Nov 21, 2013

Haul: What's New at The Drugstore Winter Edition!

I know it's still technically fall over here in the Northern Hemisphere, but that doesn't stop the winter drugstore collections from rolling on in! Yes, there is a whole new fleet of drugstore products that are already here! Of course if you're a regular reader of my blog, then you know I already rushed out to buy everything that I could find. I love it when there are tons of new things to try all at once, even if it leaves a hole in my wallet it afterwards.

I know this is the messiest picture known to mankind, forgive me. 

Revlon Highlighter- This doesn't have an official name really, but it's that little square in the upper left corner. It's so pretty, the color is like a rose gold with lots of shimmer, and glitter. It may not be for everybody, but so far I'm loving it!

Wet N Wild ColorIcon Trio- This little trio isn't exactly eyeshadow, it's smore of a cream. I haven't used it at all yet! I'm just hoping that the glitter will stay put once I have it on my eyes, we'll see how that goes. It's from the new Fergie Holiday collection.

Essence Jumbo Eyeliner- I had to get this, because I love my Essence I Heart Rock eyeliner (the skinny version) and I couldn't find it anywhere in the Essence display. I hope they didn't discontinue it, but until then I just decided to try this version.

Essence Stay No Matter What Shadow Pencil- These are brand new to me, I just spotted them at Ulta and I was so excited! This copper shade was calling my name, and it's incredibly pigmented. 

NYX Butter Lip Balm- I had to get this because of my love for the Butter Glosses. It's basically a tinted lip balm, so far I'm not loving it. It kind of feels waxy to me..

Revlon Powder Blushes- I LOVE THESE BLUSHES. They are matte and silky, but not powdery. The texture is exactly what I want in a blush, and they have so many pretty colors. The formula is nothing like the original Revlon blushes, they are 100% improved. I already have a full video review on them, which you can watch here.

Revlon Age Defying Foundation- Ok, I was so excited to try this. The packaging is amazing, there's a pump and the shade looked light enough..but the color was way off. It completely turned orange on my skin within minutes. This was the lightest shade, so basically there's no hope for me. 

Revlon Age Defying Concealer-  This concealer was too yellow for my skin tone, but I could still get away with it. The formula was just too thick and creasy. It's definitely not something that I would use under my eye area, but I could see it used as a cream highlight. 

Almay Shadow Softies-These were just a huge disappointment. I thought they were going to be great cream shadows with lots of pigment, NOPE. They were a weird bouncy texture, that barely gave off any pigment. They also didn't blend well, or have any lasting power. I have a full rant coming soon.

Prestige My Blackest Lashes Mascara- This stuff was not for me. It was dry and flaky, and it gave my lashes a natural look. Not too exciting for me. 

NYX Matte Lipstick- I bought this in the shade Alabama, a gorgeous deep red. So far I'm really liking it, the formula isn't drying at all.

Revlon Matte Balm- I bought another shade that I didn't try before, Shameless. I loved the color, so I thought I'd give the formula another chance even though I wasn't crazy about it at first. 

Black Radiance Lipstick- You all know that I love these lipsticks (review here)! I bought this shade called Pink Dahlia because it's so pretty! I'm going to have to do another updated review on the new shades I've bought soon.

Revlon Photoready Skinlights- This is a repromoted product. I really wasn't crazy about it, I think that this is for people who like a more subtle highlight. It's basically a weaker version of Benefit HighBeam. 

I've also put together a video of the haul (with some other items not pictured) if you would like to watch it! I also showed some of the displays again! 

I will have full reviews on all of these products soon. Have you tried any of them yet? 

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  1. Pretty sure the Essence I Heart Rock eyeliner got discontinued this fall!

    1. Omg NOOOO, It's one of my favorite eyeliners!

  2. I need to find that Revlon Matte Balm in Shameless! I swear it's sold out everywhere, and i'm such a sucker for the darker purples!

  3. Great haul! I just reviewed one of the Revlon Lacquer balms on my blog! They are love at first sight!


  4. :( I was really looking forward to those almay shadows! They looked very promising!
    Thanks for the honest review, now I won't waste my money!

  5. I can't find Shameless anywhere! Great post, I need to make a drugstore run very soon for those new Revlon goodies xx

    Jordan | Boho Vanity

  6. I'm so untrusting of Revlon blushes. They were so bad and I was so disappointed in the past that I vowed never to use my money to get another one ever again lol x

  7. The blushes are really nice! :) I'll have to try out the NYC matte lipstick looks gorgeous!

  8. Great haul! I need to get my paws on a NYC matte lipstick - that shade is stunning! Xx

  9. That Essence Stay No Matter What Shadow Pencil looks right up my alley! I've been obsessing over cream eyeshadow pencils lately so this one looks super promising (the colour is exactly what I'd go for too, lol). The Revlon shimmer block is intriguing - I wonder how long it'll take for that to reach our shores, if ever. I'm looking forward to the matte balms launching here too :)

  10. I love finding new drugstore products. I haven't seen half of these products here in Canada but I will be keeping an eye out. Looking forward to your full reviews!


  11. Just an FYI, that Wet and Wild Trio is more of a face glitter product. On the back it says not to use around your eyes, do be careful!

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