Dec 10, 2012

Maybelline Super Stay 10 Hour Stain Gloss

Even some of my favorite brands turn out flops, and the Maybelline Super Stay 10 Hour Stain Glosses are no exception. It was unbelievable how poorly these "stain glosses" performed. I was unsatisfied and disappointed to say the least!

The packaging is quite bulky and reminds me of a mascara tube. Also, the lettering on the front started to scratch off somehow, making me feel that the packaging is cheap. Definitely not the prettiest, or sleekest packaging.

The wand was a pleasant and unexpected surprise. I actually liked the unique oval-spoon shape of the applicator. It allowed me to apply color precisely and give me more control. 

From left to right: Refreshing Red and Ruby Indulgence

Pigmentation: The pigmentation is quite sheer, but that is expected with a stain. They don't layer very well, making the color difficult to build up. (Flaking occurs when layering). 
Finish/Texture: These claim to give a glossy finish, but the gloss wears off into a matte finish within minutes. Normally, this wouldn't bother me, but since it claims to stay glossy for 10 hours, I have to take that into consideration. 
Scent: As you know, I hate it when products are strongly scented. These remind me of grape soda, which is a rather odd choice for a lip product (plus I hate grape soda). I have never owned anything that smelled this strongly of grape before. The grape scent lingers throughout the day, it was unbearable for me. They also had a really strange, bitter taste that was horrible.
Lasting Power:  Seriously, these took forever to dry! Almost instantly after drying, I was shocked to see that the stain had settled into each and every line my lips has. The 10 hour stain glosses don't even have an hour's worth of staying power. 
Price/Availablity: I paid $6.94 per stain at Target. These are available at most drugstores.

  • Unique wand allowed precise application
  • Settled into lines quickly/doesn't apply evenly
  • Shine disappeared quickly
  • Flaking occurs when trying to layer
  • Color only lasted about an hour before completely fading
  • Takes about 5 minutes to dry after application
  • Leaves lips feeling dry/uncomfortable
  • Smells strongly of grape, has a bitter taste
Obviously, these could never have lasted 10 hours. I already had a feeling that these weren't going to live up to such a claim, but the way that they performed was a disgrace. The shine barely lasted a minute, while the color faded within the hour. The grape soda smell was overwhelming, and the taste was disgustingly bitter. The worst thing about these stains is that they settle into the lines of your lips, even when a thin layer is applied. I have never had such a problem 

Sadly, this is one of the worst products I have tried from Maybelline. I usually am a fan of their lip products (I love the Color Sensational Lipsticks and High Shine Glosses) but these stains just didn't work at all. 


  1. I've got the same.
    And you're right.
    The color lasts about an hour and lips feel dry ):
    ...but I love the color! :'D

  2. This is a great review! I actually really like mine, which I have in the color Heavenly Berry. It's definitely tricky to apply, but I really love patting it into my lips for a "Popsicle" effect. I feel like this is the sort of product that doesn't work the way it's supposed to, but if you find a way to use it, it can work.

  3. We are really grateful for your blog post. Great work !!


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