Jun 5, 2012

May Glossybox USA Edition!

So, when I heard that Glossybox was coming to the USA, I had to sign up.

Glossybox is a monthly beauty subscription service, and is $21 a month. That is quite pricey, when it comes to a "mystery box". If you think about it, you can just put aside $21 a month and buy beauty products that you know you're interested in trying from the drugstore.

This month's box: Beauty Around the World
At GLOSSYBOX, we promised you a world of beauty; and this month, we deliver it. From classic English Roses to the refreshing fields of Provence, France, you will discover beauty in all its universal delights. Immerse yourself in the culture of Italy where even the most utilitarian items can be considered a work of art, or the spirit of South Korea, where tradition and high-technology collide. But of course, it is always the home-grown beauties that continue to fascinate and inspire. So venture forward, explore, discover and enjoy your journey.

What that means in English: Basically there are six products in this box. One from England (Burberry lipstick), France (Phyto dry hair mask), Italy (toothpaste),  South Korea (Amore Pacific moisturizer), and America (Zoya nail polish).

The Contents of my Box: 
ZOYA - Summer 2012 – Beach and Surf Collection
The color I received is "Tracie", a pearl sea foam green with silver undertones. 
This was a full-sized product! This was also my favorite thing in the whole box..

PHYTO - Phytojoba Intense Hydrating Mask for Dry Hair
Ok, this stuff smells like lemon pledge, you know the cleaner? I'm a little skeptical about actually using this in my hair. It doesn't state if it's safe for color-treated hair. I have to look into that. 

MARVIS - Whitening mint toothpaste
Toothpaste in a beauty box? I'm not too happy about this. Oooh, $21 for a little toothpaste.
Why don't beauty boxes understand this? We want beauty products!

BURBERRY BEAUTY - Lip Mist Natural Sheer Lipstick Copper No.202
This was awesome. Even though this is the smallest lipstick I've ever seen, it's a Burberry sample! I love how this lipstick is exactly like the full-size version, with the signature Burberry marks and all. I'm really glad that this small version was exactly the same as the full-size version.  As for the color, I'm not sure if the dark nude is going to work with my skin tone, but It's just so cute!

AMOREPACIFIC - Moisture Bound Refreshing Hydra-Gel
I could care less about this product to be honest. I'm not  a huge skincare product fan.  The directions on this say to "avoid the eye area". I'll also pass on this one.. 

Cheap Glossybox Makeup Brush
Yeah, they gave me a cheap brush. The bristles are hard and crunchy, and smell gross, but they claim it's made from goat's hair, or "finest goat's hair" as they worded it. Seriously, Glossybox? I'd rather have no brush than receiving this cheap one! I don't recommend anyone putting this on their face!

Would I subscribe again? 
No. I'd rather buy $21 worth of things I know I want to buy at the store. Definitely not worth the money. Especially with the toothpaste and the dumb little skincare product. The only cool thing in this whole box was the Zoya nail polish. I also received my box a month late. Yeah, I got my May box in June. Why? They said it's because "I live on the West coast" ..so I guess us people in the West have to wait a month. Not a fan!


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