are not using this for personal use.


4 Beautifying Actions in 1:
  • Primes to smooth skin's texture
  • Perfects to hide imperfections
  • Hydrates for all day moisture
  • Corrects skin for a healthy looking even complexion.
Instantly transforms to your perfect shade for a flawless bare skin finish. Over time, more beautiful skin. 


*There are parabens, phosphates, and dimethicones in this product 

 "Discover our first Magic BB Cream with Beautifying Beads: encapsulated pigments infused in an ultra-light lotion with antioxidants Vitamin C and E" 

This is my skin before applying the BB Cream. I have lots of freckles :) 

This is after applying the BB cream. I feel like there isn't a huge difference. It doesn't impress me at all. Plus, I couldn't even use it on my entire face! It stung my eye area like crazy, and I need coverage in that area, so this would never work for me. (The product itself doesn't state to keep it out of the eyes, but I would if you're sensitive like me). 

See those little balls in the cream? That's what L'Oreal is calling "beautifying beads". They're supposed to adapt to your skin tone once you rub the cream in. 

I absolutely hate the feeling of this. It feels like rubbing sand on your face, and it's difficult to get each bead to blend in all the way. The best way to describe it is like you're using a facial scrub. I just don't like the grainy texture at all. The cream feels more like a runny lotion.  It's very unpleasant to me.

  • packaging-the squeeze tube/ nozzle is great 
  • $8 for a full ounce of product
  • doesn't give moisture
  • doesn't create a "flawless bare skin finish or  a "healthy looking, even complexion"
  • doesn't "smooth skins texture"
  • doesn't "hide imperfections"
  • made my skin feel dry 
  • wasn't my shade 
  • had a gross, grainy texture and the cream itself was runny 
  • only 4 shades are available, and fair is the lightest one
I wouldn't ever repurchase this. It feels like I'm leaving on my apricot scrub, and it isn't even the right shade. It failed to give me any sort of coverage, moisture, smoothness, or an even complexion. The claims are just ridiculous.This was an all around disappointment. 

Jul 28, 2012

Nail of the Week: Pink Bubblegum

Hello everyone, I'm so happy that I picked up this shade at Ulta the other day. I know that my Target carries  a few shades of Sally Hansen Extreme Wear, but I've never seen this one! It's a cool toned pink that reminds me so much of Pink Nouveau lipstick from MAC. Maybe that's why I subconsciously picked it off the shelf! Haha.. 

Bubblegum pink is a cool toned pink, cream finish nail polish. This is two coats. 

Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear nail polishes have some of the cutest colors! I don't feel guilty for ever picking one of these up because they're only $2.50 at Target and I believe around $2.60 at Ulta. You really can't go wrong with that!

On a random note, look at these delicious blackberries I ate this morning! Mmm.. 

Jul 26, 2012

Revlon Colorstay Whipped Foundation Review

After hearing such rave reviews from some of my favorite beauty bloggers, I just had to try the new Revlon Colorstay "Whipped" foundation! Plus, I am a foundation fanatic, and I tend to give in whenever a new one hits the shelves! Especially when it's from one of my favorite brands, Revlon.

This jar is absolutely huge and bulky! There is only 0.8 fluid ounces of actual product.

See what I'm talking about? Just look at how much extra packaging there is! UGH. It's so difficult to store. I can't stand bulky packages. It's unnecessary! 

I bought the lightest shade that this range offers: Ivory. I figured that it would match, since I'm Ivory in the liquid version of Revlon Colorstay foundation. 

The sticker peels off on the back. Which I don't like, because I might misplace it if I want to refer back to it. The ingredients are also on the back of this sticker, but the other half is on the jar. It's annoying for people who like to keep track of what they're using.

It's always nice, to me, when products have their ingredient list on them. Just in case of an emergency. You never know what you could be allergic to, or when you're going to have a reaction. That's why I like having the labels on my products. (I know it sounds a little OCD, but, it's a good thing).


  • Wears up to 24 hours. 
  • Talc Free & Paraben Free
  • Bouncy, whipped formula that feels ultra light and silky smooth

Here is the fist half of the ingredient list..

and here is the second half. It bugs me how it's not all on the same label. Who designed this evil peel off sticker?! Does that bother anybody else out there, or am I just crazy? 

This is what you see as soon as you screw off the lid. It's just a protective piece of plastic. However, I prefer  products that have seals, because that way, I'm certain that nobody has opened it.  I like knowing my products are untouched, clean, and brand new. 

After I removed the seal, this is what the foundation itself looks like in the jar. The texture DOES NOT feel whipped at all. It feels more like melted ice cream. (Weird comparison, but it really does). It only felt soft and silky once I blended it out onto my face, but for me, it felt heavy. Not "ultra light" as it claims. Oh yeah, and it had a very strong scent. It reminded me of how mascara smells.

I found that using a brush with this foundation is pointless, because the brushes just soak up the product and waste it. The foundation is so thick that it gunked up the brush and created lines, so I just blended with a damp sponge. I was pleased that the shade was a perfect match for my skin, but that was all I liked about this foundation. 

Here is what the completed face looks like using the Revlon Colorstay Whipped foundation, without powder or primer. I had about 9 hours of wear before I needed to touch up. (So, this doesn't last 24 hours). I have combo skin: an oily t-zone and dry to normal everywhere else. I was pleased with the coverage, however it did feel like I was wearing heavy makeup.

  • Ivory is a perfect match for my skin
  • full coverage

  • $13 (with tax) for only 0.8 fluid ounces of product 
  • bulky packaging
  • difficult to blend
  • has a strong smell
  • has a "heavy" feeling on the skin
  • wear isn't 24 hours
  • texture isn't "whipped or bouncy" as claimed

I didn't like this foundation, it doesn't live up to the claims, and it's just not worth the money. I would rather buy the liquid Revlon Colorstay for $10 that has 1 fluid ounce of product. I also felt that this foundation took me longer to blend than any other foundation I've tried. Once I had it on,  I felt like I was wearing a mask! I mean, it does the job, b

 I wouldn't recommend this, and I'm definitely not repurchasing it! 

Jul 17, 2012

Mini Ulta Haul

I went to Ulta on Sunday, after a family outing at Ontario Mills Mall! I forgot that they closed early that day, but I got what I wanted. I still felt rushed though, so hopefully I can go back soon. 

The brand Essence is one of my favorite bargain brands! They have some amazing quality products for the price. This brown pencil in the picture above is the best brown pencil I've ever used! It's in the shade "Teddy" and it glides on like an Urban Decay pencil. I actually like this one more than my UD in Bourbon! I have never tried their lip pencils, so I picked one up in the shade "Red Blush". 

NYX round lipsticks are brilliant. They are only four dollars, and the quality is wonderful. I've been searching for this shade "Pink Lyric" for a while now, and I finally found it! It's a creamy blue-based pink, I'll post swatches soon. I heard on one of my favorite Youtube channels, TheMakeupChair, that the Essence Stay With Me glosses are amazing. I can't wait to try it! 

Ulta is my favorite store! I love how they sell high-end and drugstore products! 

Jul 15, 2012

Avon Red Rules Ultra Color Rich Lipstick

A couple weeks ago, I ordered the newest matte lipstick that Avon offers in their Ultra Color Rich lipstick  line. I had to get it, because the other matte lipstick of theirs I own is so smooth. I don't know how they do it, but yes, they actually have smooth matte lipsticks! 

As you can see, it's a deep red. In the catalogue I couldn't exactly tell what shade it was going to be, but I thought it was going to be a brighter red than this. I'm still happy with the overall shade. It's going to be a perfect fall lipstick color. 

My lipstick came with all of the scratches on the back.. I don't know why, I've never had that happen with Avon before. I didn't want to go through the hassle of returning it though. 

It does look brighter in sunlight, which I like. I love all shades of red, but I was really hoping that it was going  to be a bright red like it looked in the catalogue. I'll definitely be wearing this in the fall! 

  • great price ($5 on sale) 
  • smooth for being matte
  • rich, opaque color in one application
  • isn't bright as it shows in the catalogue
I'm happy that this matte lipstick is as smooth as the others from Avon, but the color was way off. That's the one thing that I don't like about Avon, you never know if the lipstick swatch is going to be accurate. I think that this is the perfect color for fall, but right now it's just so dark and deep. I'll be keeping this in my drawer until the time is right! 

Random Thoughts:
Oh yeah, my mom is making me watch clips from the movie Xanadu.
The outfits in this movie hurt my eyes.. haha. 

Jul 14, 2012

Nail of the Week: Cute as a Button

This whole week I've been addicted to coral! When I was looking through my nail polish collection, I re-discovered my Essie "Cute as a Button" polish. I bought it last summer, and maybe used it once or twice. I hate it when that happens. Nonetheless, I'm glad that I found it! 

I love the cream finish, they are my favorite type of polish. Plus, creams are super easy when it's time to remove. This is two coats and I didn't use a top coat, because I want to see how long it lasts! I'm guessing about a week. 

This is one of my favorite polishes for the summer! I like that it can either be worn sheer or opaque. I prefer an opaque finish, and this only took two coats. Some polish takes three coats, and I hate that! If you're looking for a fun color or a pretty coral, this is for you! 

Color: bright coral 
Coats: 2
Finish: cream 
Price:  $7.80 at Target

Jul 13, 2012

1930s Vintage Maybelline Cake Mascara!

I've been wanting a vintage cake mascara for soooo long! When I found this one on E-Bay, for only thirteen dollars, I had to buy it. It's in pretty good condition for being used. All of the other vintage cake mascaras that I've come across have been either way over-priced, or in horrible condition. Some were even over-priced and in horrible condition! I'm so happy that I finally found one in good condition, and for a great price. 

This is the outside packaging. It kind of reminds me of a box of matches, because of the way that it opens. The top easily slides off, revealing the cake inside. 

The Packaging Reads:
Maybelline Mascara 
Harmless, Tear Proof, Will not smart the eyes
Maybelline Co. Distr. Chicago, U.S.A. 

It's a bit hard to see in the photo, but the end of the brush reads Maybelline. You can also see remnants of the word Maybelline on the cake itself. It is more visible in person. I did some research and found that the formula was made of a mixture of sodium stearate soap and pigments, extruded into strips, stamped and dried. The cake was applied with the small brush,  which would have been wet before rubbed into the cake. 

In 1932, Maybelline started using the word "mascara" instead of "eyelash darkener".  I believe that this mascara is probably from 1932-1939.  I noticed that my box here is different than many of the other boxes depicted in many of the Maybelline ads. The ones in the ads were made of metal, and mine is cardboard. In September of 1932, a special 10-cent package of Maybelline cake mascara was sold in drugstores, and described as "purse-sized". I believe that's what I have here, because the 10-cent promotion popularized the cake mascara, and then larger, more elaborate boxes were sold. If only the price was listed on the box, I would know for sure. Nevertheless, it's still a cool piece of makeup history that I'm happy to own. 

Here is an ad that focuses on the cake mascara itself! See how there is a latch at the bottom of the box? That is the 75-cent version that came out after the 10-cent version. There are a few other ads that also feature the mascara in the metal case. 

Maybelline is one of my favorite drugstore brands, and I've always been interested in their history, well makeup history in general! I hope that I'll be adding more pieces like this to my collection. I wish there was some sort of makeup history museum.. anyway, I hope you found this post interesting! 

If you would like to read more about Maybelline history check out the links below:
-Maybelline Timeline
-Maybelline Wiki
-Video on Maybelline History
-How Maybelline Began

Jul 8, 2012

My First QVC Purchase: Laura Geller's Ethereal Duo!

About a week ago, I found myself bored to death scrolling through my tv guide, and then I saw the title "Laura Geller Makeup". I had always wanted to try Laura Geller's Spackle and her baked blush, so I was ecstatic when I saw this duo for $40 on QVC. Both of these products alone are at least $40, so this was a great value. The more I watched, the more I was tempted to buy. That should be the QVC slogan!

This is the cute packaging! The name "Ethereal Duo" is due to the satin finish of the blush, that promises a natural flush. The primer in this duo is the newest edition of the Spackle family: Ethereal Spackle. It's an illuminating face primer that gives the face an "ethereal glow". 

What's Inside:

The Spackle actually is colorless, but in the tube it looks like it has a flesh tint to it. The blush is composed of two beautiful shades that can be used together, or separately. 

About the Blush:

The peachy shade is "Ethereal Rose" and the pinky shade on the right is "Subtle Orchid".  Laura Geller describes her blush as a "Sateen finish" which is comparable to a satin finish. It's very glowy, not shimmery. The texture is smooth, and not powdery at all. This is the perfect blush for people who want luminous color without shimmer. 

Swatches from left to right: Ethereal Rose and Subtle Orchid in natural light. As you can see from the swatches, this blush is perfect for giving a subtle glow. 

About the Spackle:

I've been dying to try Spackle for a while now, and I'm really excited that I get to try the newest edition of the line: Ethereal Spackle. This primer is to be used under makeup, and it promises to give a " brighter and extra-luminous" glow to the skin. I will also be posting a full review on this product after I use it enough. I'm having high expectations for this one, so I'm going to be wearing tomorrow on an all-day trip to Disneyland! 

Overall Thoughts:

The Blush:
I can't wait to see what this blush will do to brighten up my complexion. There are so many ways that I can pair these colors up on the cheeks! I'm not sure if I'm going to swirl the two colors together, or if I want to use them separately. I'll be doing a full review after I get to use it a couple of times! 

The Spackle:
I'm hoping that this primer will be able to make my makeup last all day, as well as provide me with a bright, luminous, glow to my face. I've heard so many great things about this product, and I hope that it will perform the way that I'm expecting it to. It's also one of the most expensive primers I've tried, and I hope that it doesn't turn out to be a waste of money.

If you're interested in trying this Laura Geller duo from QVC, just click here.