Mar 15, 2014

Milani Rose Powder Blushes

Remember the limited edition rose blushes Milani released last year? Well Milani did it again for Spring 2014, with four new shades of cute rose-shaped blush goodness! I'm thrilled to say that Milani sent me these for review, so I didn't have to hunt them down at all. I couldn't even get my hands on last year's collection, and I haven't seen these ones in my area at all. *Sigh of relief * 

Hopefully you all can get your hands on at least one of these blushes, because they are by far my favorite Milani blush I've used, even over the increasingly popular baked blushes!  

There are only four shades in this collection, and they all have a matte finish. These are limited edition, so once they sell out they will be gone for good! UGH.

Swatches from left to right: Coral Cove, Tea Rose, Love Potion, and Lady Rouge

Coral Cove is a bright coraly orange. Tea Rose is a muted cool toned pink. Love Potion is a bright hot pink (it pulls a bit red on me). Lady Rouge is a deep warm toned red.

These swatches were done with two swipes each. The texture is hard to swatch, it had a slippery/powdery finish to it that is not the easiest to work with. I find that a blush brush is the best way to apply these. 

Claims: "An ultra silky-soft powder blush that delivers the perfect amount of color and easily blends onto cheeks."
Finish/Texture: The finish on each blush is very matte. The texture is somewhat powdery, which makes applying these a bit tricky. I find that using a brush is best, but the texture does make swatching difficult. 
Pigmentation: These are all very pigmented, a little bit goes long way. Especially for someone with my skin tone. I love the shade selection too.
Lasting Power: These had no problem lasting on my skin all day long. I would say these lasted me a good 10 hours, even on hot days.
Scent: These do have strong plasticy cheap scent at first, but it fades after you use them up a few times. Weird I know, but just pointing that out.
Packaging: You get 0.6 oz of blush in each compact. The compact is made of sturdy plastic, but it's bulky! These babies take up a ton of room.
Price/Availability: I was sent these for review by Milani. I've heard that they are available on their website and at Walgreens for $8-$10 each.


  • Very pigmented
  • Pretty shades to choose from (suit all skin tones)
  • Beautiful matte finish
  • Great lasting power (10+ hours)

  • Limited edition (hard to find)
  • Powdery texture/can be patchy
  • Difficult to work with
  • A bit pricey for drugstore
I love the pretty shades and the beautiful matte finish that these rose blushes have. They lasted all day and night on me, even through the work days. Each shade is intensely pigmented, enough that even a deep skin tone could pull off. I prefer the finish and overall look of these blushes over the Milani baked blush line! Gasp! 

With that being said, these blushes aren't perfect. They have a powdery texture that makes application a bit messy. They can also be a bit patchy when blending onto the skin, which means that these take time to apply. However, I still really love Tea Rose and those little problems are something I'm willing to compromise. 

I would only recommend these blushes to the die hard Milani fans out there like me, or to the people who appeal to some of the gorgeous shades. The rose shapes are super cute, and the shade selection is amazing. I feel like any skin tone could pull off the blushes from this collection, which is something that we need more of at the drugstore! 

Will you be purchasing any of the new Milani Rose Blushes?

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  1. These are so pretty! I'm not really a blush person at all but the actual product is super cute. It's such a shame we don't have Milani in the UK

    Holly /

  2. Omg...I freaking love the deep rose embossing! It's so lovely! I really really would love Tea Rose too! They look like great matte shades! I own two baked blushes from them and absolutely love them!

  3. These are so gorgeous!! Ugh I want one (or all of them)!


  4. OMG those are soooo pretty!! Can't wait to try them!

  5. I managed to get my hands on two of the powder blushers from last year's collection, I wish I had gotten them all because they are SO pigmented and amazing value for money. I'm stoked you made a post so I can keep my eyes peeled for them on my drugstore trips, I'll definitely have to pick up Tea Rose and Love Potion, but probably all of them ;)

  6. These look so gorgeous! I'll definitely have to pick up Tea Rose if they ever make it to my area, lol. They all seem like they'd be best for a blush dominant look, maybe? Do you wear your red lips with blushes this pigmented?

  7. These blushes are absolutely gorgeous. I'll definitely try and have a look if I can find these blushes, cause I think I need them in my collection. ;)

  8. Coral Cove is my favourite of the four. They all look so pigmented and bright! It's a shame they were a bit hard to work with and powdery (and no thanks to the plasticy cheap scent either!). I've always heard so many good things about Milani blushes though, especially the baked ones :)

  9. Wow I really like the look of these. And the shades are perfect:)

  10. It's just so cute! I love the shade tea rose, so pretty! I haven't tried any of Milani's blushes, but now I know what to expect when I finally get my hands on some. Thanks for the review! XD

  11. These are gorgeous. I love the shade selection and the look so pigmented.

  12. These are absolutely gorgeous! I wish I could get my hands on these in the UK xx

    Angelica // One Little Vice

  13. Lovely bloog post definatly gonna buy these!

  14. I wrote about you and your blog in my recent blog post. Please check it out!
    Love Ally xx

  15. I am really digging the matte blushers, so I will definitely try to get my hands on these! I think I could look over any flaws :)

  16. They look like Cliniques new blushes for this spring, but Milanis are much cheaper. I think Ill get Tea Rose!

  17. Coral Cove looks amazing! I saw them at Walgreens ( I think?) but they were definitely on the pricer side so I skipped over them. Definitely beautiful colors! xx Rena Kiss and Make Up

  18. I picked up the shade Love Potion and I really haven't had any problems with it yet. It's definitely pigmented and long wearing, but I haven't really noticed any blending issues. Overall really impressed with these blushes!

  19. These are so beautiful! I would be too scared to use them haha.

  20. very cute love these, please check out my new blog!

  21. These are so cute! I'm not usually a bold blush person but with a stippling brush I'm sure it could work :)

    Jordan | Boho Vanity

  22. I keep coming back to see if you've blogged lately and you haven't =(

  23. These colors are absolutely gorgeous!! esp coral cove!!

  24. Amazing review. Thanks Hollie!!!!!

  25. really nice pigmented!!!!!!!!!!! Really nice swatches thanks Hollie!!!!!!!!!!

  26. That rose shape is so cute! I'm such a sucker for good packaging

  27. All the shades of the lipstick is just awesome . I really like all the colors, they are new and fresh colors . I love the Love Potion (hot pink) most , its just simply amzing color.

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