Jun 1, 2013

NYC Kiss Gloss in Spring Meadow and Pink Flamingo

NYC Kiss Gloss are some of my favorite glosses from the drugstore. The formula is so smooth and hydrating that you can hardly feel it on the lips, plus they're only three dollars! When I saw new colors available in their 'Let's Paint the Town' display, I had to buy them!

 NYC Kiss Gloss in Pink Flamingo (left) and Spring Meadow  (right)

 Pink Flamingo (top) is a light peachy shade that is perfect for a more natural lip look. Spring Meadow (bottom) is basically a clear gloss with tiny green sparkles. The sparkles are barely noticeable, and both glosses are very sheer. On the right I'm wearing Pink Flamingo on my lips, and as you can see it looks a bit pinker from my natural lip color that shows through. 

Claims: "It comes in a cute squeezy tube that makes mirrorless application as easy as pie. Choose subtle sweet shades for understated sexiness-"
Finish/Texture: The finish of Pink Flamingo is a cream and Spring Meadow is a sparkle. The texture is super creamy, and non-sticky. Both are very sheer and wearable.
Lasting Power: I only get an hour of wear with these.
Scent: There is a subtle fruity-banana/bubblegum scent with these two colors. I've noticed that different colors have different scents.
Packaging: The packaging is a squeeze tube, no fuss and I love it!
Price/Availability: I paid $3 each at Rite Aid

  • Inexpensive
  • Smooth formula
  • Non-Sticky
  • Pretty colors
  • Easy to use packaging
  • Limited edition
  • Strong fruity/bubblegum scent (not a bubblegum scent fan)
  • Only last an hour or less
I love Pink Flamingo! I think it's the perfect daytime gloss for when I don't feel like wearing lipstick (which is a rarity for me, but we all have those days). Spring Meadow is just a clear gloss, but I love the fact that it looks green in the tube! The formula is smooth, hydrating, and non-sticky, which compensates for the short wear time. I'm not a fan of the fruity/bubblegum scent, but it's subtle. The packaging is super easy to use, and even though these two glosses are limited edition- there are many permanent colors to choose from! 


  1. Spring Meadow sure looks interesting!

    1. It does, I think that's why I felt drawn to it ;)

  2. I love that Spring Meadow looks mint in the tube too! xx

    1. It's so cute, I love having it on my vanity to look at! :)

  3. Oh such a shame, I thought the green tube might give you a mint colour on your lips a bit like Sleek's Pout Paints! They're so cheap though, and I loveeee NYC <3 I'd like it if they lasted a bit longer though xxx

    Gemma ♥ | MissMakeupMagpie.co.uk

    1. I wish it would give a green tint, I think that would be so fun to have! Luckily I saw other reviews before purchasing, so I knew what to expect! :)

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  5. I almost wish the green one were actually like a semi-opaque mint colour just for the novelty of seeing what that would be like! :p Pink Flamingo looks lovely on you :)

    1. Yeah that would have been pretty cool, especially for the drugstore! Thank you :)

  6. I love light glosses like this for keeping in my handbag. I might have to pick up Pink Flamingo simply for the name, haha :)

    Jordan | Boho Vanity


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