Feb 27, 2013

Flower Beauty About Face Foundation

World-famous actress and CoverGirl Drew Barrymore recently launched her own line of affordable cosmetics exclusively at Wal-Mart. The entire Flower Beauty line is cruelty-free, made in the USA,  and claims to be formulated with the same ingredients as luxury makeup! 

I bought four different products from the line total: the About Face Foundation, Shadow Play Eyeshadow Quad, Color Play Cream Shadow, and Kiss Stick Velvet Lip Color (I posted on Instagram about it). First, I would like to talk about my experience with the About Face Foundation in shade LF1, the lightest shade available.

The packaging is nice at first glance, but a bit chunky for my taste. The bottle is made of thick glass, and the logo is cute. The rose-gold accents add a decorative touch.

Ok, this was the part I wasn't so happy about. This foundation has a pump, however it got jammed into the top. It was impossible to get out. I've never had this happen to me with a foundation before. It certainly didn't remind me of luxury.

On the left, the foundation is  freshly applied. It looks too dewy without a powder! Also, my freckles and redness were barely covered. On the right, is the foundation with powder and full face makeup. (The eyeshadow and lipstick are also from Flower Beauty, which I will be reviewing soon). I do like that this shade is fair enough to match my cool skin tone.

Claims:"Skin-smoothing moisture, Natural, seamless coverage, Smoothes imperfections and evens tone, Vitamins C&E for anti-aging benefits, Fragrance-free, Paraben-free"
Formula: This formula was too thick! I had a very difficult time applying this without it looking streaky and patchy. I tried using my fingers, various brushes, and eventually a sponge (which worked best for me).  It also felt slippery when I tried buffing it into my skin.
Coverage: The coverage is very sheer, which is a bit odd for a thick foundation. It was pretty much impossible for me to build up the tricky formula. 
Finish: The finish is too dewy for my skin. Without powder, it  looked horribly greasy. 
Lasting Power: I barely had four hours of wear before I needed a touch up.  The glowy finish peeks through rather quickly. I was touching up all night..
Scent: There was no scent to this foundation. 
Packaging: The bottle is cheap, my pump didn't even work! Instead, I had to wipe product from the wand of the pump. The design was a bit bulky, it's not my favorite look.
Price/Availability: I paid $15 with tax at Wal-Mart

  • Unscented
  • Cruelty-free/made in USA
  • 14 different shades available
  • This shade matched my skin
  • Formula is too thick
  • Difficult to apply
  • Looks greasy without a powder
  • Doesn't last long/needs multiple touch ups
  • Didn't cover redness and freckles well
  • $15 is expensive 
  • Broken packaging
  • Didn't feel high quality

The About Face Foundation didn't live up to any of it's claims, other than being unscented. I was expecting something easy to work with and of light consistency. Instead, I felt that this foundation was extremely difficult to work with and impossible to build coverage. It needs to be set with a powder, unless you want to look extremely dewy. I can't imagine it lasting long without a powder either, since I barely had four hours wear with a powder and setting spray! The packaging was broken before I even used it. Nothing about this foundation felt high quality.

For fifteen dollars at the drugstore, I expect something incredible. Especially when this line is supposed to mimic cosmetics of high-quality. There is a wide range of shades to choose from, which I appreciate. Fair shades are hard to come by at the drugstore, but that one aspect isn't good enough for me to keep using this foundation. Unfortunately, this product was a big disappointment. 


  1. Thats a shame - this seems to have quite a few negative points. I love Drew Barrymore & had high hopes for her makeup line. I must say that Ive not seen too many positive reviews on this line.
    The lipstick looks like a cute colour

    1. Yes, I agree. This foundation didn't perform for me, and wasn't of high quality as it claimed to be. I'm not sure about how I feel on the entire line yet, but this product was certainly a dud for me.

  2. I was thinking of purchasing this, specially because the packaging is so pretty but after reading this then I don't think I will x

    1. I know, it looks so nice but it really wasn't! Glad to have helped you.

  3. I just read an email that was featuring her new line and was curious of the quality. But now after reading your review, I'm not very enthused to hurry out and purchase it. Especially to be that high dollar for a walmart product. ....no good. But great post by you!! ♥

    1. This is the only product I have tried from Flower that I didn't like. The eyshadows and lipglosses are nice. I just felt that this product wasn't good quality for the price.

      Thank you!

  4. Thats funny! All of the reviews I've seen on this foundation have been raves... I wonder why it didn't work for you?

    1. Hmm, maybe you should've read my review? I clearly stated why it didn't work for me.

    2. Wow! You're a bitch.

    3. I love this foundation.

  5. What a shame! I thought this line was to be affordable, but a $15 price tag at Wal Mart is far from it. Thanks for the review - will not try this foundation anytime soon. However, I do look forward to your reviews on more from Drew's line!

  6. I actually LOVE this foundation. I use LF3 and am on my second bottle. I apply it either with clean fingers or a foundation brush, for me it gives really good coverage...about a medium plus. I have good skin that doesn't need much coverage, I just have the occasional redness on nose and cheeks. Its my favorite drugstore foundation and I like it better than some high end foundations that I bought from Sephora. I like the thick cream formula, a little goes a long way. It does leave a dewy finish but I set all my liquid foundations with powder so no biggie there. I set it with the rimmel London stay matte powder in natural and it looks flawless and lasts all day. I love it!

  7. I'm glad that it worked for you. I personally hate thick foundations because it feels like I'm wearing a ton of makeup! :)

  8. This gives me full coverage using a very dense but soft flat top brush (from Everyday Minerals). I have cheeks full of dark, red hyperpigmentation that absolutely nothing will cover, but this covers everything beautifully! It's very easy to blend and feels very light on my skin; can't even feel it on.

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