Jun 21, 2012

June Beauty Box Five

As you may have read in my last post, I seriously can't stand the horrible service of Beauty Box Five. I only wanted to try out one month, and they ended up charging me for this month as well, so I had to go through all of this trouble to cancel the order, etc. In the end, my money was refunded and they just said keep the box. 

This month's was better than last month, but it's still not enough to become a subscriber. I truly believe that companies should take customer service seriously. Beauty Box Five makes you leave a message, and they don't even call you back! I had to e-mail them and call back a second time before I was even contacted. They don't handle with customers in a timely manner, which makes me feel that they could care less. 

  •  Blinc Eyeliner
  • The All Natural Face -Vegan Mineral Eyeshadow
  • Blum Naturals Oil Absorbing Facial Tissues
  • Everyday Minerals -Girl Friday Blush
  • Comodynes -Easy Peeling Mask

 I swear that I've seen the same eye picture on sigma beauty before, for an eyeliner brush. I honestly don't understand why anybody would want an eyeliner that "slides off like a second skin". I'll be testing this one out for sure, because the claims are a little contradicting and confusing. I'd like to see it "last all day" and then "slide off".  

Yay, another packet size product! I wonder how much that will cover, my nose? Haha 


I tried this yesterday and I actually really like this color. It's a dusty rose pink shade, and a little goes a long way. It blends out nicely and does have some shimmer in it, but I enjoy that around summer time. 

 The name of the blush is "Girl Friday".  This was my favorite thing in the box! 

 Then there was a bit of ghetto shameless advertising. Look at how they crossed out the date at the bottom!This is not what I expect from a "professional" subscription company. Just ghetto. 

This box came all scratched up like someone tried to run it through a paper shredder. I can put these to use though, but what a boring product to receive in a beauty box! I hate how they only send a few actual makeup products. 

I haven't tried this eyeshadow yet, but I can't wait! The packaging is hideous, but whatever, hopefully the color isn't! I will be doing a separate post with swatches on this.

Overall thoughts: 

This company is completely unprofessional. Especially since this subscription service is $12, I expect  higher quality products. They didn't even give me this box because of the inconvenience I had to go through of cancelling my subscription. They just wanted me to keep it since they already mailed it already. Beauty Box Five is ran under a company called "Bulk X" that is based in Texas. I feel that their representatives are unprofessional as well. Just horrible all around!

Beauty Box Five just isn't worth the money, simple as that.

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