Dec 4, 2013

Wet n' Wild Drinking a Glass of Shine Color Icon Trio

Wet n' Wild makes some great eyeshadow palettes, my favorite one is Nude Awakening from the Spring collection. I came across this limited edition trio from the newest collection called 'In the Spotlight' for Holiday 2013. 

There are six trios in the collection, and I bought 'Drinking a Glass of Shine'. 

Up close, you can see that these are cream based shadows. The glitter looks like it's loaded in there, but it's actually only on the surface.

Here are the swatches, as you can see the cream is very sheer. The glitter is what stands out most with this trio. These swatches were three swipes each.

Claims: "Beautifully enhances to create the perfect look. All day crease-resistance color".
Pigmentation: This trio has a gel base that is almost completely clear. The glitter will show up if you heavily swatch it.
Finish/Texture: The finish is glittery, and the texture is almost chunky. It doesn't spread on evenly at all, and the glitter feels very rough.
Lasting Power: I didn't actually wear this trio, since it's not safe for the eyes.
Packaging: The case is made of plastic, it's the standard cases that most wetnwild trios have. It's a bit on the cheap side.
Price/Availability: I paid $3 at Walgreens.

  • I honestly didn't like anything about this trio.

  • No pigment
  • Greasy, chunky, gritty texture
  • Unsafe for the eye area
  • Not an actual cream shadow/more of a gel
  • Misleading advertisement

I would never use this palette, ever, even if it was safe for my eyes. The glitter only shows up if you layer it a ton of times, and the cream base has no pigment. I hate the way that it felt, it was greasy and rough at the same time. I'm confused with  the claims, why would they say it's crease-resistant, if it's not safe for the eye area? Also, why would you include an eyeshadow brush and sponge tip in the packaging? A bit misleading..

Basically, I had no idea that this wasn't safe for the eyes until I read it on the back (which was in very small writing). I feel like if people knew that these were for areas other than the eyes, they probably wouldn't sell. It's almost like being tricked! I was disgusted by the terrible quality of this trio, and the holiday collection in general was disappointing. 

I also found out that Wet n Wild told Nouveau Cheap that these palettes are intended for use on the eyes, but they had to slap on a warning label on the back of the product to be safe, because of 'large glitter pieces'. Ok that totally makes sense, create a product that's intended for use on an area where it's unsafe. 

Well this turned into a bit of a rant..

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  1. I was on the hunt for these. But I don't think so I am going to buy these anymore. Thank you for the review. I love your vidoes and posts :)


  2. I am not entirely sure about this, but I think they labeled it unsafe for eye areas only because of legal reasons in US, in EU are different rules for this and I think by these rules they might have been approved as eyeshadows here, so they only changed the packaging on the US version to be legally safe..I think some other company had this problem too, I don't remember it clearly though.. :D
    However, it looks really disappointing..

    1. Right, I know they had to put the label on there. The point is that they shouldn't have marketed the product as something to be used for eyes, when it can't be used for eyes. It really makes no sense to me. Haha

  3. OMG! why the hell you waste money to buy this garbage!!! Last year, I bought one of this palette (it has green,white and black shadows) I thought it's pigmented but I had the same opinions as yours , dear!! what a disgusting shadows. then I gave it to my niece to use it on painting. (lol) she liked to paint on her dolls :D
    Nice review though ;)


    1. I didn't wast any money because I returned this right after I used it.

  4. This definitely would have caught my eye and I probably would have bought it, so thanks for this review! Too bad since I usually love the Wet n Wild trios.

  5. Wet n Wild are normally so good. These colours don't look great. Shame

  6. this looks horrible, from the very first picture I was like...OMG...who is going to use/buy this??? lol
    thanks for an honest post, I completely agree with you, just awful ... just fyi ...couple weeks ago I spotted Revlon PhotoReady eyeshadow on clearance at Wags, I had coupons and it was also B1G150% off, I got 4 different sets for a total of 50 cents out of pocket...I literally could not wait to go home and try them out, they looked fabulous in the pan and I pretty much got it for free...well, long story short, when I tried them at home, I too realized that they are just awful, it was the worst eyeshadow I have ever I tossed them all to the garbage to save myself the frustration of looking at them and getting went my 50

    1. Haha I totally understand the frustration. Good thing it was only change! Luckily I got to return this, it made me so angry that I almost didn't want to take the time out of my day. But hey $3 is $3 ya know? :)

  7. hmm these look pretty awful! such a shame as they look promising!

  8. very honest review

  9. I would have no idea how to use these, so I'm glad to hear that they were no good. & why make something to use on your eyes that's not really safe for your eyes...?

    1. I know right! That's what kind of makes me mad, especially since Wet N Wild admitted that they just basically slapped on a warning label. It's just stupid.

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