Dec 3, 2012

Maybelline Color Sensational High Shine Lip Gloss

When these glosses first hit the shelves, I only picked up one. Now I have four, and I'm trying to hold myself back from buying the rest of the entire collection. The formula is perfect, the packaging is functional, and the colors are saturated, an all around incredible product! I'm absolutely loving these so much that they are my all time favorite drugstore lip glosses!

From top to bottom: Raspberry Reflections, Electric Pink, Gleaming Grenadine, and Plum Luster

Pigmentation: These are definitely true to the color in the tube! Maybelline claims to use pure pigments in this formula, and I believe it. Each color is vibrant and gives medium coverage, but they are easily buildable without feeling gooey. 
Finish/Texture: Each gloss has super shiny finish, living up to it's name! I noticed that there is a bit of shimmer in all of them, but on the lips the shimmer seems to disappear completely. Overall, I would say they are cream finish. The texture is completely smooth and light, and is Maybelline's first wax-free formula! 
Scent: They smell a bit fruity, exactly the same way Revlon Superlustrous lip glosses smell. It isn't too overpowering, and wears off within minutes. 
Lasting Power: I had to reapply these a couple of times while I was wearing them, about once every two hours. They aren't the longest lasting glosses, but they are so pleasant to wear that I don't mind to reapply them! 
Packaging: Each gloss has a doefoot applicator, my favorite! The tubes are long and sturdy making it easy to find in my makeup bag.
Price/Availability: I paid $5.50 at Target. I have also seen these at Ulta and most drugstores.

From left to right: Electric Pink, Plum Luster, Gleaming Grenadine, and Raspberry Reflections

  • Vibrant, pigmented colors
  • Can be worn sheer or opaque
  • High shine, creamy finish
  • Glide on smoothly and evenly
  • Feel light and moisturizing on the lips
  • Functional packaging with doefoot applicator
  • Affordable and readily available
I don't have anything to dislike about these glosses! 

I can't believe how amazing these are, seriously this is the best drugstore lip gloss I have ever tried. The formula is non-sticky, moisturizing, pigmented, and gives off insane shine! I can't even pick which one is my favorite because I have been enjoying all of them equally. Hopefully Maybelline will expand this line and come out with more shades! 

Also, have any of you seen the newest Maybelline mascara, the Rocket? They are coming out with a ton of new products for 2013 new Color Tattoo shades, new Colorsensational lipstick shades, a new foundation, and a new line of lipsticks called Color Whisper! I can't wait to try everything! I saw pictures and swatches of the new products on Maybelline's Instagram page. 


  1. Plum luster seems like its calling my name, however, if thats shimmer in it that I see, I might have to pass. It would be more my style being a creme or sheer color. :)

    1. PLum Luster does have shimmer in it, but nothing overbearing. The others that I have are creme finish and are amazing :)

  2. I love the formula of these, they're amazing! :)

  3. I love plum luster! It is my favorite out of the collection. I also like Almond Crush and Raspberry Reflections.

    Love your blog!
    -A young beauty blogger

  4. I have this in Raspberry Reflections. Personally, I like to sheer my lip gloss. I find that, for me at least, the applicator dispenses a lot of product. When I wipe the applicator on the rim of the tube, I find that it eventually gathers inside the cap, all over the screw top, and starts to migrate down the tube. I also find that the lip gloss bleeds in about an hour or so. I have full lips, so I don't really know why this would be an issue - none of my other lip glosses have these problems. But I must say, this lip gloss has a nice, non-sticky feel, and great pigmentation.


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