Jul 22, 2013

MAC Riri Woo

Ruby Woo is my favorite MAC lipstick of all time. I just love the way that it brightens up my entire makeup look unlike anything else in my lipstick wardrobe, until Riri Woo came along. Of course they are similar, but I feel that both are fun and useful to own for any matte red lipstick lover! 

Riri Woo is engraved with Rihanna's signature. It's packaged in MAC's regular lipstick tube.

Here are a few comparison swatches: Ruby Woo (left) Riri Woo (middle) Revlon Really Red (right). These lipsticks all look similar in the actual tube, but when applied you can tell that they all have different tones. Rubywoo is a bright blue-toned red with a 'matte' finish, but the overall undertone looks slightly warmer than Riri Woo. Riri Woo is slightly deeper, blue toned red with a 'retro matte' finish. Really Red is also a blue-toned red that isn't as matte as the others. 

Here's a quick picture I took of myself wearing Riri Woo. I think it's the perfect red to really make the rest of your face makeup look pulled-together. 

Claims: "Colour plus texture for the lips that made M·A·C famous. A trio of limited-edition shades created by Rihanna."
Finish/Texture: The finish of Riri Woo is matte and the texture is dry. I like to prep my lips before I wear this lipstick, otherwise the dryness is too strong.
Lasting Power: This lipstick lasts about eight hours before it needs a touch up. 
Scent: This smells like all MAC lipsticks, sweet vanilla.
Packaging: The packaging is just like any other MAC lipstick. Sturdy and sleek.
Price/Availability: My mom surprised me with this, MAC's website, $15

  • Beautiful blue-toned red color
  • Looks great on any skin tone
  • Intense color/matte finish
  • 'Retro Matte' finish feels slightly less dry than MAC's usual 'matte' finish
  • Makes teeth appear whiter
  • May be difficult to apply for some, using a lip brush is best
  • Feels drying on the lips
  • Lips need to be prepped beforehand/ emphasizes dry skin

Riri Woo is one of my favorite reds in my red lipstick collection. I honestly like this shade more than Ruby Woo, the deep richness will truly flatter any skin tone. It's more blue-toned and cooler than Ruby Woo, which is another reason that I absolutely love it. The Retro Matte finish is only slightly less drying than the usual 'matte' finish that Ruby Woo has.The lasting power is incredible. I don't mind the dryness as long as it doesn't look dry, if that makes sense! 

Yes, Ruby Woo and Riri Woo are similar, but it's not surprising since Riri Woo was inspired by Ruby Woo in the first place! I'm definitely not a Rihanna fan, but I love this lipstick. I've been pulling this one out of my collection every time I feel like wearing something matte! 

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  1. I like that it's a cooler tone red. You pull it off really well.


  2. Love the color! I don't know if I could pull it off but it looks great on you!

  3. This colour looks really nice!
    It really suits you!

    Emily / Glittery Teacups

  4. It looks amazing on you :) I couldn't justify buying it because of how similar it is too Ruby Woo instead I bought Heaux!


  5. This color really suits you :D

    Bunny xx

  6. Riri Woo looks gorg on you, you definitely pull it off! I love matte lipsticks but I hate how dry my lips get from them. In the post you said that you like to prep your lips, do you have any specific lip balms or anything that you use to moisturize before you apply lipstick? I'd love to know, thanks!

    ~Thalia | Thrifty Belleza's Latest Post: Makeup Brushes 101 - Synthetic vs. Natural

    1. All I use is an EOS lip balm, and if I have any dry patches I'll use a scrub to soften my lips first. Nothing too special. & thanks! ♥

  7. this color is so pretty on you! I love reds. Wish I could of snatched one of these but they sold out fast!

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  9. I was in the US in august (otherwise I'm from Europe-slovenia) and since the day one I came all I could think was buying some MAC lipsticks!!! The Ruby Woo one I wanted the most. In Slovenia we don't have MAC or Urban Decay, OR the balm OOOR Lorac, all we have are those really really expensive brands (Dior, Chanel, ysl....). So when I was in Germany I went to a big mall and they had MAC, so I was suuuper excited to buying some lipsticks....but they were waaaay more expensive than in the US, they were 21€!!! So long story short lol when I was in the us mac store Ruby Woo was my first lipsticks to buy and this is my all time favourite red lipstick and i love that it is matt but it's sooo long lasting! I love it !!! :) xx

  10. your lipstick is fake (no offence). Mac labels are not pasted, they are printed directly on the package.

    1. I keep all my high end makeup boxes and went searching just to see. I didn’t go through all of them but out of ten I found two of my boxes of Mac lipsticks with stickers on them and I bought both of the ones with stickers from the Mac counter.


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