May 7, 2013

Flower Beauty Lip Butter in Cherry Chiffon

If you have been keeping up with my reviews, you know that my past experiences with Flower Beauty left me disappointed. This time around, I was actually surprised that this product was better than the rest, but it still didn't perform as well as I thought it would. 

 I'm definitely not a fan of the bulky packaging of the lip butter tube.

Flower Beauty Lip Service Lip Butter in Cherry Chiffon

Cherry Chiffon is a bright tomato red that leans towards the warm side. In certain lighting, this color can look a bit more orange than red, which I don't like personally. The finish is very shiny, and the texture is a bit slippery. This is a lip product that needs babysitting.

Claims: "Buttery-like texture glides on easily, leaving lips looking smooth and full, Rich texture provides an optical plumping effect, High percentage of emollient oil for a super-smooth, shiny finish, Non-Tacky Superior Shine"
Pigmentation: The pigmentation is great. The color is semi-transparent, but the color is still full and super vibrant! The pigmentation is the best thing about Cherry Chiffon.
Finish/Texture: The finish is very shiny, but it wears off after about an hour. The stick itself is a bit stiff, unlike any other lip butters I have tried. It didn't hydrate my lips, or make them feel smooth at all. The texture was thin, slippery, and a bit greasy to me. 
Lasting Power: The shine and color only lasted about an hour on me.
Scent: There was no scent that I could detect.
Packaging: The packaging is very bulky and impractical, but it's durable! 
Price/Availability: I paid $7 at Walmart

  • Great pigmentation
  • Unscented
  • Bulky packaging
  • Color/Shine fades quickly
  • Texture feels greasy/thin
  • Bleeds throughout the day
  • Doesn't live up to claims

Although this is one of the better lip products in the Flower Beauty line, it still didn't impress me. Cherry Chiffon is a pretty color with great pigmentation, but it doesn't live up to its claims. 
This lip butter had a greasy texture that sat on top of my lips and feathered considerably. It didn't hydrate them, make them look fuller, or smoother. It was odd that the stick actually felt a bit stiff, even though the color easily swiped onto my lips. The bulky packaging and short lasting power are also other factors that turned me off on this lip butter. For the same price, I would much rather purchase a Revlon lip butter, which I know and love! 

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  1. this is such a pretty color. It looks very pretty on you :)

  2. This is such a lovely colour - perfect for spring! Lovely review! X

  3. Aw, at least one of the products from this range was half way decent! It really suits you, such a lovely colour!


    1. Yes, this one would be the best lip product I've tried from the line so far. Thank you:)

  4. Oh no what a shame! It looks incredible on you, in the last photo.... :( xxx

  5. I have yet to try Flower. This shade is gorgeous on your skin tone, though! Too bad it feathers...that's a BIG downside.

  6. oh that colour looks great on you!!! that is to bad it doesnt last very long!!!

  7. I went into a little frenzy when this line came out because I a. loved the packaging b. thought that the products would be good since they supposedly saved money on advertising and focused on the quality (or so they said). Sadly all the reviews have said the products are either meh or bad. The Walmarts where I live don't carry Flower (of course) so I was going to order online but I'm glad I didn't! Not excited about Flower anymore.
    Sorry for the testament! ;)

    1. I know, I do the same thing! Sometimes the hype of new products are actually better than the products themselves. Isn't that annoying? I'm glad that you waited and didn't waste money! I enjoy long comments, so no worries and thank you! :)

      You aren't missing out at all xo


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