May 14, 2012

NYC Smooth Skin Liquid Makeup Foundation

I'm always a sucker for trying out new foundations! 
There was a sale on NYC at my local Rite Aide, and I saw that this foundation was $4. I figured that if the foundation was good, the $4 would totally be worth it! Unfortunately, that wasn't the case. 

  • lightweight
  • blendable formula for buildable
  • flawless coverage
  • for all skin types, dermatologist tested 
  • oil free
If only that was true.. 

Texture: The consistency of this foundation is so thick that I couldn't even get it out of the bottle. I shook it, let it sit upside down for a while, but nothing. Then I decided to use a little sample spatula to scoop out some product to test it out. It was so hard to get out of the bottle. 

Coverage/Shade: The shade I bought was the lightest shade that was available 676 Ivory. It wasn't an exact match of my skin tone, so that was another problem for me since it was the lightest shade. The foundation itself did not give me a smooth finish. It felt like I was wearing thick body butter on my face! The coverage was not very buildable. The more product that you put on, the streakier it gets and the thicker it feels.It really was horrible.

Wear Time: I only wore this foundation for an hour. I couldn't handle the way it looked or felt on my face. At first, the foundation felt very dry on the skin. It dries extremely fast after application. Then, about an hour later, it became an soooo oily! It was insane that such a dry foundation could completely change to such an oily finish. 

Overall Thoughts:
  • did not give "flawless coverage"
  • was not blendable
  • felt very thick and uneven on the skin, streaky
  • does not have a lasting finish, no staying power

I really wanted to like this foundation, but it just wasn't right for me. The price was nice, but the quality of the foundation itself was not worth the money. I'll be sticking to my Revlon Colorstay and Loreal Truematch. Sometimes you can find great things at the drugstore, and sometimes you don't! That's why I love writing reviews and reading them. I will not repurchase this!

Too bad that this one didn't work out for me!


  1. My experience was similar to yours, except it looked great when I first put it on. I was excited to have an awesome $3 foundation! I wore it to work, and could not WAIT to get home to wash my face. I have never EVER had oily skin, and my face was so oily that it would leave oil residue on my phone, and if I rubbed my finger on my face, my finger was super-oily. Still looked fine, a bit shiny, but powder touch up could help that. But the major oilslick feel is a dealbreaker. Can't do it.

    1. That's a shame. I hope someday that I will be able to find a $3 foundation that actually works well for me! wouldn't that be nice? Haha :)

  2. i had the same problem with it not coming out of the bottle... the thing that worked for me was I soaked it in warm/hot water for about 5 mins, then I tapped it by the mouth of the bottle and lastly I put a drop of the warm water into the bottle and shook the bottle. Now the foundation comes out perfectly easily!
    hope this helped!


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