Oct 8, 2013

Revlon Colorburst Lacquer Balms and Matte Balms

Yes, there are even more new lip balms hitting the drugstore shelves! A few days ago I reviewed the Maybelline Color Elixirs, and now we have the Revlon Colorburst Lacquer Balms and Matte Balms. At first glance, I thought that these were more Kissable Balm Stains, but they are actually just balms. 

There are 20 shades to choose from in the collection. Half are Lacquer (shine) finish and half are matte finish. I purchased all of the lacquers, but only some of the mattes were available. The display didn't say these were limited edition, so I'm assuming they might be permanent. 

These are the Lacquer Balms, the tubes are all very shiny. As you can see, the packaging is identical to the Kissable Balm Stains, but the formula is different! 

Swatches from left to right: Vivacious, Enticing , Demure, Flirtacious , Provocatuer, Whimsical, Ingenue, Tease, Coquette, and Coy.

Vivacious is a creamy hot pink. Enticing is a creamy deep brownish red. Demure is a subtle nude that contains sparkle. Flirtatious is a creamy bright fuchsia. Provocatuer is a creamy bright blue toned red. Whimsical is a pinky purple that contains sparkle. Ingenue is a creamy medium brown. Tease is a creamy burnt orange. Coquette is a light blue toned pink that contains sparkle. Coy is a creamy coffee brown. These swatches are two swipes each. 

Here are the four matte balms I purchased. There are six other shades that I couldn't find, but hopefully I can get them soon! As you can see these tubes are all matte. 

Swatches from top to bottom: Unapologetic, Audacious, Sultry, and Showy

Unapologetic is a bright coralish-pink. Audacious is a neon orange. Sultry is a brownish mauve. Showy is a bright blue toned pink. These were two swipes each. 

Claims: I couldn't find any claims on these yet. I will update this once I find out.
Pigmentation: The pigmentation on the lacquers is better than the mattes. The mattes aren't bad, but they apply somewhat patchy on the lips. The lacquers are incredibly pigmented, only one swipe is needed to get full color. 
Finish/Texture: The lacquers have a shiny finish and a buttery texture. They're hydrating, but they don't feel greasy, and they didn't feather out of my lip line at all. The mattes are matte finish, but they feel and look a bit cakey on the lips. They also felt a little bit too slippery and drying. It was a difficult texture to work with.
Lasting Power: The lasting power isn't the greatest, I only had about 2-3 hours of wear on both of the finishes. I wasn't expecting them to be much longer than that though, since they are balms and not 'balm stains'. 
Scent: Each balm has a slight minty scent, it's not as strong as the Kissables. It really reminds me of a Tarte Lip Surgence lip pencil. 
Packaging: The packaging is exactly like a Kissable Balm Stain. The tube is a standard twist up applicator. There is no sharpener included. The tips dull overtime. 
Price/Availability: I paid $7 each each at Harmon's inside of Bed Bath and Beyond. 


  • The lacquers are very pigmented
  • The lacquers feel hydrating and buttery
  • The mattes are a true matte finish
  • Variety of shades/ finishes to choose from (20 shades overall)
  • Nice packaging
  • Subtle sweet minty scent/tingle
  • Inexpensive


  • The mattes are drying on my lips
  • The mattes have a cakey look/are a bit streaky
  • The lasting power isn't great on these balms (only about 2-3 hours)

I'm not exactly sure what these balms were supposed to do, but overall I was impressed by the lacquers more than the mattes. 

What really impressed me was the creaminess and pigmentation of the lacquers. The formula is buttery smooth, I think they will be a huge hit in the beauty community. I'm a huge matte finish lover, but the matte balms just looked bad on my lips. They emphasize lines and create an odd cakey finish, plus they're a bit streaky. 

The lacquers remind me exactly of a Revlon Lip Butter, but in a pencil form! The matte balms weren't good, but they weren't terrible either. They didn't really do much for me.

All in all, I think this collection is really exciting! Are you going to try them?

If you would like to see lip swatches, please watch my video review! 


  1. Those look really nice. But then again a lot of brand make those lip balm pencils. They do have a huge range of shades, which is nice:)

  2. I have the mighties of needs for several shades. Chubby lip pencils are essentially my crack...

    1. Hahaha, I feel you on that. I love hydrating lip pencils. They are essential!

  3. I probably won't try them. I have one crayon that I rarely use so it doesn't seem smart to go for more of them.

  4. The colours are alot brighter than i thought they would be.



  5. For some reason, I already like the look of these more so than the kissable balm stains. I didn't even know Revlon was coming out with these so thanks for the information and swatches! I just might have to grab a couple now..I'm liking the pigmentation on these..


  6. Wow, Revlon really is unrelenting in pumping out the new releases! I remember when the Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stains came out (and before, the Lip Butters) - I was quite overexcited about them! I think I will tone down my enthusiasm this time, only because of the crazy number of both I have :p

    1. I totally understand what you mean. I feel like Revlon has been going crazy with new releases. I freak out every time, lol. These aren't too special though, especially of you own many of the OG lip butters. I feel like these are pretty much those, but in pencil form.

  7. I'm glad only three contain sparkle. I was wondering if all of them had it. Besides Clinique Chubby Stick Intense, these are the most pigmented I've seen.

  8. Great post! These look awesome, and I really like that the packaging is reflective. Definitely gonna try some out when I find them in stores.

  9. Gosh, so many releases! I think I'd like to try one of the mattes to see if it can be an affordable option to my beloved Tarte LipSurgence Matte Lip Tints but judging from your review I think I'll be disappointed. The colors are all beautiful x

    1. I know that I was disappointed. I love my mattes, and the Tarte ones are much better quality!

  10. The lacquers look incredible! I can't believe a balm has that much bold pigmentation! Thanks for the swatches :)

  11. tempted to get the lacquers one. looks great with so much variety of shades.

  12. I love the packaging of the matte ones just wish the formula was better xxx
    Life of Verity


  13. I agree with you about the patchiness & slipperiness of the Matte Balms .

    I picked up the shade Shameless (gorgeous purple) this past weekend . I was expecting the formula to be a bit more dry since it's matte , but it's almost too creamy . I think that's why it has a tendency to apply unevenly . I can work with it though because I love the color. I just apply a lip liner prior to it so it has something to adhere to .

    I'm gonna pick up Vivacious & Unapologetic next. Unapologetic looks like it applies more evenly than Shameless , so I'm interested in trying that one out .

    Thanks for the swatches !

    --- Nicole

  14. These look amazing - I love Revlon lip products. Hope we don't have to wait too long for these to appear in the UK!

    Midnight Violets Beauty Blog

  15. I love the look of these & like the colour range too. I might give a couple of them a try. I hope they come to the UK soon

  16. Thanks for the share. Didn't know about the new balm from revlon. I only trust matte lipstick from Nars as they are hydrated enough for my lips !

  17. Unrelated but I just found your blog and wanted to say I looove it!! Thanks for the awesome reviews!


  18. Oh.My.God. Shiny things. Must have! Love the look of every single one of these! And great swatches.. when I do sit down and decide which ones to buy, I'm totally using this as reference... but, I might buy them all bahaha! xx

  19. I am confusing the Kissables with the Colorbursts. Am I the only one?


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