Apr 2, 2013

Milani Grandissimo Lashes Mascara

Milani is probably the only drugstore brand that I haven't tried a mascara from! I suppose that I was always drawn to their other products first, and never thought about the mascaras they offered. The huge orange wand stood out to me at the store, and it was on sale. Plus, it's always fun to explore brands that you enjoy! Who doesn't like getting a new mascara? 

I love it when mascara wands are displayed like this in the packaging! That way there's no guessing at what's inside! 

Grandissimo claims to provide incredible volume with its 'mega volume brush'.

On the left without mascara, and on the right with Grandissimo Lashes mascara.

I wasn't too thrilled with my results after using Grandissimo. I didn't get much volume, which is what I expected to see with this mascara. It made my lashes stick together into little clusters, causing them to look spiky. I had a ton of little clumps towards the tips of the lashes. The overall look Grandissimmo gave me was undefined and messy. Yikes!

Claims: "The mega volume brush creates a false lash effect. Dramatically enhances and thickens even the littlest lashes. Long-lasting, smear-proof, and non-clumping formula."
Formula: This formula is definitely on the dry side. It was also a bit thick, gooey, and hard to coat the lashes with. The dryness makes coating the lashes evenly difficult.
Wand Type: Being precise is nearly impossible with this wand, because it's HUGE.  The bristles are packed closely together in a spiral pattern. 
Price/Availability: I paid $5.50 plus tax at CVS

  • Inexpensive
  • Grandissimo is just a cool name!

  • Didn't provide volume (which was the main claim)
  • Formula is way to dry/thick
  • Gave me clumps
  • Caused lashes to stick together
  • Wand is too big/difficult to coat lashes with
  • Gives an overall messy look
No false lash effect here! I tried working with this mascara in different ways (using only one coat, multiple coats, waiting for coats to dry in between, etc). No matter what I tried, my results were still undefined, clumpy lashes. This formula is so dry, that it started to flake off right after application! The gigantic wand made coating all of my lashes evenly a daunting task. I have big eyes, and it was difficult for me to coat my lashes evenly. I couldn't imagine the struggle somebody who has small eyes would have with this mascara. 

Although Grandissimo lashes sounds like it's something grand, it really isn't. This is one of the most disappointing mascaras I've tried in a while from the drugstore. In the meantime, I'll be shying away from Milani mascaras and jumbo wands! 

Have you tried Grandissmo Lashes, or another Milani mascara?


  1. I was about to buy this because the packaging was pretty. Thanks for the review! I hate when mascaras bundle up my lashes

  2. the effect isn't worth even 5$ :(

  3. Uh, I hardly think I'll try a Milani mascara now. I'm a Covergirl lover x

    1. I hope Milani will come out with more mascaras soon! This one didn't do it for me. Oh, which CG ones do you like?

  4. I'm like you I have yet to try a mascara from Milani but now I know I won't be trying this one. Such a shame.

    1. I've never heard good things about their mascaras, I think I'm done trying them for now.


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