Feb 27, 2013

Flower Beauty About Face Foundation

World-famous actress and CoverGirl Drew Barrymore recently launched her own line of affordable cosmetics exclusively at Wal-Mart. The entire Flower Beauty line is cruelty-free, made in the USA,  and claims to be formulated with the same ingredients as luxury makeup! 

I bought four different products from the line total: the About Face Foundation, Shadow Play Eyeshadow Quad, Color Play Cream Shadow, and Kiss Stick Velvet Lip Color (I posted on Instagram about it). First, I would like to talk about my experience with the About Face Foundation in shade LF1, the lightest shade available.

The packaging is nice at first glance, but a bit chunky for my taste. The bottle is made of thick glass, and the logo is cute. The rose-gold accents add a decorative touch.

Ok, this was the part I wasn't so happy about. This foundation has a pump, however it got jammed into the top. It was impossible to get out. I've never had this happen to me with a foundation before. It certainly didn't remind me of luxury.

On the left, the foundation is  freshly applied. It looks too dewy without a powder! Also, my freckles and redness were barely covered. On the right, is the foundation with powder and full face makeup. (The eyeshadow and lipstick are also from Flower Beauty, which I will be reviewing soon). I do like that this shade is fair enough to match my cool skin tone.

Claims:"Skin-smoothing moisture, Natural, seamless coverage, Smoothes imperfections and evens tone, Vitamins C&E for anti-aging benefits, Fragrance-free, Paraben-free"
Formula: This formula was too thick! I had a very difficult time applying this without it looking streaky and patchy. I tried using my fingers, various brushes, and eventually a sponge (which worked best for me).  It also felt slippery when I tried buffing it into my skin.
Coverage: The coverage is very sheer, which is a bit odd for a thick foundation. It was pretty much impossible for me to build up the tricky formula. 
Finish: The finish is too dewy for my skin. Without powder, it  looked horribly greasy. 
Lasting Power: I barely had four hours of wear before I needed a touch up.  The glowy finish peeks through rather quickly. I was touching up all night..
Scent: There was no scent to this foundation. 
Packaging: The bottle is cheap, my pump didn't even work! Instead, I had to wipe product from the wand of the pump. The design was a bit bulky, it's not my favorite look.
Price/Availability: I paid $15 with tax at Wal-Mart

  • Unscented
  • Cruelty-free/made in USA
  • 14 different shades available
  • This shade matched my skin
  • Formula is too thick
  • Difficult to apply
  • Looks greasy without a powder
  • Doesn't last long/needs multiple touch ups
  • Didn't cover redness and freckles well
  • $15 is expensive 
  • Broken packaging
  • Didn't feel high quality

The About Face Foundation didn't live up to any of it's claims, other than being unscented. I was expecting something easy to work with and of light consistency. Instead, I felt that this foundation was extremely difficult to work with and impossible to build coverage. It needs to be set with a powder, unless you want to look extremely dewy. I can't imagine it lasting long without a powder either, since I barely had four hours wear with a powder and setting spray! The packaging was broken before I even used it. Nothing about this foundation felt high quality.

For fifteen dollars at the drugstore, I expect something incredible. Especially when this line is supposed to mimic cosmetics of high-quality. There is a wide range of shades to choose from, which I appreciate. Fair shades are hard to come by at the drugstore, but that one aspect isn't good enough for me to keep using this foundation. Unfortunately, this product was a big disappointment. 

Feb 23, 2013

New Revlon Lip Butters: Sorbet, Pink Lemonade, Juicy Papaya, and Wild Watermelon

I love Revlon Lip Butters! They are pigmented, hydrating, and buttery-smooth. I remember when they first came out in late 2011.. I went crazy and bought every shade of red, berry, and pink. 
Ever since then, I have been patiently waiting for Revlon to release new shades, and here we are! 

The quilted packaging is adorable. The way that the cap corresponds to the shade inside is super helpful, and also makes it easy for me to spot in my lipstick drawers and makeup bag!

From left to right: Sorbet, Pink Lemonade, Wild Watermelon, and Juicy Papaya

Swatches from  left to right (One Swipe): Sorbet, Wild Watermelon, Juicy Papaya, and Pink Lemonade

Lip Swatches from left to right (multiple swipes): Sorbet, Wild Watermelon, Juicy Papaya, and Pink Lemonade

Sorbet, my favorite, is a  cool toned bright fuchsia. Wild Watermelon is a warm toned, bright pinky-red. Juicy Papaya is a warm toned, soft peachy-coral. Pink Lemonade is a cool toned soft baby pink. I was surprised at how light it swatched on my wrist, but it can be layered easily as I did on the lips. These all have a cream finish (no shimmer or glitter).

Claims: "Buttery balm with beautiful shiny color to give you baby soft, healthy glowing lips 94% of women felt lips were softer, smoother, and instantly hydrated. -Award winning."
Pigmentation: The pigmentation varies by color. The brighter colors tend to be more pigmented than the lighter ones. These can be worn sheer, with just one coat., and can also be worn opaque if you apply multiple coats (like I did in my lip swatches). 
Finish/Texture: The finish is shiny, and can look glossy at times. These new shades all have a cream finish. The texture feels buttery-soft and moisturizing on the lips. These are the most comfortable lip products that I have ever worn! They work well as a lip balm too, but the light shades may accentuate any flakiness.
Lasting Power: These only last about two-three hours since they are so buttery. If you talk, eat, or drink you will certainly need to reapply. 
Scent: There is no scent at all. 
Price/Availability: I paid $7.50 each at Target


  • Hydrates and softens lips
  • Variety of shades available (24 to be exact)
  • Can be worn sheer or opaque
  • Unscented
  • Good pigmentation
  • Gives a nice shine, without feeling glossy
  • Feels light without slipping/bleeding

  • Only last 2-3 hours
These lip butters are definitely a drugstore favorite of mine, and the most comfortable lip products that I have ever tried! They really do act and feel like a hydrating lip balm, and provide amazing color. They can be worn opaque or sheer, depending on how much you apply. They are unscented and reasonably priced. I have not experienced slipping or bleeding at all with these, which is great for such a buttery lip product! The only issue with these is that they don't last very long and will need to be reapplied throughout the day. 

I'm so happy that Revlon finally came out with new shades! They are all really pretty, and I'm still surprised at how well the lighter shades build up. Sorbet is my favorite of the new shades! 

Feb 22, 2013

Maybelline the Rocket Mascara

Maybelline makes some of my favorite drugstore mascaras. Whenever they come out with something new, I always want to give it a try! When I first saw that the Rocket Volum' Express mascara had plastic bristles, I was less than thrilled. I usually don't have good experiences with plastic bristle mascara wands, but the Rocket mascara pleasantly surprised me.

I always enjoy vibrantly colored mascara tubes, it's something fun and different.  I love the contrast of the hot pink against the navy blue. At first glance, the wand looks like Covergirl Lashblast. But if you take a closer look, they are different (I might do a compare/contrast post on that topic). Very Black was the darkest  shade available.

This wand is what I like most about the Rocket mascara. The alteration of semi-short to long bristles gives it a comb-like effect. The end does gather excess mascara, and I would have liked more bristles at the tip. It's not my ideal wand, but it's functional and interesting. 

On the left without mascara, and on the right with The Rocket mascara

As you can see, my results were pretty amazing. This mascara curled my lashes, added volume, and a bit of length. I did get a few tiny clumps though. So this mascara isn't clump-free, but it still did a great job at making my lashes light and feathery. It also adds a deep dark black color to the lashes, which I love because my natural lashes are light.

Claims: "Our fast-glide formula keeps lashes smooth, even. Technologically advanced micro- bristles evenly apply from root to tip. Rigid core loads big, sleek volume instantly. Explosive, Clump-free volume with 8x bigger lashes." 
Formula: The formula is wet, but it isn't heavy. The formula is a bit thick, so you have to be careful with how many coats you apply (I only needed two). It dries normally, so you don't feel the need to rush. I also liked how it didn't make my lashes feel crunchy. I didn't get any clumps when I only applied two coats, but any more than that and you will see clumps. 
Wand Type: The wand has medium-length plastic bristles. The bristles are very flixible, and they grab every lash. This wand doesn't deposit too much product like many other plastic bristle wands. I think this is due to the fact that these bristles have a bit of length to them.
Price/Avalability: I paid $5.94 + tax at Target 

  • The wand is comb-like/interesting
  • The formula is wet, but not heavy
  • It curled and added volume with a bit of length
  • Made my lashes appear bigger
  • Deep black color
  • Easy to work with
  • Inexpensive
  • Cute packaging (I really like the pink and navy) 
  • It's not clump-free 
  • The wand gets extra mascara at the tip/wastes product
  • Formula is thick, use light coats

I was surprised that I was even going to like this mascara! I find myself reaching for it almost everyday. It's great for people who want curled lashes with volume.The way that it made my lashes feel light and feathery was wonderful. (I despise mascara that makes my lashes feel crunchy and crispy). The Rocket lived up to all of it's claims, except the part about being clump-free. Even when I only did two coats I had tiny clumps, and one coat just isn't enough to really get all of the lashes. This is one of the better Maybelline mascaras, but it's not a favorite.

I like to use this mascara with a lengthening mascara. It's a great "base" mascara to get your lashes to curl first. People who have stubborn lashes like me know the layering method all too well! On a side note, I found this really cute interactive animation  about The Rocket on Maybelline's website. I've never seen a company do something like that before. I thought it was really different and cool. 

Feb 20, 2013

Elf Hypershine Gloss

After trying and loving the Elf Glossy Glosses, I decided that it was finally time to give the Elf Hypershine Glosses a shot. Although I'm not fond of the twist-up packaging,  I do enjoy the quality of the gloss inside. It gives an intensely shiny finish with a beautiful hint of color. At a dollar a piece, I feel that these are definitely worth the price! 

I'm a huge doe-foot applicator fan, and I usually steer clear of anything else. The Twist-up packaging isn't my favorite, but the actual gloss inside is a great product.

This is what the gloss looks like after you twist up the packaging. One extra twist will give you a big gob of unwanted gloss, so twist with caution! The one on the far left kind of exploded..

Swatches from left to right: Joy, Vixen, Bubblegum, and Fairy

Joy is an iridescent mauve with golden shimmer. Vixen, my favorite, is a bright cherry red. Bubblegum is a creamy, almost opaque peach. Fairy is an iridescent light pink with champagne shimmer. There are nine shades available on Elf's website.

Claims: "Hyper, glass-like shine infused with micro-mirror technology to reflect light. Smoothes lips on contact with a conditioning shine that lasts for hours. Create that natural lip stain of color that's sheer, subtle and beautiful!"
Packaging: These glosses come in a twist-up plastic tube. The lipgloss gets pushed up through the brush applicator. The first time you use these, you will have to twist them a couple times to get the product to actually come out. After that, one twist will be enough for each use. 
Pigmentation: The pigmentation is sheer, but can be built to medium easily. 
Finish/Texture: The finish is super glossy, while the texture is a bit sticky, yet smooth. 
Scent: They all have a sweet vanilla frosting smell. It's a bit strong and does linger.  I like vanilla, so this doesn't bother me. If you hate sweet scents, you might not enjoy these.
Lasting Power: Since these do have a bit of stickyness, they last a while. I had about two hours of wear. Maybe even longer if you don't eat or drink. 
Price/Availability: I paid 50 cents each during a sale on eyeslipsface.com

  • Low price 
  • Good pigmentation (sheer to medium)
  • Variety of colors and finishes
  • Good staying power
  • They feel a bit sticky
  • The twist up packaging wastes product
These are some of the best affordable lipglosses at the drugstore! I bought mine at fifty cents a piece on sale, but even for a dollar these are totally worth it.  Hypershine is the perfect name, because these really do provide a "glass-like" shine. The color selection is great, Vixen is the prettiest cherry red that I've ever seen for a dollar. The packaging isn't my favorite, but for the price I can tolerate it. The texture is a bit sticky, but not irritating, and it does give the gloss good staying power. I hope that Elf will release new colors soon, I'm hooked! 

Feb 13, 2013

Jcat Beauty Fantabulous Lipstick

Jcat Beauty is a new makeup brand that promises to give high quality formula, robust pigments, innovative packaging, and trend-setting shades at unbeatable prices. I had the pleasure of discovering them at IMATS a few weeks ago! They were having a great deal, four of their Fanatbulous Lipsticks for five dollars! Being the huge lipstick hoarder that I am, I couldn't resist such a bargain. Since this is a brand I had never heard anything about, I honestly had no clue what to expect. I can safely say, that these are some of the best bargain lipsticks I have ever found! 

Swatches from left to right: Lychee, Run To You, Vivid Rose, and Indian Pink

Lychee is a cool toned blue based red. It was not as opaque as the others, and needed two coats.  Run To You is a warm toned pinky-red. Vivid Rose is a yellow based pink. Indian Pink is a classic red shade. Each lipstick bold and bright! I'm really enjoying these colors.

Claims: "Creamy and smooth finish glamorous formula.  Rich moisturizing formula will ensure to hydrates your lip!" Oops,  I think they meant hydrate. 
Pigmentation: The pigmentation is fantastic. The colors are all vibrant and true to the color that they appear. The color does stain the lips after it wears off, makeup remover is needed.
Finish/Texture: The finish is semi-matte. It appears matte from a distance, but if you look carefully you see a bit of shine. It's a lovely finish! The texture is creamy and smooth. They also feel a bit moisturizing, but not to the point where it causes any feathering or bleeding. 
Lasting Power: I can get about 5 hours of wear with these, more than I was expecting! 
Scent: There is a subtle, sweet honey scent. It fades rather quickly, and it doesn't bother me. 
Packaging: The packaging is very cheap. The tube is made of thin plastic, and twists up too easily. I accidentally smashed the tip of one of the lipsticks up into the tube because of this. Also, the lipstick bullet itself doesn't twist down all the way. The barcode printed on the packaging is an eye-sore. 
Price/Availability: I paid $5 for 4 lipsticks, online they are $2.50 each

  • Excellent pigmentation
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Hydrates lips without feathering
  • Long Lasting 
  • Overall great quality
  • $2.50 very affordable
  • Variety of shades available
  • Cruelty-free

  • Packaging is very cheap
  • Color will stain your lips
These are some of the best vibrant lipsticks I have ever used that are under three dollars. The pigmentation is bold, the texture is creamy, and they moisturize the lips without feeling greasy. The finish is semi-matte, which gives it the staying power. The packaging is my only complaint. It's very cheap and flimsy, as most inexpensive lipsticks. However, I try not to judge a lipstick by it's casing. There are countless shades to choose from online, and they are also cruelty-free. The Jcat Beauty motto is "Provide color cosmetics at modest prices". The formula is fantastic, the price is right, and Jcat Beauty  lives up to their claims! I'm eager to try more products from this emerging beauty brand in the future!

Feb 8, 2013

Ecco Bella Flower Color Lipstick

It's hard to find a good quality organic lipstick that delivers great pigmentation. I've been slowly exploring organic brands, often finding myself disappointed by low quality and extremely high prices. Ecco Bella has certainly set the standard and changed my mind about organic lipstick!

About Ecco Bella
Ecco Bella is a cruelty-free organic company that provides natural cosmetics and skin care products. "Indulge yourself in organic cosmetics and natural skin care products that offer a pure and beautiful experience, while helping to conserve our planet and protect its animals."

I really like the labels that encase the lipstick itself. It's something extra to the packaging that most lipsticks don't have today. The slips can be removed. The shade names are also clearly labeled on the bottom. 

This is what the lipstick case looks like once the slip is removed. The matte black casing is so sleek. It really catches my eye! I don't have any lipsticks with casing that looks like this. 

The lipsticks are true to the stick itself. The bottom swatch is Tuscany Rose and the top is Claret Rose. Online, Tuscany Rose looked more pink. As you can see, they are both very similar. I was a bit unsatisfied with the misleading swatch online, but they are both pretty colors none the less.

Claret Rose is described as a cool medium tone reddish rose. I would say that is a spot on description. Tuscany Rose is described as a cool deep wine with a hint of purple. I would say it is more of a warm toned brownish red. I didn't see any hints of purple, and the swatch on the site makes this lipstick look like a dusty pink.

Claims: "A lipstick that thinks it's a lip balm. The cleanest, safest, prettiest lipstick for those who love lipstick. A simple healthy formula of vegetable waxes, oils, and mineral pigments that go on creamy and don't feather. Like a lip balm, Ecco Bella FlowerColor lipsticks moisturize without flaking or chapping." To Read more, and find the ingredients list, click here. 
Pigmentation: The pigmentation is excellent. They are opaque within one swipe. 
Finish/Texture: The finish is creamy, and also a bit glossy. The gloss is very subtle, but it doesn't wear off. The texture is silky smooth, the formula is so buttery! I really enjoyed how comfortable this lipstick felt on the lips, it's weightless.
Lasting Power: I had about four hours of wear with these. They are very hydrating, and I was surprised that they actually wore as long as they did. They do stain the lips a bit once the color has worn off, but is an easy fix with some makeup remover.
Scent: These are not perfumed, but they do have a slight lipsticky scent. Kind of the way that little girls' Barbie makeup smells like. I know that's an odd thing to say, but it really does!
Packaging: The packaging is sleek and sturdy. The lid stays on securely, and something about the matte black casing that I love!
Price/Availability: $17.95 each on eccobella.com

  • Creamy finish with a bit of shine
  • Smooth formula that glides on easily
  • Sleek, sturdy packaging
  • Moisturizes the lips without feeling slippery
  • Feels comfortable to wear, weightless
  • Rich pigmentation
  • Some of the swatches given online aren't accurate
  • $17.95 is expensive, but I feel that the quality is worth the price
The Flower Color Lipsticks are the best organic lipsticks I have tried. Even thought they are a bit expensive, the quality is certainly there. Everything about these from the packaging, to the formula is luxurious and of high-end quality. My favorite thing about these is that they feel weightless, and glide on smoothly. The finish is creamy and has a pretty shine, and leaves you lips feeling moisturized. The wear time was good considering how buttery they are. I didn't experience any slipping or feathering at all, which was also a pleasant surprise! 

If you're looking for a great quality organic lipstick, or just wanting to try something new, Flower Color would be an excellent choice. I really enjoyed everything about these lipsticks, and I can't wait to try more colors in the future! 

Feb 6, 2013

Covergirl Lip Perfection Jumbo Gloss Balm in Plum Twist and Ruby Twist

Covergirl has always been one of those "hit or miss" brands with me. I rarely try their new products because of it. I feel that Covergirl's quality, for the most part, is lower than most other drugstore brands. Being a fan of jumbo lip pencils, I really wanted to give their Lip Perfection Jumbo Gloss Balm a try. (Read about my last Covergirl experience here.)

The packaging is very standard, a twist up pencil stick with a color coordinated cap. The name is what intrigued my to try this product. It states that it's a gloss and a balm, unlike most lip pencils which only claim to provide color. I'm always on the hunt for a moisturizing lip pencil!

The two shades I chose are Ruby Twist and Plum Twist. Ruby Twist is a warm orange-red with a cream finish. Plum Twist is a cool mid-toned purple that also has a cream finish. I prefer Plum Twist over Ruby Twist, because it matches my skin tone nicely. 

Claims: "Twist up the color and glide on the shine. Treat your lips to a balm fortified with shea and mango butters for a smooth look with a hint of color."
Pigmentation: The pigmentation is decent. I wasn't expecting it to be much, since the claims say a "hint of color".  I always like it when the brand clearly states how much the color payoff  will be so that I won't be disappointed. 
Finish/Texture: The finish is a little shiny, but I wouldn't say glossy at all. The texture is smooth, but it's not silky. They feel a bit slippery on the lips. They are slightly moisturizing, but nothing that could replace a lip balm. The moisture doesn't last throughout the day either.
Lasting Power: There isn't much lasting power with these since they are slippery. I only got an hour of wear, but if I ate or drank it slid off completely.
Scent: There was no scent.
Packaging: The packaging is a standard twist up stick. The pointed tips eventually wear down.
Price/Availability: I paid $7+ tax each at Target

  • There are 16 shades to choose from
  • They are easy to use/good for on the go 
  • Pigmentation is good
  • They aren't glossy
  • Have a slippery texture 
  • There isn't much moisture
  • Overpriced for the quality
  • Not much lasting power
There are better jumbo lip pencils out there. I thought that these were just okay, there's nothing special about them. The one thing I enjoyed most was the color selection. They don't provide a glossy finish, which really disappointed me. There was a bit of moisture, but it didn't last, and the product itself felt slippery. The lasting power was very insignificant, maybe an hour if you don't talk, eat, or drink. I also feel that these are way overpriced for a drugstore lip pencil that barely performs. Nothing stood out to me when I was trying these "gloss balms". Maybe next time I try something Covergirl it will work out for me. 

Feb 3, 2013

Nivea Lip Butters: Caramel Cream Kiss, Raspberry Rose Kiss, and Vanilla Macadamia Kiss

I use Nivea products everyday in my beauty routine, especially their Kiss of Moisture lip balm. Nivea seems to rarely come out with new products. I was surprised when I saw these on the shelves, and decided to purchase the three out of four that looked most interesting. 

The three flavors I chose are Caramel Cream Kiss, Raspberry Rose Kiss, and Vanilla Macadamia Kiss. They are colorless on the lips, and come in well-filled tins! I adore the tins and the names. I really wish there would have been more fruit flavors. The one I didn't buy was original, but I love the formula on these, so I may buy it in the end.

Caramel Cream Kiss has a very strong kettle corn scent, which was too intense for me. Raspberry Rose Kiss, my favorite, smells like fresh raspberries with a faint scent of rose. Vanilla Macadamia Kiss was my least favorite. The scent was overpowering and smelled nothing of vanilla or macadamia, instead it was like a musky candle. 

Claims: "Rich formula melts onto lips providing long-lasting nourishment to make all your kisses better. Enriched with Shea Butter and Almond Oil to intensely moisturize and soothe dry lips for long-lasting care."
Pigmentation: They are colorless, when evenly applied to the lips. If applied thickly they can give a white cast that looks odd.
Finish/Texture: The finish is shiny, just as most lip butters are. The sheen quickly fades as the lips soak up the product. The texture is what makes this product amazing. It feels like silk, it will make you want to reapply all day long, even though you won't need to.
Lasting Power: Depending on how much I apply, I can get a whole day worth of moisture. The butter is so thick, that you only need a bit to moisturize the lips.
Packaging: They each come in a round, metal tin that is filled with product. The lid easily comes of but stays on securely. Make sure to have clean fingers since you will have to dip directly into the product before applying. 
Price/Availability: I paid $2.50 each at CVS

  • Smooth, rich texture
  • Hydrates/moisturizes the lips 
  • Extremely comfortable to wear
  • Easy to use, sturdy packaging
  • Don't need to be reapplied
  • Softens lips
  • I wish there were more to choose from since Caramel and Vanilla Macadamia didn't work well for me. 
Raspberry Rose is one of the best flavors I have ever found in a lip product. It smells exactly like fresh raspberries and roses, but it's subtle. The formula is rich and silky, and almost becomes addicting to reapply throughout the day. I love the way that the lip butter actually softens my lips and soaks into them, unlike other lip butters which just sit on top of the lips. Only a small amount of product is needed to completely moisturize the lips, so this small tin will last me quite a long time. I am really happy that I discovered Raspberry Rose, it's becoming a favorite! 

Feb 2, 2013


Finally, my IMATS haul!
I must admit, the lines were terrible. I intended on buying products from MAC and Sigma, but I didn't have the patience to wait in line for three to four hours! I am very happy with what I did manage to purchase. I stuck well under my budget, and even picked up some things that I had no intention of getting. I guess that's what happens when you shop at IMATS! 

The Haul: 
  • 10 Inglot Freedom System Shadows- $50
  • 2 Limecrime lipsticks-$26
  • TooFaced Sweethearts Perfect Flush Blush-$18
  • Graftobian Translucent Powder-$6.50
  • City Color High Shimmer Shadow Palette-$2
  • Makeup Geek Treats from Marlena-Gift
  • 2 Makeup Geek Eyeshadows-$10
  • 4 Jcat Beauty Lipsticks-$5
  • Sugarpill Chromalust-$10
  • Gorgeous Cosmetics Lipstick-$5
  • Act5 Cosmetics Lipstick-$6
  • City Color Lipstick, Merle Norman Samples, and Sigma Brush-Gifts
Total: $138.50 

I thought I was going to spend $300 at IMATS, but in reality I did well without having to spend that much. I made sure that I got what I wanted most first, and then walked around to see everything. Meeting and talking with people was my favorite part of it all. The deals are good, but some are better than others! It all depends on what you really want, and how much time you are willing to wait in line.  

It was so overwhelming! Since it was my first time I really didn't know what to expect! I actually walked around the place five times and stayed for the entire event until closing. I spent most of my time looking around at everything, while taking pictures, and shopping all at once. It was crazy, and I was tired at the end of the day, but it was worth it. IMATS is definitely something that every makeup lover should experience!