Sep 13, 2012

EOS Alice in Wonderland Collection

When I first saw that EOS and Disney collaborated to make an Alice in Wonderland trio, I immediately wanted it! I ran down to my local Target the next day, and they didn't have it! I went back again a couple of days later and they still didn't have it. Frustrated, I finally gave up on my Target, and  went down to a different one and finally found it! The things I do for lip balm.. 

Isn't the packaging adorable? The Alice in Wonderland theme is so cute! I hope that EOS decides to do more characters in the future.

The limited edition flavors are blueberry potion, watermelon wonderland, and sweet vanilla nonsense. As of right now, these flavors are only available in the trio and can't be bought separately. I'm most excited for the vanilla one! 
When I opened the package, this was at the bottom of the box! It just keeps getting cuter! 
To top it all off, the EOS "dimple" grew some Mickey ears! I can't handle the level of cuteness going on here. 

I'm so happy that EOS came out with this well-designed, adorable Alice in Wonderland themed trio. Not only are all of the flavors sweet and juicy, but all of the little details make these lip balm feel extra special. Currently, this set is only available at Target. In November, it will also be available at,,, Walgreens, and Ulta.


  1. can you take a photo of the bottom of the box? with the scanner code? I want to call every target and have them look up where it still is in stock... looking up by name doesn't work apparently... I need the item number. I'm determined to find this! and if it's sold out, I guess I"ll have to wait till November... :(

    1. I'm sorry, I already threw the box away! I know it can be hard finding products when they first come out. I had the same problem with my Target. Hopefully you can find it at another Target near by, or order it online in November!

  2. @Meredith: The EOS Facebook page has the item number listed. You may have to search the comments, but it's there. That's how I got mine. Hope this helps! :)


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