Oct 25, 2013

Lip Balm Haul and Review!

I don't know how this happened.. but I accidentally bought five lip balms at once. It happens to you too, right? Well, I guess I am a bit obsessed with lip balms. . Today I'm going to share my thoughts on my latest lip balm purchases, and review each one! 

Lypsyl Intense Protection HoneyBerry- The original Lypsyl Lip Balm is my all time favorite. HoneyBerry sounded like a great flavor, but it  had a  Febreeze smell that I didn't like. The formula was great, it gives intense hydration that soaks into the lips, All in all you might like this one, but I just can't stand the smell of it.

Walgreens Watermelon Lip Balm- I had to try this ever since I heard EmilyNoel83 talk about it! It smells like a watermelon Jolly Rancher, and it looks like an EOS dupe. The formula isn't bad, it is on the thin side. It doesn't feel like EOS, but it's decent.

Chapstick Mixstix- The idea of this Chapstick is that you get two flavors in one, and mix them together. This one is green apple and caramel flavored, and they both really smell and taste that way! I was impressed at how spot on the flavor is, but when you mix them together, it just smells like green apple. So the whole mix idea is fun, but I like to use each side individually. The hydration is good, but it isn't anything I would use on chapped lips.

Lypsyl Intense Protection Vanilla Plum- Like I said, I love Lypsyl lip balm! I had to get this one too, because it's a new flavor. It actually smells and tastes a lot more like honey than vanilla or plum, which threw me off a bit. The formula is the same greatness that Lypsyl offers. I still think the original Lyspyl is so much better! 

Rite Aid Strawberry Sorbet Lip Balm- I had to try this one, since I bought the Walgreens one! I've never even seen or heard about this before, but I'm so happy that I got it! It smells like strawberry mochi ice cream, amazing! It's not an EOS dupe, but the formula is decent. I'm honestly keeping it because it smells so good. I think that this one and the Walgreens one are manufactured by the same company, because they are very similar.

I didn't discover anything groundbreaking here, but it was fun to expand my lip balm horizon. I'm always looking for new things to try, especially with lip balms! 

My all time favorite is still the original Lypsyl Lip Balm! What is your favorite lip balm?

If you would like to watch my lip balm haul video please check out my YouTube channel.


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  1. I'm obsessed with lip balm since my lips tend to dry out easily. I broke up with a boy because he had chronic chapped lips and never did anything about it (image cracked, chapped lips coming in for a kiss ...eewww) My favorite balms are EOS and Burt's Bees. I didn't really care for the smell of the Lypsyl Vanilla Plum or HoneyBerry so I don't really see myself using them :-(

  2. I love the original Lypsyl! It's my all time favorite too! I also really like the Vaseline Cocoa Butter Lip Therapy. I use it at night right before bed. I tried the EOS for a while, and while I do like the scents I just don't feel like they do anything for my lips. =(

  3. I am a lipbalm addict. I seem to buy a new one every time I go to the shops.
    The Rite Aid ones look interesting - Id love to see a review on those

  4. The watermelon one and the strawberry one sound sooo good! I usually just use the plain maybelline ones but now I'm venturing off to try more fruity flavored ones because I go through lipbalm sooo quickly!

  5. My lips tend to be pretty dry/chapped, & they are TERRIBLE in the winter. Lately I've been using Nivea A Kiss Of Moisture after getting a recommendation for it. I've really been liking it so far- it's really soothing & inexpensive (after having been a Burt's Bees addict.) I had heard good things about EOS, but I'm reluctant to try it because the packaging is impractical for me, as I always carry a lip balm around with me in my pocket.

  6. DO NOT hesitate to use EOS, I got the green one a few months back (Melon I believe) and it's sooooo awesome, it smells like cantaloupes and watermelons and a hint of honey dew, and it tastes exactly like that, I mean...I've ventured through many types of balms, glosses, etc because Imma taste fantatic and a lot of them "state" it tastes this way or that way, like the smuckers or whatever, yeah ok, cherry coke tastes like novocaine, thanks a lot. BUT EOS totally heals your lips (I get very badly chapped lips, I mean if I go more than a few hours without balm, I get dry craters almost from it, not just cracking) but ever since I went from baby lips blue tube (I think it's Quench?) which wasn't bad, nor was the purple tube with the peach coloured lipbalm, to EOS I've had much healthier lips, it tastes great and the shape is a bit impractical but it fits just fine in the front pocked of my jeans, or in my sweater/hoodie pocket, just doesn't look like it would. You should totally use it, Beth!!

  7. I know this is a little late, but I really love Lypsyl and have already tried the original mint and the chamomile and honey. Does anyone know if the honeyberry or the vanilla plum is still available in stores? If so where can you find them? Thank you!


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