Mar 17, 2013

Hard Candy Lip Def Lip Laquer

Hard Candy cosmetics launched tons of new products for Spring 2013! I was immediately drawn to the Lip Def Lip Laquers because of the beautiful shimmer and bright colors. Lip Def claims to give high shine color that uses 3D pearls to create voluminous full lips. Although new makeup releases are exciting, these are painfully dull.

Don't they look so gorgeous in the tube? Midnight Stroll (top) Rated R (bottom)

Mighnight stroll and Rated R swatches, Doe foot applicators

Midnight stroll on the left and Rated R on the right

Midnight Stroll is a sheer purple gloss with blue and white shimmer. Rated R is a sheer gloss with white and purple shimmer. Both look very toned down on the lips, and the shimmer seems to vanish on Rated R. Midnight Stroll is the better of the two, but still not what I expected.

Claims: "Imagine your lips…in 3D! Our super shiny lip color amplifies the shape of your lips with 3D pearls that create the illusion of depth and volume resulting in fuller, curvaceous lips. This triple duty lip color hydrates, fills and magnifies lips without feeling sticky or tacky."
Packaging: The applicator is doefoot, my favorite. The plastic tube reminds
Pigmentation: The pigmentation is a joke, these are basically clear glosses with tons of shimmer. They look nothing like they do in the tube!
Finish/Texture: The finish is very shiny. The texture of the gloss itself is a bit goopy and the shimmer feels gritty. It doesn't feel sticky at all, just greasy. Overall, unpleasant.
Scent: Midnight Stroll has a plasticy grape scent. Rated R smells good, like Hello Kitty gum! 
Lasting Power: These are so greasy that I barely had any wear time, an hour maybe.
Price/Availability: I paid $6 each at Wal Mart.

  • The packaging is cute/functional
  • Shiny finish
  • No pigmentation
  • Greasy, gritty texture
  • Scents vary by color
  • No lasting power
  • Glitter barely shows up
I was completely unimpressed with Lip Def Lip Laquer. The colors are very sheer, almost non-existent on the lips. They look completely different in the tube! The texture is thick, gooey, gritty, and all around unpleasant. The lasting power is just as bad as the pigmentation. The only thing I liked about Lip Def is that the packaging is cute and functional. There are better glitter glosses available at the drugstore. I would suggest skipping on these!

I will be reviewing other new releases from Hard Candy shortly. So far, the nail polish and jumbo gloss pencils are my favorite! 

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