Aug 30, 2012

Maybelline Moisture Extreme Lipsticks

Don't you hate it when you discover an amazing product that fits all of your needs... and then find out that it gets discontinued? This has happened to me three times now, and each time with Maybelline! Is it just me, or does Maybelline discontinue products frequently? Anyhow, these lipsticks were a dream come true...until Maybelline had to take them away from me. I try not to use these too often, because I think I might cry when they're all gone. Haha

From left to right: Royal Red, Plum Wine, Wine on Ice, and Berry Sorbet. 

I love everything about these lipsticks! They smell like watermelon jolly ranchers and glide on effortlessly. The texture is perfect, it's seriously unlike any other lipstick I've tried. It almost feels like a lip butter, but it isn't quite as creamy, so it doesn't cake up or make a mess on the lips. Only one swipe is needed for maximum coverage and color payoff. 

It's so sad they discontinued these! I remember seeing them in the corner of the Maybelline display at Target, thinking "Hey, these look nice". So I bought all of the pinks and the reds that I saw, went home tried them on, and instantly fell in love. The next day I went back and they were all gone. I searched every Target, wal-mart, Walgreens, CVS, and Rite-Aid in my area. They disappeared before I could even go back and buy more. It was a sad day, but I'm happy that I at  least have a few of them. 

Has this ever happened to you? Because I feel like it happens to me all the time. Like when Maybelline changed the formula of Lash Stilletto, or when Maybelline discontinued the Dream Mousse blush and concealer line.. UGH. 


  1. Just followed your blog! Absolutely adore your style of posting.

  2. I love these too! really sad to see them go :(

  3. I am SO upset. Went looking for these lipsticks and couldn't find them. Then came across your blog. Thanks for setting it straight for me and I couldn't agree with you more. What makes these companies thing that they have to change their products constantly...doing away with great products and bringing in inferior ones. Sad day. Mabelline - BIG mistake.

    1. I understand, these were some of my favorite lipsticks. I hate it when companies get rid of great products!

  4. I know exactly how you feel Hollie! I hated it so much when Revlon discontinued their entire colorburst lipstick line!! Thank goodness I stocked up on almost every shade when they first came out on the market. I absolutely love the Carnation lipstick!!!

  5. I wear very little makeup and have a difficult time finding colors that I feel look good on me, a 54 year old with gray hair. Any advice on a lipstick that is close to Maybelline Wine on Ice A78? Thanks!

  6. Actually Maybelline's "Wine on Ice" color has been around for 40+ years and I know because I've been using it that long! I was running out and went on a search to find this color and was stunned to find that Maybelline had discontinued this brand and all those wonderful colors I've used over the 40 years and particularly my favorite color "Wine on Ice!" I've also like "Out Island Bronze" which I managed to acquire dozens of tubes of over the years. I can tell you one thing, a 15 year old tube of lipstick does not smell nor feel the same anymore so buying a lot of extras is never the answer to protect again mfgs. discontinuing a brand or color. What a pain now to try to find something else that I will like - bummer! Good luck to us all in our search!

  7. Can anyone recommend a brand/shade that is closest to wine on ice? I would be grateful!!


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