Apr 15, 2013

Flower Beauty Shine On Lip Gloss

My experiences with Flower Beauty have currently left me unimpressed with the brand in general. When the line debuted in the beginning of the year, I bought quite a few products all at once out of sheer excitement. I always enjoy trying new beauty products, but Flower Beauty keeps disappointing me with mediocre formulas and average quality. Usually a lip gloss is a product that I feel is a "safe bet" when trying new brands, but not this time!

 Iris I Could Fly Shine On Lip Gloss

Iris I Could Fly is a bright, cool-toned medium pink. This gloss is very pigmented, a little goes a long way. It can be worn sheer, or opaque depending on how much is applied. The applicator is a classic doe-foot. 

Claims: "Creamy, rich, and smooth gloss. Pillow-like softness on lips. Medium buildable coverage"
Finish/Texture: The finish is shiny and glossy, as expected. The texture is smooth, but it's also thick and sticky. My lips felt uncomfortable and almost as if the moisture is being taken away when I wore this gloss throughout the day.
Lasting Power: I only had about two hours of wear before the color started to fade.
Scent: There is a overpowering soapy/chemical scent that I find unbearable.
Packaging: The packaging is a sturdy plastic. I like that the tube is clear, that way you see what you get! The doe foot applicator is easy to use (also my favorite type of applicator).
Price/Availability: I paid $7 at Walmart


  • Beautiful color
  • Doefoot applicator 


  • Thick, sticky texture
  • Awful scent 
  • Feels uncomfortable to wear throught the day
  • Draws out moisture from the lips
  • Only lasts 2 hours
  • $7 is too high for the low quality 

Unfortunately, this lip gloss gave a mediocre performance, leaving me with low expectations on Flower Beauty lip products as a whole. I enjoyed the color of Iris I Could Fly, but the texture and scent was dreadful. The texture was so thick and sticky that I felt like it actually took moisture out of my lips the longer I wore it. I found the overwhelmingly soapy scent unbearable, to the point where I didn't even want to wear the gloss. Overall, nothing stood out to me about the performance of this gloss, it actually disappointed me! I honestly wasn't expecting it to perform as badly as it did.

I've also tested Flower Beauty Foundation  and Velvet Lipstick if you are interested in reading my detailed reviews on those items! Have you tried anything from Flower Beauty? Do you think it performs like high quality makeup as it claims?


  1. Several people said that the glosses were the better items from the collection but I guess they're not :/ Seems like Barrymore was really riding on her reputation to bring this collection forward, sad as that may seem.

    1. Yes, I heard the same thing. I guess compared to the lipstick that was dry, this is better. I really couldn't handle the smell of the gloss, so I ended up disliking this more than the lipstick. I was expecting so much more from this collection! I've only liked one thing so far, out of the six products I've tried :/

      Thanks for commenting Jane, I'm addicted to your blog :3

  2. Hey! :) Really enjoy your blog btw.. I was really disappointed about your reviews since I was really excited for this line and the colors are beautiful. I've only tried one product from them so far; the Lash Knockout mascara. I was pleasantly surprised! I'm a stickler for clumpy mascara and my lashes clump very easily, but they don't clump at all with this one. It also doesn't seem to smudge or flake. Have you tried it? Just thought I'd chime in :)

    1. Thanks for stopping by and reading! I have tried two eye products so far, the cream eyeshadow (which mine was dried up, so I didn't review it) and one of the quads (which I'm still testing out, but I like it so far). I didn't try the mascara yet, I'm glad to hear that it worked for you. I might give it a try if a hear a few more good things. I definitely think the eye products are the strongest points in the Flower line. Whew, that comment got long!

  3. Oh wow what an amazingly pigmented lipgloss, it's so pretty.. shame it felt so uncomfortable on the lips though :( xxx

    1. Yes, and the smell is just awful. There are better drugstore options out there for sure.


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