Jun 10, 2013

Covergirl Flamed Out Shadow Pencil and Shadow Pots

Hi there everyone! Today's reivew is going to be about two products that I mentioned earlier in my What's New at the Drugstore for Covergirl post. As you all know, I'm not usually a fan of Covergirl. I feel that these products really highlighted the so-so feelings I have about the brand. I was eager to try the Flamed Out  Shadow Pencils and Shadow Pots when they first released, but now I realize that they aren't anything special.

330 Melted Caramel (left) and 335 Scorching Cocoa. 

Claims: "Flamed Out Shadow Pots pack a punch of vivid color in perfectly sized pots so you can mix, match, and blend to customize blazing hot hues."
Pigmentation: At first the pigmentation seems great, but within a few hours the color fades. There are big chunks of white glitter that leave fallout everywhere.
Finish/Texture: The finish is so shimmery that it's almost metallic. The texture is somewhat gritty due to the large pieces of glitter. 
Lasting Power: These shadows only lasted a few hours with and without primer. I was so disappointed by the wear time of these, because the pigmentation looks great at first. 
Packaging: I have two major issues with the packaging. First, the shade names aren't listed on the bottom sticker, only the number which is always annoying. Second, the plastic lid is so flimsy, that it can easily twist off at any moment. 
Price/Availability:  I paid $5 for one and $2.50 for the other (BOGO 50% off) at Rite Aid 

  • Good selection of colors
  • Color fades quickly
  • Fallout is inevitable
  • Texture is gritty
  • Overall bad quality and value
  • Packaging is flimsy

350 Melted Caramel Flame

Claims: "Two versatile products in one brilliant pencil! With Flamed Out Shadow Pencil, you get vivid, creamy color plus the definition of eyeliner for the bold eye looks you crave.
Pigmentation: The pigmentation is ok. The color  is more frosty than I would like. I feel that the brown tone is overwhelmed with silver. Definitely something I wouldn't wear alone.
Finish/Texture: The finish is too frosty for my liking. The texture is very smooth, but it isn't creamy.  It also gives a cooling sensation when applied.
Lasting Power: I had about four hours wear before this started to crease and fade on me. When I tried to use it as a base, the color still faded around four hours but it didn't crease. Used as an eyeliner, it smudged around two hours. 
Packaging: This is a pencil that you will manually have to sharpen. Which I hate!
Price/Availability:  I paid $7.50 at Rite Aid

  • Smooth texture
  • Cooling sensation feels nice on the eyes
  • The color is masked by white frost
  • Pencil needs to be manually sharpened 
  • Doesn't work well as a base or eyeliner
  • Bad value for the quality
  • Doesn't live up to claims

From top to bottom: 350 Melted Caramel Flame Shadow Pencil, 335 Scorching Cocoa Shadow Pot, and 350 Melted Caramel Shadow Pot. 

Melted  Caramel Flame is a cool taupe with white frost. Scorching Cocoa is a warm medium brown with white sparkle. Melted Caramel is a warm light brown with white sparkle. These swatches were all taken without primer.

At first glance these products look promising, but when it comes down to performance, they don't deliver. I felt that the shadows were too gritty and had too much fallout for my liking. The color fades quickly throughout the day, and the glitter just seems to somehow get all over my face no matter how many times I wipe it off. The shadow pencil is more pigmented than the powder shadows, but the color wears off during the day just the same. When used as a base and an eyeliner, it creases and smudges terribly. The cooling sensation that it gives is great, but it only lasts during application. Both of these products also have major packaging issues! The shadow pots are unnamed on the sticker (one of my biggest pet peeves) and the lids pop off with the slightest twist. The shadow pencil is really a pencil, so you will need to have a jumbo pencil sharpener in your collection in order to keep using it.

I am usually not a fan of Covergirl eyeshadows because I feel that the poor quality is never worth the price they ask. If you could somehow get these products on sale, or clearance rather, they might be worth it. There are much better options at the drugstore that are better in quality and in price! 

I also made a video review of these products, which you can watch on Youtube, here.


  1. Good to know! I've been wondering about these and now I know I can move on by ;)

  2. Glad you reviewed the single eyeshadows. I had written them off completely because Covergirl and I don't usually get along but I saw a blogger rave about them and thought I'd pick a few up. I must saw, she is notoriously known for (of course won't mention the name) for reviewing products she just swatches, wears for photographs only, or flatout doesn't even use! I had a doubt in the back of my mind but I will skip them altogether thanks to reading your review. I trust you way more :) I'm also soo excited about the new Electro Baby Lips thanks to you! <3

    1. Wow, thank you Coco! It means a lot to me when people say they can trust my reviews:) It's true that they do seem nice at first though, but once I tested them out more I knew they weren't good quality. & haha I know, I'm sooo freaking out about them. I can't wait to get some!!! <3

  3. Love the browns! I've been seeing some people getting the cream shadows from CG and I really want to look for some for the summer!

  4. Are there any Covergirl products you do recommend? I've tried their lipsticks (weird texture, Revlon and Maybelline are cheaper), foundations (broke me out, not a flattering shade), and blushes (too powdery and poor pigmentation). I'm just not impressed.

    1. I do recommend their Pressed Powder in sensitive. It's one of the only drugstore pressed powders that matches my skin tone. I also like their Lipslicks, Smoochies they now call them, and I also like their Lip Perfection lipsticks, but only certain colors. That's about all I like from the brand :)

  5. I'm not a big fan of too many Covergirl products. There shadows usually fades or don't apply at all. I think there definition of pigmentation is glitter and sparkle. Great review. I enjoyed this especially before I even think to try it.


  6. I never really use covergirl products. I'm more of a maybelline girl. I know I won't be picking these up even if it's a sale. If the wear time isn't there then there's no point in me buying it.

    1. I don't either, but like I said I always enjoy giving brands second chances when they release new products.

  7. It's strange because I'm not a huge fan of CoverGirl either - their products generally just don't grab me for whatever reason. I did like one of their quads (I think it was Country Woods?) ages ago when I was first experimenting with makeup in high school. Their mascaras are also okay. I can understand why these shadows looked promising but where ultimately disappointing. My pet peeve with eyeshadows is when they're overly frosty!

    1. Same here, the last time I liked one of their eyeshadows was a lonnnng time ago. What happened with them? Yes, I'm def not a fan of frost!

  8. Thank you Hollie for creating such a wonderful beauty blog! It always makes my day that much better to see that you've written a new blog post.
    You've even inspired me to start my own fashion and beauty blog!
    Good luck with your new youtube channel and keep on wearing the hell out of that kick-ass red lipstick!
    Shannon xx

    1. Aw, thank you Shannon. I can't wait to check out your blog, I'm so happy to hear that I've inspired you! Red lipstick is my favorite :D


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