Jun 24, 2012

Urban Decay's Build Your Own Palette!

I'm so happy that Urban Decay FINALLY came out with the Build Your Own Palette. It's nice to have a completely customizable palette filled with your favorite shadows! I have both of the Naked Palettes, and I love them, but this is so awesome. I'm really excited to start filling up my very own palette with shades that I chose myself. 

Urban Decay has recently re-vamped their entire eyeshadow collection! The shadows now include purple chrome packaging that can be easily de-potted. The formula has changed too! Now all of the shades are even smoother and more pigmented than ever before. They're almost creamy to the touch and are even easier to blend. I never would've thought that Urban Decay eyeshadows could get any better..

Look at the pretty box! I wonder what took Urban Decay so long to come out with a customizable palette.

The Outside:

This is what the tin itself looks like, brushed metal with the Urban Decay logo. This packaging reminds me of the Naked 2 Palette. I feel like the tin case is going to last me a long time, and I won't have to worry about it getting dinged up. 

The Inside:

What sealed the deal for me was this full-sized limited edition eyeshadow, "Walk of Shame", that comes in the palette for free! This palette pays for itself when you think about it. An Urban Decay eyeshadow alone costs $18 (without tax) and this palette was $18, so it's kind of like getting a free eyeshadow and mini brush. 

"Walk of Shame" is a matte peachy shade, described as "the perfect nude". It would make a great matte highlight, or could even be a great base shade to swipe on all over the lid. If it doesn't quite match your skin tone, you could use it to mix with other shades to lighten them. 

It would've been really cool if they let people actually pick their first shade, because I know this shade isn't going to work for everyone. It works nicely on my skin tone though, yay! Whenever packages automatically come with pre-selected shades, they are almost always never a perfect match. 

  • durable packaging
  • customizable
  • comes with a limited edition shade
  • the palette pays for itself! 
  • comes with a brush
  • full-sized mirror
  • The shade it comes with might not work for everyone

Overall Thoughts:
The bottom line is, if you're an Urban decay eyeshadow lover, you're going to want to pick this palette up. Since all of shadows pop out anyway, it would be handy to keep them all in the same place. The fact that the palette pays for itself and comes with a brush, it's definitely worth the money. Urban Decay eyeshadows are some of the best quality shadows available on the market, so if you haven't tried them, you should! Haha 

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