Jan 30, 2013

Maybelline Baby Lips: Melon Mania and Yummy Plummy

Maybelline Baby Lips are one of my favorite drugstore lip balms. When they first came out I was thrilled to try them, and was even happier that they worked extremely well! When the first round of limited edition shades were released a few months ago, I bought them all. This time, I did it again, and I'm just as excited as before!

The two new shades are Melon Mania and Yummy Plummy! I always enjoy the cute names and colorful designs on the packaging. The lid is my favorite part of the packaging. It's so big that I can never misplace it, and it's clear so it shows the pretty design on the balm itself. 

Although the balms are much lighter on the skin than in the tube, the color can be easily built up to a medium coverage. I prefer to wear these sheer, because they are quite glossy and I just adore the natural flush they give to the lips.

Melon Mania, my favorite of the two, is a sheer hot pink that can look very bright when layered. It has a delicious sweet scent that reminds me of gummy bears! Yummy Plummy is a sheer brown-purple that is a bit too dark for my skin tone. It has a grape scent, which was disappointing since there is already a Baby Lips called Grape Vine that is very similar. 

Pigmentation: These are very sheer tinted lip balms, but they can be layered to a sheer-medium coverage. I prefer no to layer them too much, because they are very glossy.
Finish/Texture:  All Baby Lips have a glossy sheen and a buttery smooth texture. 
Scent: Melon Mania smells like gummy bears and Yummy Plummy smells like grape. The scent does fade rather quickly, it only lasts a few minutes.
Lasting Power: I get about 3 hours of color and shine with these, and I don't mind reapplying. 
Packaging: I love the colorful tubes with the cute logos. The cap is amazing, because it's nice and easy to remove and has never cracked one me like other lip balms have. The lip balm twists up and down with ease, and allows you to use every last bit. (Always a huge plus).
Price/Availability: I paid $4 each at Walgreens. 


  • Functional, cute packaging
  • Wonderful formula that softens and hydrates lips
  • Tinted just enough, can be layered easily
  • Nice scents that aren't overpowering
  • The glossy sheen lasts just as long as the color
  • Feels comfortable on the lips
  • Color wears off evenly and doesn't stain the lips
  •  $4, which is generally expensive for a lip balm (but totally worth it)
  • Limited edition shades, like these, are sometimes hard to find

Melon Mania is definitely my pick of the two! I'm crazy about the sheer hot pink shade and the gummy bear scent. I don't have any other tinted lip balms that look like Melon Mania, sheer hot pink is unique for a lip balm. Yummy Plummy is pretty, but it doesn't work well with my skin tone. Maybelline Baby Lips are my favorite tinted lip balms on the market. They actually make my lips look plush and feel comfortably hydrated, even when my lips are chapped. The subtle tint and sheen last an impressively long time for such a moisturizing lip balm. I'm so pleased that Maybelline keeps adding more colors to this line that everyone can enjoy.

Now, If Maybelline would make a strawberry, or raspberry flavor/shade I might go insane.


  1. I love Baby Lips, and too went and bought all of the first ones! I need these now, Yummy Plummy is so pretty! Great post.


    1. I know, they are such an addiction! Thank you :)

  2. I love all of these baby lips! I want to try melon mania!


  3. Melon Mania sounds so yummy and the color looks really nice too!!


  4. I really want Yummy Plummy but I don't know where I can find them. Do you have an idea? I REALLY want it. I love your blog by the way!


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