Sep 12, 2013

Maybelline Dr.Rescue Baby Lips Collection

When I first heard about this collection, I couldn't contain myself. I love Baby Lips, I have every collection they've released in the States! In general, I'm a bit obsessed with Baby Lips, but I have to say that these were a huge disappointment.

 The packaging is pastel themed, adorable! There are six shades in this collection.  

The packaging on these balms are slightly different than past Baby Lips. The logo is actually a sticker, it peels to reveal the drug facts underneath. I don't like it, and in person it looks cheap. Not a big deal, but the stickers feel like they are going to fall off at any moment. 

 All of these shades look pigmented in the tube, but when swatched they're very sheer.

From left to right: Berry Soft, Just Peachy, Soothing Sorbet, Pink Me Up, Coral Crave, and Too Cool. Berry Soft is a light mauve- purple. Just Peachy is a beige-nude. Soothing Sorbet is a soft raspberry. Pink Me Up is a light pink. Coral Crave is a light coral. Too Cool is just a clear balm. These are two swipes each, if you would like to see lip swatches please watch my video review below.

Claims: " Provides care that soothes sore lips with a hint of eucalyptus and combats dryness. It's available in natural tints to even out lip tone for healthier-looking lips. In one minute, lips feel soothed".
Finish/Texture: The finish is very shiny and the texture is a bit greasy. These have a lot of slip to them, which I don't like. It feels different than the original formula.
Lasting Power: These didn't leave a stain on my lips, and I felt like the formula never soaked in. These just slipped right off, they have no lasting power at all. 
Scent: Here's my main problem: they smell and taste like Vicks Vapo Rub, which has a very strong eucalyptus scent. It also has a bitter taste, that's very off-putting.
Packaging: The packaging is cheap looking this time around, since the logo is actually a sticker. The sticker was on very loose, so it might fall off..and then you wouldn't know the shade name. I liked the color scheme, but I don't get why they used stickers this time. 
Price/Availability: I paid $3.50 each at Wal-Mart.

  • Cute pastel theme
  • Very strong Eucalyptus scent
  • Very strong bitter taste
  • No lasting power/staining power
  • Lacks in pigmentation
  • Texture is very greasy
  • Packaging is cheap looking
  • Don't live up to claims
  • Don't leave lips feeling hydrated

I felt like Maybelline could have formulated these so much better. They seriously lacked in pigmentation, most of the colors barely show up on my lips and they didn't leave behind a stain. The texture felt very greasy, which I've never experienced in the past. I absolutely hate the smell of these, like I said it is my main problem with the formula.  It smells exactly like Vicks Vapo Rub, which is awful to me. They also have a very bitter taste. I don't see how these could possibly live up to the 12 hour moisture claim, because I never felt like the formula soaked into my lips. 

The formula on these feels completely different than the past Baby Lips, which I don't like. I don't feel like it soothed my lips, or even hydrated them. These actually felt drying, and since alcohol is one of the main ingredients.. I'm not so surprised.  

I was so disappointed in this collection. Everything about these lip balms let me down. There's honestly nothing that impressed me here. I also wanted to mention that I know these balms are medicated with menthol, but they just smell horrible. I have tried other medicated balms in the past, and they didn't smell this bad! 

Here's my video review if you would like to watch it! 

This collection was a miss for me, have you tried them yet? 

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  1. They look gorgeous but I don't like the fact that they taste bitter :/ My heart skipped a beat when I saw your new post picture :D

  2. they look so good, it's too bad they have more cons than pros. great review as always Hollie! x

  3. This is disappointing since the original Baby Lips are so good! I love reading your blog for the honest reviews, I feel like I wouldn't like these either and now I can save my time/money xx

    Jordan | Boho Vanity

    1. I know, it really is. Thank you so much, that means a lot to me :)

  4. Great review! I love it when people actually put swatches and pros and cons and everything! :) //FANCYTHEE

  5. Sounds like there isn't too much to like about these. I am glad I read your review. I will pass on them

  6. Thanks for the share,,, I am not going to buy it :D

  7. I absolutely hate the menthol scent in cosmetics, especially in products for lips. I was planning to buy some of the shades, but I changed my mind after reading a few reviews. I will better stick with the original ones.

    Rally -

  8. great review! shame they weren't hydrating or pigmented, on the swatches they don't look too bad either! the shades are quite pretty

    from helen at thelovecatsinc

    ps. enter my new giveaway to win a Chanel cream blush! click here.

  9. Ah such a shame that these were so bad :( I'd hate to put anything that smelt of Vicks on my lips xx
    Gemma | Miss Makeup Magpie

  10. They seem to look like great products to try out but good thing that I have read your reviews about it. I almost bought them. Thanks for letting us know.

  11. I didn't have luck with the original Baby Lips balms, so I'll definitely be passing on these.

  12. Soothing Sorbet came off VERY pigmented and bright on my lips, at least for my taste. I was actually hoping for something a bit more sheer. I agree with your opinion on the peach color. I was so disappointed in that one. The color was just so ashy on my lips. Ugh.

  13. i dont like the original one so i might just pass this one as well.
    thx for the review.

  14. I have Pink Me Up and I like it. I love the menthol smell and it doesn't taste bad to me. As for the packaging, they had to use a sticker to put the drug facts on the tube.

    1. Actually, Maybelline has changed all of the Baby Lips packaging to a sticker. The drug facts are stated on the cardboard box. None of mine had drug facts on the labels.

  15. just wondering if the two darekest ones (soothing sorbet and pink me up, i think) have a reasonable amount of color and i wanted to know if you think its good for someone with chapped lips, but still likes color. also do they feel good on your lips and last a long time? one more thing... would u repurchase these ???????
    nice review btw
    i want to kmow because i might get a few
    not sure yet tho

    1. No, I would never repurchase these, but that's just because I didn't like the way that they smelled and tasted. I would say the color payoff is decent, it only lasts a few hours. I would recommend Lypsyl lip balm for chapped lips, it's the best stuff I've ever used :)

  16. ew if they smell like menthol....

  17. Awww I'm sorry you didn't like these. I actually like this line. I like the feel of these better than the original line; the thinner formula makes them nice to apply in my opinion. I also don't really notice the scent unless I'm smelling the balm directly in the tube or for just a second while I'm putting it on. But I guess thats why they make different lines- because different people like different things!!

  18. I really LOVE the vicks vapor rub sent of thease. I also think they hydrate much better than the original babylips.


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