Jul 14, 2012

Nail of the Week: Cute as a Button

This whole week I've been addicted to coral! When I was looking through my nail polish collection, I re-discovered my Essie "Cute as a Button" polish. I bought it last summer, and maybe used it once or twice. I hate it when that happens. Nonetheless, I'm glad that I found it! 

I love the cream finish, they are my favorite type of polish. Plus, creams are super easy when it's time to remove. This is two coats and I didn't use a top coat, because I want to see how long it lasts! I'm guessing about a week. 

This is one of my favorite polishes for the summer! I like that it can either be worn sheer or opaque. I prefer an opaque finish, and this only took two coats. Some polish takes three coats, and I hate that! If you're looking for a fun color or a pretty coral, this is for you! 

Color: bright coral 
Coats: 2
Finish: cream 
Price:  $7.80 at Target

1 comment:

  1. Beautiful color! I love this post<3
    I have a question to you. What skincare products are you using?


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