Jun 25, 2013

Covergirl Flamed Out Mascara

Covergirl mascaras aren't my favorite, but that doesn't mean that I wasn't excited when I saw this at the drugstore! I always enjoy trying new mascaras, and new products in general. In my What's New at the Drusgtore for Covergirl post, many of you also said that you were excited about this mascara, and I can understand why. It's actually better than I expected, and so far it's the only Covergirl mascara that I enjoy using! 

The packaging is a bit different from what Covergirl usually does, I'm liking  the colors! 

The wand is made entirely of traditional bristles that taper in the middle, creating an hourglass-like shape. The end is blunt, and has excess mascara, but I never had any problems with it. I found that this wand reached all of my lashes and didn't over coat them.

Here are the results! I love the way that this mascara gave amazing volume and curl to my lashes (even my straight ones).The overall look is natural, but still noticeable. My lashes didn't feel heavy or droop at all during the day. It also does a nice job on lower lashes! 

Claims: "Ignite every lash. Make a bold statement with winged lashes that curve up and out. The unique wire brush coats your lashes for an instant volume boost."
Formula: The formula is volumizing, and it gives great definition and length. It feels like I'm not even wearing mascara, and it gives a very natural finish. It doesn't feel wet or dry, it's perfectly in the middle. 
Wand Type: The wand is made of traditional bristles that are pinched in the middle, creating an hourglass-like shape. Since the wand is quite bulky, people with smaller lashes or eyes may find application difficult with this mascara.
Price/Availabilty: My mom bought this for me:) it was $6 at Walmart

  • Lashes feel weightless
  • Gives definition, length, and dark color 
  • Lashes have a fluttery, natural finish
  • Traditional bristles 
  • Lasts all day, no flaking/drooping
  • Layers well (meaning you can do multiple coats without getting clumps)
  • Works nicely on lower lashes too
  • Formula isn't too wet or too dry
  • The wand may be bulky for some people
  • The wand end has extra mascara goo
This is the first Covergirl mascara that I actually like! I found that all of the claims that Flamed Out made to be true, which is rare with any mascara. It gave my lashes excellent curl and volume that lasted all day. It even made my straight lashes stay put! It also managed to feel weightless and make my lashes look perfectly defined and fluttery. The wand may be bulky for some people, but I had no problems with it. I enjoyed the traditional bristles and the unique shape of the wand, which I believe is what really fanned out the lashes.

 I absolutely love this formula, and the wand does a great job. I will be getting lots of use out of this mascara! 


  1. Ouh, I've seen a few people blog about this but I haven't actually seen it in store yet. It makes your eyelashes look amazing!

  2. Oo it looks so natural! I like that doesn't show any clumps yet its noticeable.


    1. It does look natural, but the lashes still stand out which is why I love it!

  3. I'm not generally big on CG mascaras either, i think when it comes to drugstore mascara wars I'm team Maybelline. This one looks really lovely though, it gave great definition to your lashes and the fact that it doesn't clump/flake makes it a winner in my book... the only thing is I don't think it's available in Australia yet!

  4. random but I have been addicted to covergirls' volume exact mascara it is very non descript but I have found it holds a curl like no tomorrow and only flakes a but if you take naps in it. I have been on the fence about testing out another mascara from the brand since I tend not to like their mascaras much either. This was a lovely review of the flamed out.

  5. You said that CG mascaras aren't your favorite. What would your favorite drugstore mascaras be?


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