Jul 17, 2012

Mini Ulta Haul

I went to Ulta on Sunday, after a family outing at Ontario Mills Mall! I forgot that they closed early that day, but I got what I wanted. I still felt rushed though, so hopefully I can go back soon. 

The brand Essence is one of my favorite bargain brands! They have some amazing quality products for the price. This brown pencil in the picture above is the best brown pencil I've ever used! It's in the shade "Teddy" and it glides on like an Urban Decay pencil. I actually like this one more than my UD in Bourbon! I have never tried their lip pencils, so I picked one up in the shade "Red Blush". 

NYX round lipsticks are brilliant. They are only four dollars, and the quality is wonderful. I've been searching for this shade "Pink Lyric" for a while now, and I finally found it! It's a creamy blue-based pink, I'll post swatches soon. I heard on one of my favorite Youtube channels, TheMakeupChair, that the Essence Stay With Me glosses are amazing. I can't wait to try it! 

Ulta is my favorite store! I love how they sell high-end and drugstore products! 


  1. First off, how flippin' cute is that dress??
    I searched high and low at Ulta on Saturday while they were running the 40% off NYX, and could not find pink lyric anywhere! So sad :(

    1. Thanks, I got the dress at Marshall's! I looked forever for pink lyric for quite awhile, I'm guessing it's a popular color. Most of the time they're opened and used when I do find them.

  2. Do you realize how stunningly beautiful you are!? Gosh! :D <3


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