Sep 2, 2012

Avon Ultra Color Rich Lipsticks

If you haven't tried Avon's line of Ultra Color Rich lipsticks yet, you must! There are 40 different colors to choose from, 5 different finishes, and for seven dollars they're totally worth it. 

Claims: Full-pigment formula saturates lips with true rich color and creates fuller-looking lips that last for hours.

Ingredients: Click here for the full list of ingredients.

From left to right: Red Rules, Berry Berry Nice, Maraschino, Rich Ruby, Wink, Sparkling Blush, Red Kiss, and Red 2000. 

Pigmentation: These lipsticks give you opaqueness in one swipe! You can see how rich they are in the swatches. The richness is comparable to how Estee Lauder Pure Color lipstick appears. I love how bright and crisp each color is. 

Finish/Texture: The five finishes that are available in this line are Satin, Shimmer, Metallic, Sheer, and Matte. They're all very creamy in texture, almost buttery. Even the mattes feel smooth, which is so hard to find! Although they don't claim to be moisturizing, I feel that they do make the lips feel hydrated. 

Lasting power: Since these are all so buttery, they don't last very long on the lips. I can only get about an hour of wear from these. It's definitely not a lipstick for a special event or a long engagement. Touch-ups are definitely needed with these. 

Scent: These lipsticks have a very faint scent, similar to a package of gummy Life Savers candy. I think that it wears off over time though, the ones I've had longer don't smell at all anymore. I'm not sure if they are supposed to have a fruity scent or not, but they do. 

  • feel comfortable on the lips, smooth/creamy
  • rich, opaque color in one application
  • only $7, and are usually on sale for $4-$5 online and in catalogue
  • variety of colors available, suitable for every skin tone
  • multiple finishes: satin (my favorite), shimmer, sheer, matte, and metallic. 
  • a little goes a long way, these lipsticks will last you a long time
  • nice, sturdy packaging
  • lasts only about an hour, re-application is needed
These lipsticks are great quality; they give rich color, brightness, and smoothness all in one. I really like that Avon has over 40 colors in this line with 5 different finishes. Each lipstick is $7 which I think is a fair price for a good lipstick, and they're often on sale for $4-$5. The satin finish is my personal favorite. The only negative thing about these lipsticks is that they are so creamy that the color fades away within an hour. If you prefer long-wear lipsticks, you won't like these much. I really enjoy these for everyday wear. The colors are so bright and beautiful, Rich Ruby and Red 2000 are my favorites! 

Avon is available online and through catalogue. If want to see the other colors, click here.


  1. Wink looks like a colour I would wear, all of these look really good & I love buttery balms :) xx

  2. Thank you so much for reviewing these lipsticks! I've been thinking of purchasing one of the reds but I wasn't sure which one I wanted.

  3. omg my son ruined my rich ruby lipstick when he stuck his finger in it :( Now I can't find this on the site anymore! Do you know if they discontinued it, or change the name or something?? Thank you!! :)

  4. The red 2000 is gorgeous xx


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