Jun 21, 2012

Tresemmé Nourishing Rituals Rejuvenating Mud Masque

I decided that it was about time to try a new deep conditioning treatment for my hair. I usually use Aussie's "3 Minute Miracle Deeeeep Conditioner " and yes, that's the actual name of the product. There's nothing wrong with what I normally use, but I just had to try this as soon as I saw it on the shelf, and a change is always nice.

What caught my eye about this product was that I had never seen Tresemmé release a "Mud Masque" before.  I've never even tried a mud masque on my hair! Plus, it was on sale for about the same price as what I spend on the Aussie conditioner, so I thought, why not? 

$4.79 at Target

This masque restores moisture to dry, damaged hair. After just one use your hair will be up to 10x stronger* and have a bright, healthy glow after just one use. 

1.Begin with your favorite Tresemmé shampoo (of course)
2.Apply the masque evenly to damp hair, concentrating on mid-shaft to ends of hair
3. Leave conditioning treatment on hair for 3-5 minutes 
4. Rinse thoroughly

Avoid contact with eyes.

Ingredients: see photo 

Unique Ingredients: 
Wild flower honey, dead sea minerals

This product is not tested on animals

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This dramatically changed the texture of my hair! I have thick, color-treated hair, that tends to dry on the ends. This masque definitely made my hair silky soft, a bit shiny, and replenished moisture into my dry areas. I was surprised that there wasn't any major color wash out after using this. It was really hard not to eat this stuff, it smells absolutely amazing.

  • is only $4.80 
  • creates softness
  • adds some shine, not too much 
  • moisturized hair surprisingly well
  • makes hair smell amazing!
  • easy to apply
  • only needs to be left in for 3-5 minutes
  • no color wash out (for me, at least
  • doesn't weigh the hair down
  • The packaging is quite bulky, I prefer a squeeze tube (like the Aussie one) 
I feel that this is a great drugstore buy for anyone who wants or needs a deep conditioner. It completely revived the dullness and dry patches that I had in my hair, by making it soft and slightly shiny. The masque created a silky softness, while staying light in texture. The smell is soooo refreshing! It's hard to describe, but I would say that it's a light floral scent, like honey suckles. It smells exactly like honey suckles! It really improved the texture overall, and I highly recommend this!

Let me know in the comments if you have any favorite hair masks/conditioners!

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