Sep 17, 2013

Wet N Wild Eyeshadow Trios: Cool As a Cucumber and Sweet As Candy

Wet N' Wild eyeshadows have such a great reputation in the beauty community. That's the reason why I decided to give them a try a few years ago, and I've been obsessed since! Recently I got two trios that I overlooked, Sweet As Candy and Cool as a Cucumber.

These trios are completely new to me!

Here are the trios up close, they both contain satin finish shadows.

Here are the swatches for the Sweet As Candy trio. Each of the shadows are satin finish and very pigmented. This trio reminds me a lot of Walking On Eggshells by Wet N Wild, which is my favorite! All of these shadows are gorgeous. 

Here are the swatches for the Cool As a Cucumber trio. This trio wasn't very pigmented at all, the only decent shadow was the one labelled 'eyelid'. I wasn't impressed at all with these shadows. So disappointing! 

Claims: "Coordinating trio shades takes the guesswork out of creating the perfect eye look." I couldn't find any other claims on these shadows. 
Pigmentation: The pigmentation on Sweet As Candy was excellent, but Cool As A Cucumber was very patchy. 
Finish/Texture: The finish of the shadows are all satiny, they are like shimmers that don't have any glitter in them. The texture on Cool As A Cucumber was chalky, but Sweet As Candy was very smooth.
Lasting Power: The lasting power on most Wet N Wild shadows is all day. Cool As A Cucumber isn't a trio that I would recommend wearing though.
Packaging: The packaging of Wet N Wild shadows is very basic. 
Price/Availability: Each trio was $3 at Target.

  • Sweet As Candy is pigmented, smooth, and rich
  • These trios are inexpensive
  • Cool As A Cucumber is patchy/not pigmented
I really love the quality and pigmentation of Sweet As Candy. All of the shadows in that trio are pigmented and beautiful! Cool As a Cucumber is patchy and chalky. It was just awful, and I totally wasn't expecting it to be bad, but oh well! 

Most of Wet N Wild's trios are great quality, especially for the price. I have so many of their eight pan palettes, trios, singles... I could rave on and on about how much I love their shadows. They are soft, buttery, and pigmented..but sometimes there are flops! 

I have reviewed other Wet N Wild shadows in the past. Check out the Nude Awaking palette here, and the Pop Art Collection here.

Have you tried any Wet N Wild eyeshadows? 

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  1. Smooth as Candy is so pretty for everyday wear, I'd love to get this, but I've never seen Wet'n'Wild sold in my country. Shame as their lip gloss was my first ever xD

  2. I'm one of the few that do not like WNW eyeshadows. They turn dirty and muddy when I blend them, they break too easily in the palettes. I just... I've had bad experiences with them all across the board except for their lipsticks, which are drying as eff but they're nice regardless. I do think their eyeshadow in Brulee is fantastic though. It makes a great highlight shade.

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