Dec 8, 2013

New Revlon Powder Blushes

Revlon powder blushes never really impressed me, until now! Revlon has seriously improved the formula on their blushes, and they've added tons of new shades to choose from! These blushes are a part of their new 'Cheek Boutique' line, which also includes new highlighters and cream blush (display here). The two I purchased are Oh Baby Pink and Haute Pink. 

On the left is Oh Baby Pink and Haute Pink is on the right
Oh Baby Pink is a matte peachy pink. Haute Pink is a matte bright pink. 

Claims: I couldn't find any claims on these yet.
Finish/Texture: These have a matte finish. The texture is silky, but not powdery. It feels very similar to a NYX blush, except these are a bit more stiff to the touch.
Lasting Power:  have worn this blush for 10+ hours without any fading. Very long wearing!
Scent: These don't have a scent.
Packaging: The brush is very cheap, but other than that the packaging is fine.
Price/Availability: I paid $8 each at Bed Bath and Beyond.

  • Nicely Pigmented
  • Variety of shades to choose from
  • Amazing quality
  • Inexpensive
  • Blendable/Easy to use
  • Great texture

  • Packaging could be better
These new Revlon blushes are such a treat! They remind me a lot of Smashbox and MAC powder blushes, except for they are a fraction of the price! Can you tell I'm obsessed with these yet?

The texture is amazing, it's silky to the touch without being powdery. The pigmentation is crazy good, a little goes a long way. The lasting power is incredible, I'd definitely say they are great for all day wear. I love the way that they blend out so easily, that anyone can get a perfect flush. I really have nothing bad to say about the formula here, it's wonderful! 

If you would like to see how these apply, please watch my video review below! 

Have you tried these yet?
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  1. These blushes look great! I actually saw them at my local drugstore the other day and I wasn't sure whether I should pick them up or not. Also, they're ridiculously priced too - $15 each for a drugstore brand. i'm just gonna wait for them to go on sale :P

    1. What! I only had to pay $8, that's crazy.

  2. The pink one is my fave, they look so pigmented for the price too! ^^

    lovely post


  3. I had never considered trying a revlon powder blusher! Now it might be time to pick up a new pink blusher ;)
    Thanks for the review!

  4. These are very pretty, I have an addiction to blusher & think these look pretty.

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