Feb 9, 2014

IMATS LA 2014!

I can't believe that I waited until February to write about my IMATS experience, oops! Better late than never right? This was my second year attending IMATS, and this time around I was all about the deals.  After my Coffee Bean run, I was pumped and ready..to stand in line! Yes, the lines were incredible this year, most of them were over an hour wait. All in all, I still had a wonderful time seeing all of the booths and meeting some awesome people! On with the pictures! 

Of course OCC was my first stop, I had to touch all of the lip tars and restrain myself from buying each and every shade. I ended up with one of their newest shades, Rollergirl! (The bright lavender in the upper right hand corner). 

Limcrieme! I love my Limecrime Velvetines and lipsticks,so picked up a few new shades! I also decided to be a bit adventurous this year and try out some of their eye products. The Limecrime booth is always eye candy to me, I love seeing all of the bright colors together.

The NYX booth was HUGE. It had four long sides, each packed with goodies. This is only a small portion of it, displaying all of the liners! Everything was on a great discount, I went crazy and bought way too many things, but hey it's IMATS.

Too Faced wins the award for cleanest booth, haha! They were very organized, something that everyone appreciates at IMATS. I bought a few of their newest items, the Chocolate Bar palette and the new Sweethearts blush. 

Ka' Oir Cosmetics is a makeup line created by model Keyshia Ka'Oir that features bright, bold makeup suitable for all skin tones. I had a great time playing with all of their bright glosses, lipsticks, and glitters. I ended up with swatches ALL OVER my hands and arms!

Dose of Colors is a new brand to me, and this was also their first year at IMATS. All of their lipsticks and glosses were incredibly pigmented and creamy! 

I had the chance to meet my all time favorite YouTuber, Emily of Beauty Broadcast! She was so down to Earth and even sweeter in person. It was so cool getting to tell her how I've been watching her videos all of these years, which inspired me to creating my own channel! 

I also got to visit with Doe Dere, the founder of Limecrime! Ever since we met at last year's IMATS, we've stayed in touch and become friends! It was so nice getting to catch up in person. I'm so happy with how far Limecrime has come this year! 

IMATS 2014 was amazing,I got everything I wanted and then some! The lines were long, the crowds were big, and the deals were unbeatable. It was awesome how many people came up to me for pictures and hugs, meeting subscribers was just unreal. I loved every minute of it, the crazy chaos of IMATS will always hold a special place in my heart.

See you next year IMATS Los Angeles! ;)

If you want to see what IMATS was like in person, check out my IMATS LA vlog below!

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  1. I've never heard of the IMATS (I know, I know), but now I want to go! Hopefully one day!


  2. your pictures of the limecrime counter make me want unreasonably to own a blue lipstick!

    :) RH

  3. this sounds like beauty blogger heaven! I hope I can go to the New York one next year!! I can't believe that you met Emily! She sounds like such a lovely person! :)


  4. I would probably get claustrophobic waiting in line but the deals sound too good to pass up. Quick question, I'm not trying to be mean at all, but do you think Emily Noel looks different in pictures than on her videos? Maybe it's just me, I feel like her eyes are different or something. Still beautiful,just different. Anyway, glad you had fun!

  5. What an event! I love Too Faced. I just recently bought their chocolate bar collection. love their lipsticks.

  6. I saw on YT your IMATS haul video, I so want to go next year! That place is pure HEAVEN.

  7. I thought she is your sister!!♥ so lovely ☺

  8. Omg, I'm sooo jealous! I can't wait to attend an IMATS in the future! I would totally raid the booths of lesser known brands to try out their product. You totally look like you are part of the sugar pill family, your complexions both are so perfectly porcelain! So glad you had a blast!

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