Jan 2, 2013

Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation

I love trying out new foundations, especially when they are affordable! Finding pale shades can be a difficult task, which is why I am not much of an explorer of foundation in general. When I saw this shade of the Nearly Naked range, I honestly thought it would not be light enough for me. To my surprise, it matched beautifully! 

The shade that I bought is Vanilla, the lightest of the range that was available at my Target. The Revlon website states that there are 16 shades total.  Ivory is the lightest shade, but I can't seem to find it in my drugstores. Although Vanilla had a slight yellow undertone, it managed to match well against my cool toned skin. 

Claims: "Revlon’s breakthrough nearly naked makeup balances skin and makeup so they work in perfect harmony. With buildable coverage and seamless blending, you are sure to cover flaws and perfect your skin’s tone and texture. No heavy cakey or greasy mess."
Formula: Nearly Naked is a thin, but not watery, liquid foundation. I have never used such a thin foundation before, but I really enjoyed the way it felt so light, and still had the ability to even out my skin tone and cover any blemishes. 
Coverage: The coverage is sheer, but is very buildable to medium coverage. It covered my redness and blemishes, but in order to cover freckles it needed to be layered. It doesn't dry quickly, so there is definitely time to blend and build. I found that it was easiest to build the coverage after I waited for the foundation to settle into my skin for a few minutes.
Finish:The finish was semi-matte. It made my skin look flawless, but still had a natural appearance. This foundation absolutely made my skin look flawless. 
Lasting Power: I have combination skin, an oily t-zone with normal to dry cheekbones. It lasted a normal day, about 7-8 hours before I started to get oily. Also my skin is very sensitive (I have eczema) and it didn't irritate my skin. 
Scent: There is no added scent to this foundation. It just smells like plain, normal foundation! 
Packaging: The standard bottle, no pump, just like the original Revlon Colorstay. I must say, the font is so cute
Price/Availability: I paid $7.50 at Target

I am so impressed at how well Nearly Naked matched my skin tone. It definitely melted into my skin and somehow matched perfectly. It felt super light, was easy to blend, and gave me a flawless finish!  

  • Feels light, breathable
  • Easy to blend
  • Builds coverage well (covered redness, blemishes, freckles)
  • Gives a natural, yet flawless appearance
  • Lasted 7-8 hours
  • Affordable and available at drugstores
  • Has 16 shades availavble
  • The one thing about this foundation is that you can't apply it near your eyes (it specifically states on the bottle), so you will need a concealer or another foundation for that area.
I have never used anything so weightless that gave me such great coverage. Nearly Naked managed to cover all redness and conceal blemishes, and even my freckles when I layered it. The thin formula allowed for a super easy application and smooth blending. What really amazed me was that the color matched my skin so well, for a foundation that has a slight yellow tinge. I am so glad that I can say that I have found another wonderful drugstore foundation that works on my fair skin! 


  1. I found your blog via tumblr and I just love it! Keep the good work around here, girl! I'm your new follower :)

    Alex Von B

  2. Looks absolutely gorgeous on you! I just bought this today, so it's nice to see such positive reviews :)
    <3, Mel

  3. new follower! :)

  4. i used it around my eyes and had no problems at all.

    1. Well, you might not see the issues right away. Rashes or other side effects can take time to develop. It isn't recommended.

  5. I am SO excited to try this out. As a fellow pale girl it is THE PITS trying to find a light enough foundation. Are there any other DS brand foundations that are this light? I found the Covergirl Trueblend foundation in "1"/ivory was also super light. It runs for about $12 in Canada.

    1. L'Oreal True Match in Alabaster is my favorite foundation and is the lightest I've ever come across at the drugstore! It matches my skin tone perfectly. Plus, they have different ranges to choose from: cool toned, warm toned, and neutral.

  6. What is the lipstick you are wearing?

    1. I'm not sure because this post was a while ago, I'm sorry!

  7. I didn't see this colour at any drugstores, I'll have to check again, do you think it's okay for porcelain skin ?


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