Feb 2, 2013


Finally, my IMATS haul!
I must admit, the lines were terrible. I intended on buying products from MAC and Sigma, but I didn't have the patience to wait in line for three to four hours! I am very happy with what I did manage to purchase. I stuck well under my budget, and even picked up some things that I had no intention of getting. I guess that's what happens when you shop at IMATS! 

The Haul: 
  • 10 Inglot Freedom System Shadows- $50
  • 2 Limecrime lipsticks-$26
  • TooFaced Sweethearts Perfect Flush Blush-$18
  • Graftobian Translucent Powder-$6.50
  • City Color High Shimmer Shadow Palette-$2
  • Makeup Geek Treats from Marlena-Gift
  • 2 Makeup Geek Eyeshadows-$10
  • 4 Jcat Beauty Lipsticks-$5
  • Sugarpill Chromalust-$10
  • Gorgeous Cosmetics Lipstick-$5
  • Act5 Cosmetics Lipstick-$6
  • City Color Lipstick, Merle Norman Samples, and Sigma Brush-Gifts
Total: $138.50 

I thought I was going to spend $300 at IMATS, but in reality I did well without having to spend that much. I made sure that I got what I wanted most first, and then walked around to see everything. Meeting and talking with people was my favorite part of it all. The deals are good, but some are better than others! It all depends on what you really want, and how much time you are willing to wait in line.  

It was so overwhelming! Since it was my first time I really didn't know what to expect! I actually walked around the place five times and stayed for the entire event until closing. I spent most of my time looking around at everything, while taking pictures, and shopping all at once. It was crazy, and I was tired at the end of the day, but it was worth it. IMATS is definitely something that every makeup lover should experience! 


  1. Wow you picked up some great things. Id love to go one day.
    I love the Inglot Freedom System & I had such a good time selecting my shadows.

  2. Hey hunny!
    Im so jealous!! I hate the fact that IMATS UK does not have half the stuff they have in the US (E.g Limecrime and sugarpill)
    You've picked up some great products
    I have also nominated you (check out my blog) for the Liebster Award


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