Sep 5, 2013

Maybelline Fall Fashion Week Collection 2013

I am anxiously awaiting the fall season. I seriously can't wait for this 100 degree weather to be over! Plus, I'm starting to miss all of my deep toned lipsticks. Of course I know that I can wear them anytime I want to, but it just feels more fun in the fall. The new limited edition Maybelline Fall Fashion Week Collection has plenty of purples, but it didn't exactly scream 'fall' and it left me feeling unsatisfied. 

The four lipsticks in the collection are (from left to right) Midnight Plum, Lavender Voltage, Fuchsia Fierce, and Violet Intrigue. ($7.99 each) 

Swatches from top to bottom: Violet Intrigue, Fuchsia Fierce, Midnight Plum, and Lavender Voltage. 

Violet Intrigue is a warm berry purple. It had a creamier texture than the others and it was a bit tricky to apply. Fuchsia Flash is a bright blue toned hot pink. It reminds me of so many other lipsticks Maybelline has released in the past, plus I didn't seem like a 'fall color'. Midnight Plum is a deep, almost black plum shade. I absolutely love it, and the formula is very smooth. It's so much better than Revlon Va Va Violet! Lavender Voltage is a beautiful, bright blue toned purple. This is my favorite lipstick of the collection. I have never seen anything like this at the drugstore, it's amazing and I want 10 backups. These swatches are two swipes each, each lipstick has a creamy finish. 

There are six glosses in this collection ($8.. As you can see, the color selection is a bit all over the place. I really wasn't too surprised, or pleased with any of these colors. From left to right: Berry Brilliance, Chocolate Lust, Lavender Lavish, Purple Royale, Raspberry Ablaze, and Flash of Pink.  ($7.99 each)

Swatches from left to right: Flash of Pink, Chocolate Lust, Berry Brilliance, Purple Royale, Raspberry Ablaze, and Lavender Lavish. 

Flash of Pink is a very pale baby pink. Chocolate Lust is a deep reddish brown. Berry Brilliance is a bright hot pink with some coral tones. Purple Royale is a sheer deep blue-ish purple. It was very patchy and difficult to apply. Raspberry Ablaze is a deep purple berry. Lavender Lavish is a cool toned pink with a dash of purple. These were one swipe each. 

Here are the two eyeshadow palettes that I chose out of the four available. The top one is Violet Femme and the bottom is Fall Temptation. ($10.99 each) 

On the left are swatches for Violet Femme, and on the right are Fall Temptation. I wasn't impressed with these shadows at all. They all were very powdery, and crumbly. The first two shades of each palette weren't very pigmented, and sort of disappeared. The last two shades were pigmented, but like I said, powdery. 


  • I love the deep purple shades in this collection
  • I like that the lipsticks were all creamy in texture and finish

  • The deep colored glosses weren't very pigmented
  • The shadows were powdery
  • Color selection of glosses/lipsticks weren't exactly 'fall' to me 
  • Everything was a bit pricey for drugstore
I definitely feel like the Midnight Plum and Lavender Voltage lipsticks were the stars of this collection. They were to two pieces that really made me excited for fall. Everything else in this collection was very uninteresting to me, especially all of the pinks. The shadows were very powdery, and some weren't pigmented. 

I do like the fact that Maybelline tried to have variety in shade selection, but it still came across to me as uncoordinated. The collection didn't tie in together as a whole, even when I saw these shades in the display I was a bit confused. I really would have liked to see some reds in this collection, especially a maroon or burgundy.  It just didn't really feel fall to me. Oh, and another thing..... where are the limited edition fall color tattoos?! 

I hope that some separate fall color tattoo collection will be released, because I really wanted to see some new shades for fall. Overall, the only two colors I really liked in this collection were Midnight Plum and Lavender Voltage. Like I said, everything else in this collection unimpressed me. Better luck next season Maybelline! 

If you would like to see what each lip product looks like on my lips, please watch my video haul/swatch video below.

What do you think of this collection? 

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  1. I really like the purple lipsticks but I agree with you and I think there should be more fall shades, like a rich deep wine like Rimmel kate moss 107 x

  2. Its really nice that they included purple lippies! and the palettes look nice:)
    Erin and Katherine Talk Beauty

  3. Lipsticks looks amazing! thanks for the swatches

  4. SO pretty !! Thanks.. I need to grab some

  5. Ahhhh I LOVE the glosses - especially Flash of Pink and Berry Brilliance!! xx

  6. violet intrigue and midnight plum are so pretty *.*


  7. OMG, PERFECT lipsticks! Love love love purples :)

  8. Finally! Purple lippies for the Fall. I wish more companies would follow suit. You can never have enough blue based purples in your lipstick life. I'm going to get all of these babies.

    1. Finally someone who understands my love of blue based purples :')
      I also wish more companies would branch out into purples, but when they do it's usually always that same mauve-warm purple!

  9. I love that drugstore brands are coming out with daring colours. I love the deep wine and purple shades.


  10. I saw there new lipsticks at Walmart, but I wasn't quite convinced to buy them or not. I really like the Violet Intrigue shade. Fuchsia Fierce seems similar to me with Fuchsia Flash from the Vivids collection - bright Barbie pink. :)

  11. that berry brilliance looks really pretty, though i would have never guessed it was a pinky/coral tone from the name!

    from helen at thelovecatsinc

    ps. enter my new giveaway to win a Chanel cream blush! click here

  12. I definitely agree with your top picks! Somehow the light pinks don't translate as fall colors.

  13. I wish that Chocolate Lust came in lipstick form. =/ That's the exact shade that I've been craving this season, but I don't think I'd be up to dealing with gloss 24/7.

  14. Wow! I love your blog so much! I's 13 years old and I did my own blog on these lipticks, Im not that popular and I was just wondering if you wanted to check out my blog- I promise that you wont regret just looking at it for two seconds. Again I'm just in love with your blog, I LOVE IT!

  15. I love the colors but wished they had more fall colors. More deep reds,wines, plums and browns.


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